Catamount Arts and KCP Presents announce British vocal ensemble VOCES8, at St. Johnsbury Academy’s Fuller Hall, on March 4th, at 7pm.  Dubbed “the slickest of the lot,” by BBC Radio 3, VOCES8 performs a capella arrangements ranging from the Renaissance era to modern cinema, captivating audiences around the world.

Versatility, crystalline harmonies, and the shared joy of singing are hallmarks of VOCES8’s renowned performances. A celebration of diverse musical expression is central to the ensemble’s transformative entertainment and education ethos. VOCES8 performs music from film, pop, classical, and Celtic traditions, transporting audiences through a vast musical landscape of the British Isles and beyond.

Since their inception in 2005, VOCES8 has performed at prestigious venues including Wigmore Hall, Elhphilharmonie Hamburg, Cite de la Musique in Paris, Vienna Kozerthaus, Tokyo Opera City, NCPA Beijing, Sydney Opera House, Victoria Concert Hall Singapore, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, and countless others. New projects with Eric Whitacre, Paul Simon, and Taylor Scott Davis are currently in the works.  

VOCES8’s current U.S. tour is the subject of a new documentary series titled, “Backstage Pass.” Filmed in New York, Philadelphia, Washington and New Jersey, “Backstage Pass” captures the heart of VOCES8 and their mission to change the world through music. The pilot episode is currently available on YouTube.

VOCES8 is dedicated not only to performance but to music education. The VOCES8 Foundation, a registered charity praised by UNESCO and responsible for investing over $1M in music education in the UK alone, offers educational programs, choral scholarships, summer school, and a music education center in London. One of the only vocal ensembles in the world to run its own center for music outreach and education, VOCES8 runs workshops, master classes, concerts, and recording sessions in London’s VOCES8 Centre. 

Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom is home to hundreds of choral music students, both children and adults alike, including St. Johnsbury Academy’s Hill-Tones, the Halcyon Chorale, Newark’s beloved Balkan Chorus, as well as bands and ensembles such as Kingdom All Stars and EPIC Music. VOCES8’s St. Johnsbury performance promises a rare and inspiring opportunity for aspiring singers to see one the world’s most renowned chorale groups, creators and practitioners of the VOCES8 Method, up close and personal. Those who can’t wait are encouraged to visit VOCES8’s YouTube page to watch clips of the ensemble performing selections ranging from Lord of the Rings to Metallica to Handel. 

“The singing of VOCES8,” raves Gramophone, “is impeccable in its quality of tone and balance. They bring a new dimension to the word ‘ensemble’ with meticulous timing and tuning.”

For tickets to see VOCES8, at St. Johnsbury Academy’s Fuller Hall, March 4th, at 7pm, or to learn more about upcoming KCP Presents shows, visit or Alternatively, call 802-748-2600 or visit the Catamount Arts pop-up box office in the Caplan’s Building on Railroad Street, in St. Johnsbury. 

The KCP Presents Series is produced by Catamount Arts working in association with Kingdom County Productions and supported by generous local sponsors including Passumpsic Bank, St. Johnsbury Academy, Vermont Broadcast Associates, Vermont Public, Seven Days, The Point, The Autosaver Group, and with grant funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, Vermont Arts Council, and the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Introduction: Ski Rentals Made Easy

The thrill of skiing in Vermont becomes even more exhilarating when you have the right equipment under your feet. Thankfully, that's where Equipe Sport steps in, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts since 1989. Nestled in the heart of southern Vermont, Equipe Sport is not just a store; it's your gateway to the ultimate outdoor adventure. Whether you're skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or setting out on a cross-country skiing adventure, their mission is simple: to set you up with the best gear and knowledge for an unforgettable experience.

Equipe Sport in Snow Storm

Equipe Sport: Outdoor Adventure Hub

From its humble beginnings at the junction of Route 30 and Route 100 (just minutes from Stratton, Bromley, and Magic ski mountains) Equipe Sport has grown into a cherished institution among the Southern Vermont outdoor community. With four strategic locations, including their flagship store (Rawsonville), Stratton Village, Mtn. Riders (also Rawsonville), and Mount Snow, they've cemented their reputation as southern Vermont's premier outdoor gear provider. Each store, staffed by passionate outdoor enthusiasts, offers a personalized service that's as unique as your outdoor adventures.

Equipe Sport Stratton Rental Fleet

Tailored Ski Rental Solutions

Equipe Sport's ski rental process and services are designed with you in mind. Offering a wide range of equipment for adults and youths, including skis, snowboards, cross-country gear, and snowshoes - there's something for every skill level and preference. Whether you’re an advanced/experienced rider or a complete novice excited for your first time on the hill - Equipe Sport has the right equipment to make your outing a success.

Plus, their convenient online booking system ensures your gear is ready when you are, allowing for a hassle-free start to your adventure.

Equipe Sport Mount Snow Ski Rack Display

The Demo Program: Try Before You Buy

Thinking of turning those demos into a permanent addition to your ski quiver? Great! Equipe’s Demo as Rental program is just what you’re looking for, offering skiers a chance to test the latest models from top brands like Volkl, Blizzard, Kastle and more. With a straightforward rate and the ability to apply two days of rental towards a purchase, it's an unbeatable opportunity to find your perfect match on the slopes.

Equipe Sport Stratton Exterior Enterance Village

Locations Designed for Convenience and Quality

Each of the four Equipe Sport locations (plus Mountain Riders) offers a unique blend of services and expertise, ensuring no matter where you are in southern Vermont, high-quality rental and demo experiences are within reach. The convenience of their locations underscores their commitment to making the most out of your skiing and riding adventures. After all the quicker you get the right gear, the faster you can be out ripping turns!

Knowledgeable Staff and State-of-the-Art Equipment

What truly sets Equipe Sport apart is their team of outdoor experts. With nearly 35 years of experience, their staff excels in matching clients with the right equipment, thanks to their deep knowledge of the latest technology and a genuine passion for outdoor sports. From advanced boot-fitting processes to in-depth equipment guidance, they ensure your gear enhances your performance and enjoyment on the slopes.

Planning Your Visit

Booking your rentals or demo gear is easy and straightforward, with options to reserve online and pick up your equipment at the most convenient location. Their flexible system, including early pickup and drop-off, exemplifies their customer-first approach, ensuring your skiing adventure starts on the right foot.

Conclusion: Why Equipe Sport is Your Go-To for Ski Rentals and Demos

Blending top-notch equipment, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the folks at Equipe have your best interests in mind. Whether you're hitting the slopes for the first time or seeking to bring your skiing adventure to the next level, Equipe Sport is your one-stop shop, ensuring every turn is a winner.

Ready to Elevate Your Ski Experience? Head over to Equipe Sport's website now to book your ski rentals or demo equipment. Whether you're carving down the slopes of Stratton or exploring the trails of Mount Snow, the perfect gear awaits you. Reserve today and discover why Equipe Sport is Southern Vermont's premier destination for skiers and riders seeking the best in equipment, expertise, and service. 


How do I choose the right ski equipment rental package?

Your choice should be based on your skill level, terrain preferences, and personal comfort. Equipe Sport's expert staff can guide you through selecting the perfect package for your needs.

Can I book my ski rentals and demo programs online?

Yes, Equipe Sport offers an easy online booking system for all their rental and demo services, ensuring your gear is ready for pickup at your convenience.

What makes Equipe Sport different from other ski rental providers?

Their nearly 35 years of experience, personalized customer service, and commitment to quality set them apart. Their knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensure a superior skiing experience.

Are there options for skiers at all levels in the demo programs?

Absolutely. Equipe Sport's demo programs cater to skiers of all skill levels, offering a wide range of high-quality equipment to test on the slopes.

How can I make the most out of my ski trip with Equipe Sport's services?

Take advantage of their expert advice, consider demoing equipment before buying, and don't hesitate to ask for adjustments or recommendations during your trip to enhance your skiing experience.

What are the benefits of trying equipment through a demo program before purchasing?

Demoing allows you to test various models under real conditions, ensuring your investment in equipment truly suits your style and preferences, which ultimately enhances your time out on the slopes.

Catamount Arts and First Night North 2024 invite revelers near and far to come to St. Johnsbury for the 31st year of Vermont’s favorite and longest-running New Year’s Eve performance festival.  Featuring about 175 performers in nearly 70 shows in venues throughout St. Johnsbury, First Night North guarantees a full nine hours of fun for the whole family. The eagerly anticipated festivities, presented by Catamount Arts in partnership with the First Night North committee and countless community supporters, will take place Sunday, December 31st, from 3pm to midnight.

The fun begins an hour earlier than usual with early bird entertainment for all ages, especially those whose bedtime falls well before midnight. Celebrants with enough stamina for the full nine hours of live entertainment will have 70 shows to choose from, including storytellers, dance, magic, circus, comedy, juggling, and music, culminating in a community countdown, the raising of the First Night North Ball of Lights, and a midnight dance party to welcome the New Year. 

Musical acts include a wide range of soloists, duets, choirs, and bands offering nearly every imaginable genre: bluegrass, folk, jazz, Celtic, blues, R&B, contemporary and classic rock, polyphonic, country, Latin, and swing, not to mention riveting performances on harp, organ, didgeridoo, and more.

Tried and true favorites will include Fairbanks Planetarium shows, Bob and Sarah Amos, Tritium Well, Marko the Magician and Hypnotist, and the Family Fun Fair. Two dozen new attractions are slated this year, including karaoke, hosted by Open Stage, and performances by Cirque Us, Halcyon Chorale, and Alyx the Magician. 

There will be plenty to eat throughout the festival, both indoors and out, as food trucks, community centers, and venues up and down Main Street prepare a variety of tasty vittles ranging from full dinners to desserts and snacks as well as First Night’s traditional and beloved pancake supper.

Patrons are encouraged as always to sample a variety of entertainment, and shuttle service will include RCT electric buses running continuous 15-minute loops among performance venues. Buses can be flagged down anywhere along the route. 

Since 1993, First Night North (formerly First Night St. Johnsbury) has been a family-friendly, substance-free festival aiming to redefine New Year’s Eve as a community-wide holiday, gathering friends, families, neighbors, visitors, long-time First Night revelers and first-timers alike to celebrate the New Year in a season typically characterized by short days, cold temps, and long, dark nights. First Night North unites community through shared cultural celebration, deepens appreciation and access to visual and performing arts, and encourages people of all ages to come out, despite the dark and cold, and share a magical evening of joy and spectacle with loved ones and new friends. 

For many, both in and outside the Northeast Kingdom, First Night North is a cherished family tradition, drawing generations together year after year. Indeed, for many local families, an entire generation has been raised coming to First Night, and are now bringing their own children to the event. First Night North families know the special magic that comes with spending the first moments of every New Year among community.

Catamount Arts First Night Ball Drop Countdown

First Night North is very much a community function, relying not only on regional performers, businesses, organizations, and vendors, but on a large and dedicated team of volunteers. Volunteers get free First Night admission in exchange for one two-hour shift. 

For more information about First Night North 2024, including the complete schedule of performers and how to purchase admission or become a volunteer, visit, call 802-748-2600, or visit Catamount Arts at their pop-up box office in the Caplan’s Building on Railroad Street. Buy admission buttons before Christmas to take advantage of early bird pricing.

Please be reminded that Catamount Arts’ Eastern Avenue building will remain closed through First Night, but buttons will be on sale that day at the info booth on Main and Eastern, St. Johnsbury School, and Catamount’s pop-up box office in the Caplan’s Building on Railroad Street.

Have you ever dreamt of playing detective in a stunning vintage mansion, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys of Vermont? Put on your detective cap (and maybe even a flapper dress or pirate outfit!) because The Wilburton Destination Resort has an unmissable treat in store for you!

From November 10th to 12th, 2023, step into the spellbinding world of The Case of the Bridesmaid’s Revenge, the 10th annual Murder Mystery Weekend at the Wilburton. If you've got a penchant for intrigue and a thirst for adventure, this is a Vermont getaway that you simply cannot pass up.

Autumn in Vermont with a twist of mystery: The Wilburton Mansion, where scenic views and thrilling whodunits collide!

The Scene of the Crime

Nestled atop a rolling hill with far-sweeping views of the valley beyond, The Wilburton Mansion isn't just your average lodging spot. With its rich history and architecture reminiscent of a 1902 Clue board, this luxe manor is straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Whether you're soaking in the ambiance of its romantic guest rooms or sharing laughs with friends in the spacious, dog-friendly vacation homes, every corner whispers tales from the past, while enjoying all the modern conveniences and amenities befitting such a gorgeous locale.

Cozy quarters above, a haven from the mysterious mayhem unfolding below.

A Weekend to Remember

Kick off your weekend by rubbing elbows with the "suspects" at a wine and cheese reception. Will the wine help loosen some secretive lips? Or perhaps the morning’s country inn breakfast, featuring divine pancakes and, of course, authentic VT maple syrup, will energize your detective senses.

Decadent attire, mischievous smiles, and libations in hand; could these elegant guests hold the secrets to the mystery? Amidst the clinking glasses and laughter, remember: every whisper could be a clue.

If the mansion's allure doesn’t make you want to explore every hidden nook and cranny, then the guided sculpture tour at The Museum of the Creative Process certainly will. And as the sun sets, get ready for the main event – The Case of the Bridesmaid’s Revenge dinner party. While indulging in a sumptuous feast, piece together clues, navigate through interpersonal intricacies, and see if you can crack the case wide open!

The Mystery Behind the Murder

The narrative is inspired by the real-life escapades of daring debutante, Louise Gilbert. Louise, tired of the monotony, yearns for a life less ordinary. But with a looming wedding, a groom gone AWOL, and possible bootleggers or pirates (yes, pirates!) in the mix, there's much more to the story than meets the eye. Will you uncover the truth?

Dress to Impress

Now, this isn’t just about playing detective. It’s also about doing it with style! Whether you're channeling your inner Hercule Poirot, dapper flapper, swashbuckling pirate, or wedding guest, make sure you're dressed to kill (pun intended). A professional photographer will be on the scene, capturing your most sleuth-y moments. And if you really nail your look, you might just snag a prize for best-dressed guest or group!

Sherlock would approve: style and suspicion go hand in hand.

Ready to Dive into the Mystery?

For a unique Vermont experience that combines the thrill of a mystery with the charm of a boutique getaway, [CLICK HERE TO RESERVE]. Questions? The Levis family are the most welcoming and hospitable innkeepers we’ve ever met - just a phone call away at (802) 362-2500.

This November, make memories, solve a murder, and immerse yourself in the luxurious Vermont vibe at The Wilburton's Murder Mystery Weekend. After all, some secrets are just waiting to be discovered!

Ah, Vermont during Foliage. Think picturesque landscapes, trees dripping with colors of burnt orange, golden yellow, and ruby red. Now, imagine soaring over these landscapes, feeling the rush of the cool autumn air on your face, and experiencing Vermont's famous Fall Foliage in the most thrilling way possible. Welcome to Bromley Resort's Mountain Adventure Park - where your leaf-peeping endeavors get the adrenaline injection they didn’t know they needed.

Ride the Slide:
Ever heard of an Alpine Slide? Bromley is not just any Alpine Slide; it’s North America's first triple-tracked one and still remains among the world's longest. That's a whopping 2/3 mile of exhilarating downhill adventure. Hold on tight, feel the rush, and let the colors of fall blur by.

Bromley Mountain Resort Fall Foliage Early Foliage From Trailside

Soar & Explore with the Scenic Chairlift Ride:

When people think chairlifts, snow-covered mountains and ski trails often come to mind. But during Foliage at Bromley Resort, the chairlift offers an entirely unique autumn experience. Open daily until October 9th, the Scenic Chairlift Ride transforms your leaf-peeping adventures into something straight out of a dream.

Why it’s a Must-Do:

  1. Elevate Your View: Perched atop Bromley's south-facing slopes, you're treated to panoramas that are nothing short of breathtaking. As the chairlift ascends, the tapestry of fall unfolds below – sun-drenched hillsides awash with fiery reds, deep oranges, and shimmering golds. Talk about some primo-social media opportunities!
  2. Peak Adventures Await: Once you've made your way to the mountain’s summit, it's not just the views that await. Unleash your inner explorer and check out the surrounding trails and hikes at your fingertips.
  3. Picnic in Paradise: And for those moments when you want to pause and truly soak in the beauty, what better way than with an afternoon picnic? Find your perfect spot atop the mountain, lay out your spread, and bask in the glory of a Vermont fall. Imagine biting into a crisp sandwich or sipping on fresh apple cider with the entire valley unfurling beneath you. [Locals-tip: Make your picnic gourmet and hit up the stunning JJ Hapgoods just a few miles down the road.]
  4. All Ages Welcome: Whether you’re bringing along the little adventurers (as young as 3 years) or the seasoned leaf-peepers, there’s something for everyone. Kids under 48” can ride free with a ticketed adult, ensuring the whole family gets to partake in this majestic journey.
Bromley Mountain Resort Fall Foliage From Across the Valley

So, if you're looking to experience Vermont's Fall Foliage in its full, glorious spectrum, Bromley Resort's Scenic Chairlift Ride is an adventure not to be missed. It's more than just a ride; it's a journey through the very heart of autumn.

But wait, there's more!

Get Swingin’:
Why admire the trees from the ground, when you can swing through them at nearly 40 mph? The Giant Swing stands as tall as a four-story building and offers views that’ll make you gasp in awe (or maybe that's just the 3G's of gravitational force).

The Mini Golf Glow-Up:
Recently revamped and better than ever, challenge your crew to a round of Mini Golf amidst the backdrop of Vermont's finest autumnal display.

Climb & Bounce:
For those who like their feet off the ground, Bromley's Climbing Wall and Trampoline Thing promise thrills of varying heights. Whether you're scaling new heights on the wall or bouncing your heart out, you're in for a treat.

Pedal into Space & Slide Down in Style:
With Space Bikes and the Spider Climb, defy gravity in ways you never imagined. Pedal upside down or scale a 30-foot inflatable slide - it's all in a day's adventure.

161 Bromley Mountain Resort Summer Adventure Park - Ali Kaukas 8409
Even more thrilling with the Foliage!

Zip through Autumn on the Sun Mountain Flyer:
New England's longest ZipRider, the Sun Mountain Flyer, is not just another zipline. It's an experience. Zip side-by-side with a friend, feel the rush of 50 MPH, and let Vermont's autumn splendor unfold beneath you.

Stay in Style at Bromley Village:
After a day of non-stop action, retreat to Bromley Village. Slopeside lodging, tastefully decorated condos, and a bunch of amenities await. Plus, if you're booking this season, there's a 15% discount with code BVSUMMER23. And guess what? Four FREE Scenic Lift Tickets are on the house!

Ready for the Ultimate Fall Foliage Adventure?
Look no further than Bromley Resort in Southern Vermont. Grab your tickets, pack that adventurous spirit, and let's turn leaf-peeping into an epic adventure.

Get Tickets & Check Pricing

Pro tip: Before heading out, call 802-824-5522 to check the schedule of the Scenic Chairlift and other attractions.

Ah, autumn in Vermont. A symphony of colors where every leaf plays its part, warm apple cider teases your taste buds, and the crisp mountain air whisks away your everyday worries. Now, imagine experiencing all of this not just anywhere, but at the epicenter of fall festivities: Stratton Mountain Resort. Whether you're an adventurer keen to ride the biking trails, a nature lover seeking the perfect foliage-viewing spot, or simply someone needing a break from the hustle, Stratton's HarvestFest is where you ought to be this season.

Ready to deep dive into this autumnal wonderland? Keep scrolling and let us entice you further. Because Stratton’s fall isn’t just a season; it’s an experience you'll cherish forever.

Stratton's HarvestFest Weekend 2023

Date & Time:

Oct. 5, 2023 — Oct. 9, 2022

Mark those dates, folks. That’s five days, or 120 hours, or 7,200 minutes – however you wanna slice it, that's a hefty dose of fall fun. Clear your schedule, set your OOO (out of office, for those less acronym-savvy), and let’s get festive!

Highlights of HarvestFest Weekend

Brewfest & Chili Cook-off | Sat. Oct. 7

Brewfest 2023 is where you can sample Vermont's finest craft brews including ales, lagers, porters, sours, ciders, and more. As you savor every sip, let the live music at the outdoor stage from Dave Dominick, The Commonheart, and the Amish Outlaws serenade your ears, all while being surrounded by the mesmerizing peak fall foliage. Saturday's Brewfest promises a full day of enjoyment, starting from 11:30 AM and winding down by 6:00 PM. Be sure to leave room to dive into a bowl of chili at the annual Chili Cookoff and vote for the champion of your taste buds. 

Stop Making Sense

Start Making Sense | Sun. Oct. 8

Dive deep into the nostalgia of the 80s with Start Making Sense, a masterful tribute to the iconic Talking Heads! Set against the scenic backdrop of Stratton's HarvestFest, groove to the rhythms of your favorite classics and as the evening sun bathes the mountain, let frontman Jon Braun transport you to the golden era of new-wave with his uncanny David Byrne performance. 

Whether you're indulging in the melodies from Grizzly's exclusive Michelob Ultra Lounge (be sure to select this VIP Add-On at checkout) or soaking in the vibes at the main stage, this is the evening to "burn down the house" with fellow Talking Heads fans. 

📍 Stratton Mountain Resort - Main Base Area

📅 October 8, 2023, 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

🎟️ Grab your tickets and set the tempo right!

The Lodging Scoop - Stay and Play

Stratton Mountain Resort Penthouse Dining and Living Room Bright and Open

HarvestFest Lodging Deals: Stay Longer, Pay Less

Here's the thing: a weekend like Stratton's HarvestFest is just too jam-packed with awesomeness to rush. You've got the Brewfest, soul-stirring live music, and let's not forget those Instagram-worthy Vermont fall foliage shots you've been dreaming of capturing. So take a break and make a weekend getaway of it with this lodging special.

Just for the HarvestFest Long Weekend, Stay two nights and get the third night 50% off! That right, snap up Sunday night for a song. Three total nights to revel in the fall festivities, right at the heart of the action. You're looking at a weekend filled with buddies and brews, melodies and memories, framed by a backdrop of the most stunning foliage you've ever seen. So, why wait?

Make Every Day Count: Your Daily Activities Guide (Oct. 5-9)

Scenic Lift Rides: Elevate Your Fall Experience

Look, if you've never seen Vermont's fall foliage from the summit of its highest peak, you're missing out. Board the Gondola and be prepared to get your breath taken away, quite literally. The panoramic views stretch across four states – the White Mountains, Adirondacks, Berkshires, and Green Mountain ranges are all at your fingertips. 

And if you're feeling particularly adventurous? Lace up those hiking boots and take to the trails, or maybe just lounge with a picnic lunch. Just remember, catch the last Gondola down by 4:45pm unless you fancy a full mountain descent - which honestly, is a pretty great time, too!

Fall Mountain Biking at Stratton Bike Park: Ride the Rush

Close out the biking season with a bang! With over 10 miles of sinuous trails carved right into Vermont’s lush landscape, Stratton's Bike Park promises thrills with every turn. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, these trails, curated by the master trail builders at Sinuosity, beckon with the promise of adrenaline and adventure. And if you've been here before, come on back, because Stratton has been busy adding miles of new routes. Ready, set, ride!

Vermont ATV Tours: Adventure Awaits, Pedal to the Peak

Ever wished for a magic carpet? Well, UTVs are the next best thing! Dive into Stratton’s latest Foliage sensation – UTV Tours. Kick-off at the Sun Bowl, and then let the mountain paths guide you to the summit. Here's your moment for that jaw-dropping group selfie; just make sure you get first dibs on posting!

Stratton Mountain Resort Golf Course Lining Up Putt

Golfing amidst Fall Foliage: Championship Course, Legendary Views

What is it like to golf at Stratton? How about twenty-seven holes of championship golf that's hosted LPGA tournaments? Three distinct 9-hole sections, be it Forest, Lake, or Mountain, offers a unique blend of challenge and charm. As Golf Magazine aptly puts it: “The golf is superb at this all-inclusive resort, which boasts a scenic and challenging championship 27-hole course that played host to six LPGA tournaments.”

Stratton Mountain Resort Fall Foliage River View

Hiking in the Green/Orange/Red/Yellow Mountains

Last but not least, if you really want to get up close and personal with Vermont’s fall colors, hit the trails at Stratton's HarvestFest. There’s something for every nature enthusiast, from laid-back strolls to challenging treks. Just pick a path, and let Vermont's autumnal beauty work its magic.

Conclusion: Seize the Vermont Vibe

Look, there's a reason we can't stop raving about fall in Vermont, especially at Stratton's HarvestFest. It's not just about the brilliant hues of gold, crimson, and amber that paint our landscapes. Nor is it merely the rush of mountain biking, the thrills of ATV tours, or the serene moments on the golf course. It's about the entire experience – the blend of adventure, relaxation, and pure, unadulterated nature.

But here’s the clinker: reading about it is one thing, living it is another. And trust us, you don't want to be the person hearing about it from friends; you want to be the one sharing those incredible stories!

So dive deep into Vermont's fall magic and seize a weekend of memories waiting to be made. Click below, book your stay at Stratton, and transform your fall fantasies into vibrant, colorful realities. 

See you on the mountain!

🍁Ready to Elevate Your Ski Experience? ok Your Stratton Getaway Now🍁: Book a stay for Friday and Saturday night, and add on Sunday night to your stay for 50% off of the nightly rate in select condos. Book Your Long Weekend at Stratton.

Fall Foliage in Vermont is more than just a season; it's a full-on experience. A mesmerizing display of vivid oranges, fiery reds, and sunlit yellows stretch as far as the eye can see, painting the canvas of the Green Mountain state. But where does one start to explore this autumnal wonderland? Enter Basin Harbor Resort, your ideal fall foliage basecamp.

Nestled amongst the serene shores of Lake Champlain, it's not just a luxurious lakefront haven but also your gateway to thrilling hikes, mouthwatering culinary delights, and that rejuvenating crisp, autumn air. Dive in to discover a Vermont adventure that promises memories and stories as vibrant as the foliage.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1Basin Harbor | Button Bay Trail | Snake Mountain
Day 2Mt. Philo | Shelburne Bay | Burlington OR Camel's Hump
Day 3Adirondack State Park
Basin Harbor Waterfront Cabin

Day 1: Basin Harbor & Vergennes

Morning: After a relaxing night’s sleep at your lakefront cottage hideaway, you’ll be rested and ready for an early (yet leisurely) morning hike along the Button Bay trail. Following past the golf course, this 2+ mile excursion will bring you through vibrant forest trails to Button Bay Point where dramatic views of Lake Champlain and the foliage across the lake await. There are many opportunities to extend your morning hike with loops and trails leading throughout Basin Harbor’s stunning 700-acre property.

Once you make your way back to the cottage, it’s time to fuel up for breakfast/brunch at the unbelievable Ardelia’s breakfast buffet. Like everything at Basin Harbor, this buffet is comprised of quality ingredients and perfect presentation. We were particularly partial to the whipped ricotta crepes (with caramelized bananas!) and the chef-carved sea salt & maple candied bacon station. What a way to start the day!

Afternoon: After breakfast, it’s time for the second hike of the day (we have to burn off those crepe calories somehow). Twenty minutes down the road (we suggest taking Jersey Street to really capitalize on those Autumn views) in nearby Addison, VT, you’ll find Snake Mountain. Pay no attention to the name, we’ve yet to spot a snake while hiking here, instead, you’ll find peaceful wooded trails and sweeping summit views. There are several routes to choose from, but we suggest the West Trail to Hotel Overlook. 

A four-mile out-and-back hike (~2.5 hours round trip), the trail up is moderately rated with one or two steeper areas, but primarily consisting of gradual and consistent elevation gains. As the name suggests, there was a stunning hotel at the top of the mountain at one point, but a fire in the mid-1920s left just the large foundation behind. This foundation is the perfect spot for a picnic or water break as there are many nooks and crannies to lean against and rest up for the hike back down. The views here are stunning and endless, as you look out onto Lake Champlain, local farmlands, and the Adirondacks below. 

Post hike, it's time to hit the charming streets of Vergennes. Head back north (this time taking VT22-A) and you’ll find quaint village shops and delicious eateries around the central town green. Take a breather and dig into the culinary wonders at Vergennes Laundry. Part bakery/part café, with a dash of Montreal flair and French gourmet tradition. We usually like to give a specific recommendation on what to order, but quite honestly everything here is next-level delicious. Just a few doors up, be sure to visit some excellent boutiques, like The Joy Shop and Malabar, where take-home treasures abound.

Basin Harbor Club Red Mill Bar and Dining Room

Evening: When you’re planning on six hikes in three days, it’s important to take your downtime seriously. Luckily Basin Harbor has all your basecamp needs covered. Dinner reservations are waiting for you at Basin Harbor’s Red Mill, a renovated sawmill serving up local comfort foods, cold beers, and excellent cocktails. After dinner, you’ll find movie nights, bonfires, or calming lakefront strolls before hitting the hay for a great night's sleep.


Day 2: Shelburne and Burlington

Morning: A leisurely morning awaits, as you either grab a hot coffee and breakfast sandwich from Basin Habror’s Breezeway Cafe or hit up the breakfast buffet for round two (with all the options they have to choose from, there’s no way to have tried them all in just one go!).

After squaring away breakfast, head up Rt. 7 until you get to Mt. Philo State Park in Charlotte, VT. The perfect hike to start your day, Mt. Philo has several routes to the top, but we’ve always been fond of the Summit Trail from the lower parking lot. While steep in spots, the trail is well maintained and there are many great places to stop, rest, and enjoy being out in nature.

Massive boulders, winding trails, and secret turnoffs are all part of what you’ll find on the lower section of this trail, followed by a quick ascent up steep, yet fun, routes to the summit. Expect this 1.7 mile out and back trail to take roughly an hour and fifteen minutes round trip, but we absolutely suggest budgeting additional time to spend at the top. Long views of Lake Champlain, from beyond Basin Harbor to the south and past Burlington to the north, are always worth the extra time to appreciate. 

Afternoon: After taking in Mt. Philo, you’ll continue heading north on Mt. Philo Road, which is particularly stunning this time of year. Winding country roads, with excellent views of Vermont Farmland and fall foliage can be found everywhere you look as you make your way to Philo Ridge Farm for an early lunch. 

This 400-acre sustainable farm, cafe, and restaurant is one of our absolute favorite stops in the entire state, as their attention to detail and quality is top-notch. Farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients make the sandwiches, salads, and soups absolutely mouth-watering, and with the fall bounty recently harvested, you can rest assured that your lunch will be phenomenal.

Following lunch, drive north along Lake Champlain to the Shelburne Bay Loop at Shelburne Bay Park. Following the shores and rising above in dramatic fashion, you’ll find cliff faces looking towards both Burlington and back to the east, small bridges crossing babbling brooks, and gentle woodland paths. This 2.5-mile loop will take approximately an hour to complete, but if you want to continue the adventure, Shelburne Farms is just two minutes away where miles of additional trails can be found.

After hiking along the lake, it’s time to make your way to Burlington where you’ll find the many eclectic shops of Pine Street. We love stopping into The Soda Plant, a small business market collection featuring more than 40 studios, galleries, shops & services. You’ll also want to make a pit stop for a chocolate tasting at Lake Champlain Chocolates - who can resist?

Evening: As the sun sets, you’ll make your way to either Church Street Marketplace (a pedestrian-only street lined with restaurants, shops, galleries, and more) or to Waterfront Park (a Lake Champlain boardwalk with stunning views), for an evening stroll. After getting some air and seeing the sights, it’s time for dinner, and while there are many excellent options to choose from, we love the timeless classic American Flatbread

Wood-fired pizzas served around multiple hearths, this warm and welcoming atmosphere is just what the end of day two’s adventure called for. All the pies here are excellent but we always seem to gravitate towards Punctuated Equilibrium (kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, fresh rosemary, red onions, Vermont creamery chevre, mozzarella, grana padano, fresh herbs) and Power to the People (chicken, buffalo sauce, red onions, carrots, blue cheese dressing, mozzarella, grana padano, fresh herbs).

Day 2 Alternative: Hinesburg

Now if you’re in the mood to kick things up a notch and really test your hiking mettle, this slightly more aggressive option is up to the challenge.

Morning-Afternoon: Breakfast this morning is at Three Squares Cafe in downtown Vergennes. As the power you need to conquer the peaks, it's best to eat up. Also, grab one of their sandwiches or burritos to-go as a summit meal refuel.

Afterward, you’ll be heading east to Huntington, VT to find the third-highest mountain in the state, Camel’s Hump. Appropriately named as you'll see, Camel’s Hump is a challenging hike and a ton of fun, so bring extra water. A six-mile out-and-back hike, Camel’s Hump will make your legs burn and your heart pound, but the steep path up is packed with scenic lookouts and unique natural features that bring you above the treeline.

The summit scenery is certainly the payoff as on a clear day, the foliage views that await are nothing short of breathtaking. With 360º panoramas, the mountains and the trees below are filled with vibrant reds, oranges, greens, and yellows that would make any painter proud. 

Evening: After your four-and-a-half-hour adventure, you’ve earned some well-deserved R&R back at Basin Harbor. Take in the sunset at your cottage and catch up on some reading, make the most out of their hot tubs and pool, or enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail at the Champlain Lounge. 

No matter which route you take, be sure to find your way to Ardelia’s for dinner as Chef Chris Bonniver has prepared an unbelievable Fall Dinner Menu. From 24hr Slow Roasted Bone-In Short Rib (charred sweet onion soubise, porcini mushroom, olive oil marcona almond, hakurei turnip, coca nib, and sorrel) to Kabocha Squash Ravioli (brown butter, crispy sage, confit cranberry, caramelized walnuts, salsify, mascarpone cheese, and fig), and Scuttleship Farm Lamb Shank (white beans, garlic sausage, escarole, roasted peppers, preserved lemon, arugula chimichurri, and Lucques olive vinaigrette) - your dinner will be just as sensational as the views from your hike.

Day 3: Adirondack State Park

Now we know that this is a Vermont-centric guide, but one of the amazing things about having Basin Harbor as your foliage home-base is their proximity to Adirondack State Park. 

Basin-Harbor-Resort-EScape Boat Lake Champlain

Morning: After a quick breakfast sammie from Breezeway Cafe, it’s time to head out on a guided tour of the largest park in the United States, which just so happens to be across the lake. A short, scenic boat ride on Basin Harbor's EScape brings you to a cliffside cove where you’ll head out into the park for a hike amongst the pristine landscape. A moderately difficult hike, you can expect winding trails through deep forest paths, and gorgeous fall scenery on this hour-and-a-half day-hike. As you head back across the lake, take in the views of Basin Harbor from this vantage point, as it has welcomed visitors from near and far to enjoy foliage in Vermont for five generations.

Afternoon: It’s time to check out and reflect on the simultaneously relaxing and adventurous time you’ve spent amongst the Green Mountain foliage. From fine dining to mountain-top picnics, casual waterfront strolls to thrilling, heart-pounding expeditions, boutique shopping to hot-tub decompressing - this has been a trip to remember and be proud of.

Fall into Foliage: To book your own Autumn Adventure and enjoy discounted room rates of up to 35% off during most weekdays, make Basin Harbor your Fall Foliage basecamp and find your cottage now.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Hey there, leaf peepers and cozy cabin lovers! When the calendar flips to fall, there's nothing quite like a Vermont Fall Getaway to sweep you off your feet and fill your Instagram feed with envy-inducing snapshots. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that the whole state turns into a jaw-dropping canvas of reds, oranges, and golds that screams 'road trip' louder than a car packed with excited weekend warriors.

Notch Road in Fall Foliage

But where to stay during this foliage getaway? The stunning selection of cabins and cottages below are sprinkled throughout Vermont's picturesque locales and set in charming little havens nestled among trees that are practically on fire with autumn hues, (not to mention featuring amenities that make you feel right at home amidst the great outdoors)!

Stick with us as we dig into the most Insta-worthy cabins and cottages that you've got to check into this fall. We're diving deep into what makes each spot unique, from sipping morning coffee with panoramic views to snuggling up in the coziest corners that Vermont has to offer. So grab a hot cup of cider, and let’s get this leaf-peeping party started!

Why Choose Vermont? Here's Why!

Natural Beauty

Where do we even start? Vermont is like stepping into a live-action painting once fall rolls around. Trees practically competing to show off their best reds and oranges, while the mountains play backdrop to your personal autumn movie. And those crystal-clear lakes reflecting the fiery foliage? It’s nothing short of amazing. So, if you're looking to bask in Mother Nature's best show, you'd better believe the Green Mountain State has got front-row tickets with your name on it.

Adventure and Relaxation

But it’s not all about sitting back and enjoying the view – though, we wouldn’t blame you if that's your jam - Vermont has this incredible knack for serving up a smorgasbord of adventures, from hiking trails that lead to jaw-dropping vistas, to mountain biking and cycling routes that offer the freshest of air and the cleanest of lines. And when the sun dips low, how about unwinding at a cabin with a hot tub waiting to soak your worries away? Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a chill-seeker, Vermont’s fall season is your playground.


Okay, here’s the cherry on top: these drop-dead gorgeous spots are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from major cities. We're talking easy-breezy drives from New York City or Boston. Imagine swapping the concrete jungle for a foliage-rich paradise in just a few hours, making it the ultimate weekend retreat. Plus, with scenic drives that have you reaching for your camera at every turn, getting there is half the fun! So, rev up those engines and hit the road because Vermont is ready to welcome you with open arms and vibrant views!

Without further ado, here's our handpicked list of the top Cabin and Cottage Getaways for a magical Vermont Fall Foliage experience.

The Summit House - Your A-Frame Dream Come True!

Location: Nestled in the heart of Stowe, Vermont, The Summit House promises an unforgettable retreat just a mile away from the bustling downtown. Whether you're here to gaze at the phenomenal fall foliage or to catch the morning light filtering through the forest right from your bedroom, this prime location got you covered. Seriously, a 5-star rating from 95% of recent guests can't be wrong!

Amenities: Step inside and prepare to be wowed. This isn't just a cabin, it's a haven of modern comfort blended with rustic charm. Picture yourself unwinding by the modern wood-burning fireplace, a cool drink in hand, and your favorite shows playing on a massive 50" TV. And that spa-style rainfall shower? Pure bliss after a day exploring the mountains. With the convenience of self-check-in and an array of top-notch amenities including a fully equipped kitchen and WiFi, you're all set for a cushy stay. And let's not forget the private patio, where you can kick back and soak in the gorgeous views.

Activities: When you're not lounging around enjoying the chic interiors, the vibrant town of Stowe offers a treasure trove of experiences. Get ready to explore the charming downtown brimming with quaint shops and cafes or venture out on a myriad of heart-pumping hikes to take in the awe-inspiring fall foliage that the region is renowned for.

Rates: Planning to hole up in this slice of paradise? It's going to set you back about $533 per night. But trust us, for a getaway that promises not just a stay but an exceptional experience, it's totally worth it. Plus, with rave reviews and a near-perfect rating, you know you're in for a treat!

Basin Harbor Arial Drone Fall Foliage Golf Lake Champlain

Basin Harbor - Lakeside Bliss Tailored Just for You!

Location: Get ready for a distinctive lakeside escape that screams personality at every turn. Situated on the picturesque banks of Lake Champlain, Basin Harbor is a sprawling paradise that offers not one, not two, but a whopping 74 unique cottage choices for your very own slice of lakeside bliss during your Vermont Fall Getaway.

Amenities: Bid goodbye to the cookie-cutter vacation experience and say hello to a place that embraces individuality and charm. Each cottage at Basin Harbor is a testament to creativity and personal taste, boasting distinctive layouts, decor, and features that echo the golden days when families would send in their own specs and designs for a personalized lakeside oasis. But don't fret, modernity has graced Basin Harbor too, with a slew of renovations that bring in contemporary comfort without compromising the unique charm of each cottage.

Activities: Ready to embrace the outdoors? Basin Harbor is your playground! Spread across 700 acres of pristine tranquility, this is where adventure meets relaxation. Tee off at the golf club, dip into the heated outdoor pool, or indulge in a spirited game of pickleball or croquet on the perfectly manicured courts and lush lawns. Oh, and your furry best friend? They're going to have the time of their life at Fanny's Beach, a dedicated doggy swim area.

Rates: For the specifics on rates, check out Basin Harbor’s online reservation platform, or better yet, give their friendly front-desk a call to help set up a personalized pick that suits your style and budget. Trust us, diving into the details is part of the fun here!

Cozy Loft for Two with Hot Tub - Your Snug Getaway in Granville

Location: We know what you're here for - those lush multi-colored mountains and that crisp Vermont air! Nestled in the rustic embrace of Granville, this snug loft offers the perfect vantage point to soak in all of that majestic beauty and more. Picture yourself amidst the natural wonders, just a stone's throw away from exhilarating hiking, biking, and kayaking adventures.

Amenities: When it comes to comfort, this great loft doesn't hold back. Though compact, the space radiates an enormous charm and coziness, thanks to the mini-fireplace/stove that warms up your space after a thrilling day outdoors. And can we talk about those copper countertops and handrails? 

Activities: Your schedule here could be a whirlwind of outdoor adventures or a tranquil retreat amidst nature - the choice is yours! Either way, you've got hiking and biking options galore mere minutes from your front door. And once back, why not enjoy a warm soak in the hot tub while drinking in the expansive views from the patio or the upper deck? Remember, the breathtaking vistas are a part of the package!

Rates: Ready to whisk your significant other for a memory-making escape? The price is just as cozy as the loft itself, at an average of $206 per night. Trust us, this little haven is big on exceptional experiences without breaking the bank.

A Handcrafted Luxury Tiny House

Location: Welcome to your secluded retreat in the woods of Southern Vermont! Just imagine, being fully immersed in nature with 17 vertical feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering you an uninterrupted view of the forest canopy. And don’t worry about missing out on nearby attractions, with Bromley Mountain’s Adventure Park just a 15-minute drive away and vibrant Manchester within a 25-minute drive, boasting fine dining and delightful spas. 

Amenities: "Tiny" doesn't mean compromising on luxury! This tiny home has everything you need for a cozy and indulgent stay. Cook up a storm in the full kitchen, enjoy movie nights with the in-home theater, and let your worries melt away in the expansive 71-inch soaking tub.

Activities: Whether you're hiking peaks and valleys at nearby state parks or exploring apple orchards and mountain biking parks within a 20-minute radius, there's no end to the adventures that await. And after a day of exploring, return to your private sanctuary nestled amidst the trees, providing the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rates: Ready for a luxury retreat without the luxury price tag? This unique getaway is all yours for an average of $275 per night. Considering the one-of-a-kind experience you’re set to have, it’s an absolute steal!

Luxury Off Grid Romantic Cabin - Your Woodsy Wonderland!

Location: Just 20 minutes away from the Sugarbush Resort, this gem is tucked away in the serene embrace of Roxbury, VT. With 330 acres of woods surrounding you, lovebirds seeking a cozy nest during their Vermont Fall Getaway have hit the jackpot. Picture yourselves waking up to the gentle rays of the morning sun, exploring the walking trails, and maybe even engaging in a bit of impromptu birdwatching.

Amenities: Leave the chaos of the city behind and step into a world where modern comforts and rustic charm meet. From the cuddly leather loveseat to a fully equipped kitchen where you can whip up some breakfast with the complimentary local eggs and homemade preserves, this cabin is a slice of heaven. And the cherry on top? 

Activities: Whether it's a BBQ session on your sunny deck, cozying up by your very own fire pit, or venturing out to nearby attractions like the Warren Covered Bridge or hiking trails, adventure is just around the corner. And with the Mad River Valley offering an array of activities, your getaway can be as laid-back or action-packed as you want!

Rates: Planning a romantic escapade has never been this rewarding. For an average price of $185 per night, you can unlock the doors to this paradise, where every moment is a memory in the making. Go ahead, treat yourselves to a vacation that’s a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Lake Champlain Tiny House - Your Private Lakeside Escape

Location: Ready for a fall vacation that's all about vibrant foliage, private beaches, and sunset campfires? Say hello to your dream getaway nestled in Vergennes, right on the magnificent shores of Lake Champlain. Picture yourself having a laid-back morning with views of the Adirondack mountains, or perhaps, embarking on a historic journey with a short drive to Chimney Point State Historic Site. And hey, if you're into birdwatching or game walks, the surrounding area is your playground.

Amenities: Welcome to your "large" tiny house that's packed with all the comforts of a home and then some. Let's talk about those bedroom lofts, each boasting a comfy queen bed promising restful slumbers amidst the serene surroundings. Plenty of room for everyone!

Activities: The cabin itself is an adventure waiting to happen. Venture down simple paths leading to spectacular overlooks of the lake, relax in the hammock or get your adrenaline rushing with some kayaking - the choice is yours. Not to forget, the private shale beach beckoning you for some sun-soaking sessions if the weather is cooperative. Working remotely? The fiber-optic WiFi has your back, allowing you to stay connected amidst nature.

Rates: Gear up for a stay that won't break the bank, with prices averaging at $345 per night. Considering the private beach access, well-appointed interiors, and the pristine location, we'd say it's a steal. And remember, the vibrant colors of Vermont in autumn are priceless!

The Canopy House – Your Elevated A-Frame Experience in Vermont

Location: Picture this: You're perched on a hill just a smidge away from the vibrant heart of downtown Stowe, enveloped in the sounds of Vermont trees and nature. Sound surreal? Welcome to The Canopy House, your gateway to the very best of Vermont's breathtaking fall foliage, a mere hop, skip, and a jump from the bustling Main Street of Stowe and only 9 miles away from Stowe Mountain Resort. But hey, it's not just about the spectacular views; you've got the von Trapp's lively brewery scene just 5 miles away and hiking trail options galore for all those autumn escapades. 

Amenities: Step into an oasis that marries modern luxury with rustic elegance. The Canopy House is where your comfort meets style, boasting amenities that cater to both relaxation seekers and tech-savvy travelers. Lounging in a living room adorned with OM Home Furniture while enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire? Yes, please! And we haven't even gotten started on the six-person hot tub under the starry Vermont sky!

Rates: Fancy a stay at this enchanting retreat? It's yours for a stellar rate of $464 per night. With a 4.93 rating from a whopping 279 reviews, it's clear that guests find value in every dime spent here. 

The Secluded Trout Cabin - Your Ideal Pondside Retreat!

Location: The Trout Cabin is your tranquil log cabin set amidst the lush greenery of Londonderry, VT, with Magic Mountain practically at your doorstep and the shimmering trout pond just a stone's throw away. Whether you're a hiking enthusiast eager to hit the trails or someone looking for a quiet refuge, this cabin, minutes from Magic Mountain Resort (and the famous Black Line Tavern) and a 4-minute drive from the Lowell Lake State Park, has got all bases covered.

Amenities: We're talking rustic vibes with all the comfort of home. The cabin comes equipped with a cozy kitchen area housing a stovetop, microwave, and coffee maker - all ready for you to whip up some homely meals. And don't forget about the BBQ set up outside for some grilling fun. For those chilly nights, the fireplace indoors promises warm and snug evenings. And get this, if you’re up for the adventure, you can enjoy a refreshing outdoor shower with a stunning view of the Green Mountains to boot!

Activities: Now, this is where the fun begins. Get ready to dive into a world of adventure with hiking trails and mountain biking just a walk away. And for the angling aficionados, your very own trout pond is waiting for a session of fly fishing. Fancy a quiet day instead? The porch facing the pond promises serene moments amidst nature. Trust us, with an almost perfect score of 4.9 out of 5, you're gearing up for an exceptional stay.

Rates: Ready to nab that September special with a cool 15% off on mid-week bookings? It's all about seizing the moment here. The prices are a steal, especially when you consider the wealth of experiences awaiting you.

The Teeny Tiny Cottage - Your Personal Slice of Paradise on Lake Eden!

Location: Ah, Eden, Vermont, the place where dreams come true, especially at this teeny tiny cottage nestled right on the water's edge of Lake Eden. Imagine waking up to serene beachfront views, just a stone's throw from the sparkling lake that beckons you for a morning swim. And when it's time to venture out, you're just minutes away from attractions like the Green River Reservoir State Park and a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Stowe. Your scenic adventure in the Northeast Kingdom awaits!

Amenities: This one-room cozy paradise packs a punch when it comes to amenities. Offering everything you need to make your stay comfortable and memorable - a fully-furnished kitchen, a snazzy corner shower, and even an incinerating toilet. Settle down in the living area, with a foldable table set for four and enjoy your meals with a panoramic view. Did we mention the loft that houses a king-size bed and a TV equipped with a VCR for a nostalgic movie night? You're all set!

Activities: Whether you're here for the summer splash or winter wonder, this cottage has got you covered. Dive into a plethora of water activities with kayaks, paddle boats, and canoes available for rent. Picture yourself gliding through the lake, basking in the sun, and taking in the scenic vistas.

Rates: Here comes the sweet part - not only does this little retreat offer a tranquil getaway, but it also doesn't break the bank. Head on over to the booking platform, and make sure to glance through the hospitality welcome guide section "essentials" to get all the deets on what you need to bring along. Your perfect vacation is just a click away!

Seesaw's Lodge - Where Old Vermont Charm Meets Modern Comfort!

Location: Cradled amidst the scenic beauty of the “Golden Triangle” of Southern Vermont, Seesaw's Lodge is your ticket to a breathtaking retreat that brilliantly blends the old Vermont world charm with modern luxuries. Imagine gazing at the spectacular mountain views and soaking up the warm southern exposure right from your snug cabin or the expansive seven-bedroom lodge. Yes, this is real, and it's all set to welcome you for an unforgettable Vermont Fall Getaway.

Amenities: Step into any of the recently rebuilt cabins, and you'll be greeted with spaces that exude warmth and comfort. Think living rooms flaunting exposed beams, mud rooms with floors radiating heat, and kitchens brimming with modern amenities for a seamless stay. Relaxing by the gas fireplace or taking in the cool Vermont air from your private deck balcony. And guess what? Each unit promises high-speed wifi, air-conditioning, and large smart TVs to keep you entertained throughout.

Activities: Whether you're meandering through the scenic paths at Mad Tom Orchard, or catching the panoramic vistas from Stratton Resort’s gondola, the local experiences here are nothing short of magical. Kids and adults alike will love the vibrant corn mazes and pumpkin patches at Equinox Valley Nursery - don't forget to snag a fresh apple cider donut while you're there! And when it comes to dining, Johnny Seesaw's Restaurant on site is a meal to remember, dishing out comfort food with a fresh Vermont twist. Trust us, it's a culinary journey you don't want to miss.

Rates: The rates here vary depending on the season and the type of accommodation you choose. But rest assured, the unique blend of vintage charm and modern comfort at Seesaw's Lodge offers bang for your buck. For the most accurate pricing, check out their official website or give them a ring.

Blues Views - Your Ultimate Dog-Friendly Lake Escape!

Location: Nestled in the serene setting of Castleton, VT, this lakefront retreat known as "Blues Views" stands as your private gateway to the alluring waters and majestic nature vistas of Vermont.

Amenities: Imagine stepping into a home that blends the charm of the 1920s with the modern comforts of today. This dog-friendly sanctuary boasts a full suite of amenities, including a cozy sunroom perfect for late-afternoon chit-chats, a well-equipped kitchen to whip up your culinary delights, and central AC to keep you cool when the leaf-peeping adventure heats up. And don't forget about that high-speed WiFi, keeping you connected for all your streaming and social media needs.

Activities: It's all about lakeside bliss at the Blues Views. From boating to fishing, biking to hiking, an array of activities awaits you just a few miles from your home base. And with picturesque lake views gracing almost every room, you'll have the perfect backdrop for all your vacation selfies and group photos. Trust us, your Instagram feed has never looked this good!

Rates: The rate details are as dynamic as your vacation plans, so just hop on over to the site, plug in your preferred dates, and hit 'Book Now' to get an accurate quote. Oh, and if you're bringing along your furry friend, rest easy knowing the nightly pet fee is included in your quote.

Absolutely Gorgeous Vermont Cottage - A Couple's Paradise!

Location: Calling Montpelier home, this delightful Vermont Cottage is nothing short of a fairy tale waiting to unfold for couples. Nestled snugly amidst Vermont's lush foliage, you are just a short drive away from cultural gems like the Vermont Historical Society Museum and the illustrious golden-domed Vermont State House. Oh, and for those scenic walks you've been dreaming about? Hubbard Park is just 10 minutes away, making those impromptu picnics amidst nature a total breeze!

Amenities: From the second you step in, the cozy allure of this one-bedroom haven wraps you in a warm embrace. This isn't just a stay, it's an escape into a world where modern comfort meets rustic charm. Whether it's the free WiFi keeping you connected or the air conditioning ensuring you're always the perfect temp, this cottage is equipped to pamper. And let's not forget the outdoor space - think morning coffee sessions on the deck, or crisp romantic dinners in the lanai. Sounds dreamy, right?

Activities: When it comes to keeping yourself engaged, the area around Montpelier is a treasure trove of wonders. Dive deep into Vermont's rich history with a visit to the nearby museums or simply grab a pair of comfortable shoes for a romantic stroll in Hubbard Park.

Rates: Looking to score the ultimate romantic getaway? Starting at $225 per night this is a steal! With an exceptional 5/5 rating, this slice of paradise offers you not just a stay, but memories that you'll both adore.

Modern 3-Bedroom A-Frame: Your Cozy Corner in Londonderry

Location: Tucked away in the heart of Londonderry, this modern A-Frame chalet is your gateway to Vermont's vibrant foliage season. Ready to taste some of the best local cheeses and veggies? Taylor Farm is just a breezy 10-minute walk from your doorstep.

Amenities: Once you step inside, it's all about laid-back luxury. The chalet comes kitted out with everything you need for a home-away-from-home experience. Picture yourself waking up in one of the three sumptuous bedrooms, brewing a cup of coffee in the private kitchen, and enjoying breakfast with a view on the deck or patio. 

Activities: Beyond the confines of this comfy retreat, Londonderry charms with its natural beauty and vibrant community vibes. Whether it's a tranquil walk along the West River, a bit of weekend shopping at the nearby Manchester Designer Outlets, or a delicious visit to Honey Pie, there's something for everyone.

Rates: Ready to snag this comfy corner for your next getaway? $500 per night seems more than doable for this three-bedroom beauty!

Planning Your Trip

Before you dash off to capture the golden hues of Vermont’s picturesque foliage season, we've got a few tidbits to make your getaway nothing short of perfect. Here’s the low-down on the best times to witness the state's vibrant fall canvas and some packing tips to keep your adventure comfy and fun. Trust us, a well-planned trip is the first step to an unforgettable Vermont vacation!

Best Time to Visit

Let's talk timing. To catch Vermont in its full fall glory, you'd want to mark your calendars for late September to early October. Now of course, this is not an exact science, as depending on weather and temperature each year’s foliage progression may differ, but if you want to make the best bet, these are the times we aim for. You can always stay up to date with our Fall Foliage Report for more in-depth progress. 

Packing Tips

Alright, onto the packing game. Vermont's autumn has that crisp, cool air that brings out the adventurer in everyone, but when the sun is shining things can get pretty toasty. Here’s what you should toss in that suitcase:

1. Layers, Layers, Layers: Think cozy sweaters or flannels, light jackets, and scarves (we’ve been loving our new foliage-hued flannel from Howler Brothers!) The temperatures can be quite the chameleon, shifting from chilly mornings to warm afternoons. 

2. Footwear: Trust us, you'd want to bring your comfiest pair of hiking boots or sturdy sneakers, perfect for those foliage walks or a spontaneous mountain hike.

3. Outdoor Gear: Planning to immerse yourself in the outdoor offerings? Don’t forget to pack binoculars for bird watching, or maybe a portable hammock to really soak in those scenic vistas.

Ready to roll? Your Vermont fall adventure awaits, packing in a world of vibrant colors, leisurely outdoor pursuits, and memories that'll last a lifetime. Let's make it one for the books!


So, gear up, adventure seekers! Vermont is laying out the red (and orange, and yellow) carpet, beckoning you to an autumnal extravaganza that's nothing short of legendary. This isn't just a vacation, it's a recharge, a revitalization, and a chance to nab the best fall selfies to spice up your feed. Let's make those weekend plans a riot of hues and fun. From rustic cabins to lakeside frolics, it's all waiting for you in good ol' Vermont. Go on, seize the season and book your quintessential fall retreat, Vermont style!

Got your own leaf-peeping adventures or snapped some vibrant vistas? We're all in to hear and see it! Shoot us your stories at [email protected] or share them on your socials with #WeAreVermont. Let's keep the Vermont vibe rolling and the adventure chronicles coming. 

Till then, keep the wanderlust alive and the cameras ready. See you amongst the leaves!

Hey there, fellow procrastinators - our time to shine has finally arrived. Forget your buddies who’ve been bragging about their Labor Day plans since the snow melted. Trust us; the best trips are the ones you didn’t overthink. So grab your weekender bag and hit the road because we've got your last-minute guide to make this Labor Day in Vermont an unforgettable one.

Basin Harbor Club Cottage

Basin Harbor Resort: The Ultimate Lake Retreat

Vergennes, VT

Starting at $300/night

Basin Harbor just about screams serenity (but not in a Frank Costanza-kind of way). Nestled along the shoreline of Lake Champlain, this idyllic resort takes “lakeside living” to a whole new level. It offers private cottages, lakefront dining and activities, and an 18-hole golf course. For the perfect mix of R&R and aquatic activities, make Basin Harbor your go-to escape. 

What guests are saying: “Super great place. Bring the kids, the boat, and the golf clubs. Stay a weekend or a week. The staff is awesome and the amenities are amazing. Pool is warm. The Red Mill is a great place to catch up with friends. There is a grass runway if you prefer to fly. Come check it out even it's only a day. You won't regret it.”

Grafton Inn Exterior Porch

Grafton Inn: Small-Town Charm with Big-Time Amenities

Grafton, VT

Starting at $189/night

Stepping into the Grafton Inn is like entering a time capsule, but with WiFi and heavenly modern-day luxuries. Situated in one of the prettiest towns in Vermont, this Inn has been in operation since 1801. What it lacks in hustle and bustle, it makes up for with timeless charm. Don’t miss the cheese-tasting tour at Grafton Village Cheese, which—spoiler alert—is ridiculously delicious. End the day with a nature walk at the nearby Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center.

What guests are saying: “This is the perfect place to go to unwind and get away. We loved everything about this place. The entire staff was amazing. Mercedes, Issy, Lisa, Luna, Joanne, Kirk, Angela, are just a few names I remember. All were helpful, friendly and are a great team together. The grounds are clean with a beautiful surrounding. We stayed in the Wydham Cottage across the street from the main Inn. We were right by the entrance door and didn't hear anyone coming or going during our stay. There is fresh baked pastries in the morning and afternoon in the main office area. The breakfast and dinners were superb! Outstanding food! ”

The Wobbly Cabin: A Killington Hideaway

Killington, VT

Starting at $263/night

Meet "The Wobbly Cabin"—where rustic mountain allure meets modern-day comforts. Nestled in the heart of Killington, Vermont, this 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom haven is so close to Killington Resort, you can practically smell the alpine air from your porch. If you're planning a last-minute Labor Day Weekend getaway, this spot has you covered with outdoor grills, scenic mountain views, and room for up to six guests.

Lake Morey Resort - Summer Building and Dock with Canoes

Lake Morey Resort: Vermont Vibes

Fairlee, VT

Starting at $157/night

If paddleboarding at sunrise and roasting s’mores by a campfire at night sound like your ideal Labor Day, add Lake Morey Resort to your list. Located in serene Fairlee, VT, it captures the essence of the Green Mountain State in one sprawling property. Don’t miss the chance to kayak in the still waters; it’s the kind of tranquility you can’t put a price on.

What guests are saying: “I love Lake Morey!! Women's getaway weekend was AWESOME!! the food is mouth watering OMG good. Been going 16 years and hope to be going 16 more!”

Wilburton Arial Foliage Valley View

Wilburton Inn: A Slice of Historic Luxury 

Manchester, VT

Starting at $311/night

With a dash of old-world charm and a sprinkle of Vermont splendor, Wilburton Inn makes for a lovely Labor Day pitstop. It offers stunning views of the Taconic Mountain range and Battenkill Valley. Make sure you check out the sculpture garden—because how many hotels have an art installation on the grounds? For dinner, enjoy farm-to-table dining at the inn’s restaurant, sourcing veggies straight from the Wilburton Farm. 

What guests are saying: “What a magical place! We loved staying at the Wilburton, nestled above the crowds of Manchester, but minutes away from it all. Our stay in the Innkeeper’s Cottage was wonderful, with unparalleled mountain views. We loved touring the sculpture gardens and walking the woods with our dog. And the inn owners could not have been lovelier! Our new favorite place to stay.”

The Essex - Summer Exterior

The Essex Resort and Spa: The Culinary Retreat

Essex, VT

Starting at $181/night

Ah, The Essex Resort and Spa, where you can have your cake and eat it too—literally. This place isn't just a resort; it’s a culinary experience. Take a cooking class at the Cook Academy or savor gourmet dining at Junction. For the non-foodies, the Spa at The Essex offers massages, facials, and treatments that'll have you considering whether you really need to go back to work.

What guests are saying: “My husband and I came for a weekend getaway here and we were not disappointed at all. The accommodations were great, the food was delicious, and our spa treatment was incredibly relaxing. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the staff at the restaurant always made us feel welcome. The grounds are also very beautiful, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a Vermont vacation!”

Stratton Mountain Resort Summer Gondola Arial

Stratton Mountain Resort: Where Alpine Aesthetics Meet Adventure

Stratton, VT

Starting at $145/night

If you’re all about seizing the day—and the mountain—Stratton Mountain Resort is your playground. Sure, it's best known for skiing, but summer turns this mountain escape into a dreamy haven of hiking trails and gondola rides. And let’s talk about the Stratton Mountain Music concert series: imagine a blend of blues, soul, and a dash of folk against a panoramic mountain backdrop. Honestly, could it get any better? For an extra dash of adventure, throw in mountain biking or take an off-road ATV tour. Procrastination never felt so rewarding.

What guests are saying: “Stratton has always been a joy to visit for me. It has its own little village and lots of housing ops, nice condos, older condos, and hotel rooms!”

Chic Modern Lake Champlain VRBO

Chic Modern Lake Getaway on Lake Champlain

Colchester, VT

Starting at $1678/night

As Labor Day weekend approaches, you may be yearning for that one last summer escape. Look no further than this luxurious 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom sanctuary on the shores of Lake Champlain in Colchester, Vermont. With a capacity to sleep up to 8 people, this modern lake getaway offers everything you need for a memorable Labor Day weekend retreat.

Adorable Cottage in the Heart of Dorset Village

Dorset, VT

Starting at $300/night

If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a Hallmark movie village, this adorable cottage in Dorset is your chance. The décor is dreamy, the amenities are top-notch, and the location? Well, it’s unbeatable. You’re not just in Dorset Village; you’re at the heart of it all. This cottage combines luxury with convenience; you’ll have access to a fireplace, air conditioning, and a kitchen that's ready for cooking up your favorite end-of-summer dishes. Step out, and you're minutes away from everything you could want—from fabulous food to local shops and galleries. It’s the perfect way to cap off your summer, right when the early fall foliage starts to hint at the change of seasons.

What guests are saying: “We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and found the location to be perfect for our needs! The space comfortably fit two couples and had ample parking. We were in town for a wedding and enjoyed the close proximity to the wedding venue, the Dorset farmers market, the Dorset Bakery (right across the street), and a short drive to Manchester. Very clean and comfy - all of the creature comforts you need.”

Smugglers Notch Resort Kestrels 5 View

Smugglers Notch Resort: Family Fun Central 

Jeffersonville, VT

Starting at $399/night

Smugglers Notch is the one-stop shop for families looking to milk every last drop of summer. The FunZone 2.0 Family Fun Complex is perfect for kids and adults who refuse to grow up. With mini golf, obstacle courses, and giant slides, you’ll be begging for bedtime.

What guests are saying: “Smugglers Notch Resort is the perfect getaway for a family. They had plenty of things for my preteen to do as well as my toddler. The rental homes are well equipped with everything you could need during your stay and the Country Store offers all the snacks, wine, beer and essentials that may be needed. The Refuel Cafe was a much needed break from the fun at Funzone and the Green Mountain deli was great for mornings that I didn't want to cook breakfast. My favorite part was the Mountainside pool that offered a fun safe water play area for my little guy. We will definitely make this a yearly trip.”

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Master Bedroom

Brand New Luxury Retreat in Warren

Warren, VT

Starting at $1300/night

Tired of cramped spaces and cookie-cutter holiday rentals? Look no further than this lavish 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom sanctuary for an unforgettable Labor Day experience. Situated in Warren, Vermont, just minutes from the famed Sugarbush Ski Resort, this Architect-designed, Mid-Century Modern gem accommodates up to 10 guests and offers a slew of high-end amenities that make it the perfect last-minute Labor Day hideaway for large groups or families.

Equinox Resort and Spa Exterior Main Street Flowers and Church Steeple

Equinox Resort: The Pinnacle of Elegance

Manchester Center, VT

Starting at $155/night

From fly fishing to falconry, Equinox Resort offers a refined take on Vermont’s outdoor offerings. Experience guided tours of the Equinox Preservation Trust, 914 acres of protected wilderness. Hit the links at the legendary championship golf course, where even the hazards look beautiful. After a day of luxury, sip on some cocktails at Falcon Bar. Now that's how to spend Labor Day in style.

What guests are saying: “What a quaint resort with lots of history. Golf course and a couple of restaurants are within walking distance. We went into town and enjoyed the glass blowing experience. The chop house was delicious. Sitting on the front porch in the rockers and watch life go by was relaxing. ”

VRBO Schoolhouse Stay

Historic Schoolhouse in Braintree

Braintree, VT

Starting at $140/night

Look, when you stay at a hotel, you're a guest. When you stay at this Historic Schoolhouse in Braintree, you're a time traveler—with WiFi. Immerse yourself in 19th-century nostalgia as you chalk up your dreams on the original blackboards, but don't fret—your Instagram game will remain strong thanks to the high-speed fiber-optic internet. Ideal for couples or a group of four, this place is a lesson in rural elegance.

Spruce Peak Living Room Fireplace

Spruce Peak Lodge Luxury Mountain Cabin in Stowe

Stowe, VT

Starting at $1000/night

We all know that Labor Day is the perfect time to gather your loved ones and escape to the mountains, right? And what better place to do so than in this lavish 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom mountain cabin located at The Lodge at Spruce Peak in Stowe, Vermont? Sleeping up to 10 people, this spacious and fully-equipped property is an idyllic last-minute Labor Day getaway destination.

What guests are saying: “The renters were so easy to work with and very responsive at all stages of the rental process. This unit is even better than it looks in the photos. Well equipped kitchen, bathrooms, everything we needed was provided. Would absolutely stay here again! Great for adults or families.”


So there it is. Last-minute doesn’t have to mean second-best, and with Vermont’s lush landscapes and luxury digs, your Labor Day plans just went from zero to hero. Ready to make that last-minute booking? We thought so. 

Happy Labor Day, you savvy spontaneous traveler, you.

If you’re in Southern Vermont this late summer, prepare to be enchanted by the raw power of nature and the timeless beauty of Shakespearean drama, all in one place. Shakespeare in the Woods (SitW), a cutting-edge outdoor theatre company, is thrilled to present its upcoming season of productions with "Hamlet" and "The Tempest" running from August 23rd to September 10th, hosted at the Northshire Civic Center - Riley Rink at Hunter Park in Manchester (and at the New England Youth Theatre campus in Brattleboro).

Shakespeare in the Woods03

A Unique Theatre Experience

Founded in 2019, SitW is not your ordinary theatre company. This trailblazing group aims to deliver a professional caliber celebration of classical text through a modern, socially aware lens. SitW productions seamlessly blend the beauty of Vermont’s natural landscape with thought-provoking performances, striving for harmony with nature rather than imposing upon it. This creates an ethereal stage that connects the audience, the actors, and the environment in a way that’s intimate, immersive, and deeply meaningful.

Shakespeare in the Woods 02

Inclusive and Thought-Provoking

At the core of SitW's mission is inclusivity and social awareness. The productions aim to engage audiences from all walks of life—whether you're a local or a visitor, young or old, an aficionado of the arts or a first-timer. Their goal is to make theatre accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic or geographical standing. Special attention is also given to educational outreach, engaging younger generations of Vermonters in the performing arts right in their backyard.

Show Details and Schedule

Shakespeare in the Woods 05

The productions will run for three weeks at the Northshire Civic Center - Hunter Park, located at 410 Hunter Park Road, Manchester Center, VT.

All performances start at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted, and seating is provided. The shows will go on, rain or shine!

Ticket Information

SitW offers a sliding scale ticket model to make theatre accessible for everyone. If you find the ticket pricing prohibitive, you're encouraged to contact SitW at [email protected] to discuss other options.

Why You Should Attend

Shakespeare in the Woods 04

Theatre has the power to provoke thought, stir emotions, and offer an escape from the everyday. SitW’s approach to classical theatre through a modern and socially relevant lens ensures you leave not just entertained, but also enlightened. It’s an experience that promises to be as unique as it is transformative.

So, seize this unique opportunity and lose yourself in the tales of betrayal, revenge, and redemption—all while being surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Southern Vermont!

The Play's the Thing: Discover the magic of live theatre combined with Vermont’s natural beauty. Shakespeare in the Woods presents "Hamlet" and "The Tempest" from August 23rd to September 10th. Book your tickets now!

Labor Day Weekend is soon upon us, and what better place to spend it than Vermont's very own Stratton Mountain Resort? From Thursday, August 31 through Monday, September 4, we're not just talking about a mere escape; we're talking about an experience that threads the needle between relaxation and a heart-pumping adventure.

Let's break it down day by day.

Available all holiday long (Thursday - Monday):

Your extra-long weekend kicks off with a panoramic ride up the Gondola. Picture this: a fifteen-minute lift ride (where you’ll enjoy stunning vistas of the late-summer/early foliage coverage below) brings you to the summit of southern Vermont's highest peak. Once at the top, you can enjoy a short hike to the Fire Tower, take a breather and a picnic at the Hubert House deck, or just take a minute to appreciate your dramatic surroundings. On your way back down, spot the iconic summit bear and perhaps snap a photo or two for the ‘gram.

Feeling sporty? Dive into the Mountain Bike Park, tailored for all—from the cautious newbie to the daring downhill veteran. With more than 10 miles of downhill single-track trails, there’s something for everyone.

And if two-wheelers aren't your thing, rev up your engines for the ATV Summit Tours. New this year, this 90-minute round-trip tour will take you up winding mountain trails from the Sun Bowl to the summit and is absolutely exhilarating.

Stratton Mountain Resort Base Area Summer View

Oh, and don't forget to take breaks—perhaps a stroll through the Sidewalk Sales at Stratton Village? With 30-70% off name brands such as Burton, The North Face, Rossignol, Smartwool, GoPro, and more - you’ll find deals that might just make your jaw drop.

Now, if you fancy serenity wrapped in a scenic backdrop, the 27-hole Championship golf course awaits your swing.

Friday, September 1:

Stratton Mountain Resort Golf Scramble Group on Sunny Day

Start your weekend right with the Stratton Foundation Golf Tournament. Described as one of the top resort courses in New England, you’ll find three distinct nine-hole layouts; Forest, Lake and Mountain. But, it's not just about the game or that picture-perfect setting, it's about the cause. Each stroke supports the Stratton Foundation, which has been impressively stepping up in response to the recent flooding.

Saturday, September 2:

Stratton Mountain Resort - Mountain Top Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts, prepare to find your Shangrila. Start your day with a Mountain Top Yoga session. As you stretch and meditate, you're above the clouds and miles away from any stress or distraction at home. Serenity paired with a view—what more could one ask for?


As evening approaches, it's showtime! Get ready to sway and groove as the one and only The Wailers (yes, that Wailers!) take center stage. Get in the groove with OG reggae, and dance the night away with those iconic classics!

Sunday, September 3:

Stratton Mountain Resort Blues Brews BBQ

If you thought Saturday was packed, Sunday's got its own lineup. Fuel up your morning with another session of Mountain Top Yoga. Once you've found your zen, it's time to gear up for an all-day treat. Blues, Brews & BBQ 2023 promises tantalizing flavors, rocking music, and a selection of the finest local brews.

Monday, September 4:

Wind down your adventure-packed weekend with one final Mountain Top Yoga session, or an invigorating swim in the many local swimming holes. Reflect, relax, and be pumped you decided to make the most of your holiday weekend up on Stratton.

Don't let this Labor Day be just another long weekend. Turn it into a story. An adventure. And remember, tickets for specific events fly off the shelves, so best to grab yours early!

Make the most of a long weekend: Book a Friday and Saturday night stay at Stratton Mountain and get a Thursday or Sunday night complimentary for a true Vermont getaway. Book Your Long Weekend at Stratton

Ever dreamt of a grand, lakefront estate that's pure Vermont luxury, wrapped up in a $26.2 million bow? Welcome to Grosse Point Estate, folks - the palatial epitome of Vermont's jaw-dropping beauty and a true slice of heaven for all the billionaire leaf-peepers out there.

An old-school, elegant stone residence sits on a whopping 345 acres of pristine Vermont land. Built in 1906, this historic 10,000-square-foot stone house is your ticket to living the grand Vermont life.

Wake up every morning and take in over 30 miles of Lake Champlain views. With sweeping lake vistas both to the north and south, prepare for an all-you-can-see buffet of tranquil blue water. It's so stunning we wouldn't blame you if you feel the need to pinch yourself each day, just to be sure you aren’t still dreaming.

Grosse Point Estate Main House Porch
Lake Champlain is quite literally, your backyard. | Listing Information Wade Weathers | LandVest, Burlington, VT

But Grosse Point offers more than just a magnificent main house. It's a world unto itself, complete with five guesthouses, usable barns, and even a farm manager's house. Picture inviting your friends to your very own New England retreat, where each party can retire to their own charming cottage after a day, out on the water, or finding foliage, or of golf out on your private 9-hole course.

Grosse Point Estate Golf Course Green
Grosse Point: Because ordinary is overrated. | Listing Information Wade Weathers | LandVest, Burlington, VT

This majestic estate offers 1.5 miles of lake frontage with three large docks, promising endless days of lakeside relaxation and water-based fun. So, whether you want to dip your toes in, go for a morning swim, or launch your yacht, Grosse Point has you covered.

Grosse Point Estate Dock Sunset
Vacation? That's for people who don't live in paradise. | Listing Information Wade Weathers | LandVest, Burlington, VT

With the majority of the property covered by a Nature Conservancy Conservation easement, you can rest assured that the tranquil beauty of this place is here to stay. Meaning this slice of Vermont heaven is going to stay heavenly.

Grosse Point Estate Driveway Looking toward Lake
Live the Vermont dream, one luxurious day at a time | Listing Information Wade Weathers | LandVest, Burlington, VT

Grosse Point is on the market for only the second time in a century. So if you've got a spare $26.2 million lying around, here's your chance to own a chunk of Vermont's rich history. Even if you're not ready to cough up the cash, you can still drool over the photos and daydream about living the high life.

Listed by Wade Weathers of LandVest, you can check out the full listing and prepare to be wowed.

The power of community is undeniable, especially in the face of adversity. Vermonters have always exhibited resilience in difficult times, a trait that shines even brighter following the recent extreme weather events. This strength is once again evident as our local businesses rally together to support flood-stricken communities.

Enter Drinks for Dehumidifiers, a state-wide initiative slated for Friday, July 28. Local cafes, bars, tasting rooms, and restaurants across Vermont are pledging a percentage of their drink sales for the day towards buying dehumidifiers and other necessary supplies. These crucial devices will aid flooded communities, drying out homes and businesses, and contribute to recovery efforts. 

Adventure Dinner Cocktails

Spearheaded by the good folks at Adventure Dinner, in collaboration with Senator Kesha Ram and the Queen City Saints, the goal is to raise $15,000 through this initiative. It's an ambitious goal in a short time, but as Vermonters, we know the power of pulling together when the need is immediate and the cause is worthy.

Want to participate? It's as easy as enjoying your favorite drink at a participating venue! Look at all these tasty spots!

Fundraising Event

Participating Restaurants in the Fundraiser

Donating Percentage of Sales

Donating Fixed Amounts

Donating 100% of Sales

Donation Collection Sites

Visit their pages, enjoy their delicious offerings, and support the fundraiser!

Not in Vermont or can't make it to a participating business? No worries, you can still contribute to this great cause! Simply use the Venmo below to donate to Queen City Saints, the community group leading this effort. Every dollar will go towards purchasing dehumidifiers and supplies for communities in need.

Even as we enjoy our drinks and camaraderie, let's remember the reasons behind this cause. While we're not focusing on the devastation, we're well aware of its impact. This is a way for us to lend our support, show our love, and help keep Vermont Strong. 

So come out on July 28, enjoy great food and excellent craft cocktails, support local businesses, and make a difference in our communities.

For more information, resources, and additional donation opportunities, visit our Disaster Resource page on

Step into the magic of nature, unplug from the rush of everyday life, and journey inward at Vermont's OM Festival this summer. From Wednesday, July 26th to Sunday, July 30th, 2023, the lush mountain oasis of the West Mountain Inn in Arlington will transform into a haven for yoga enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. Whether you're planning a soul-searching solo venture or looking for a unique group getaway, the OM Festival promises a transformative experience against the backdrop of Vermont's stunning Green Mountains.

Om Festival West Mountain Inn Beautiful View

Specially designed for those seeking more than just a typical festival, the OM Festival unfolds like an epic eco-adventure. Set on over 150 acres of mountainside terrain overlooking the serene Battenkill River, this annual retreat promises outdoor exploration coupled with holistic rejuvenation. The festival is more than just a chance to engage with a mindful community; it's an invitation to embrace the transformative power of nature, adventure, and self-discovery.

At OM Festival, each day starts with a variety of life-affirming activities, creating a blend of experiences that caters to all facets of wellness. Whether you start your morning with a stimulating Hatha, Aerial, Kundalini, or Ashtanga yoga session under the open sky, a brisk swim in the Battenkil, or a mindful hike on the trails - your body will feel free and your mind will follow. Let the afternoon light sway you into a dance class or flow art workshop, energizing and freeing your spirit amidst the refreshing mountain air. As night falls, surrender to the beats of live music, drum circles, and vibrant DJs, dancing under the Vermont stars.

Om Festival West Mountain Inn Fire Pit at Night

With over 40 sessions in yoga, meditation, dance, and flow arts, your time at OM Festival will pave the path for a deeper exploration of your inner self. Plus, the festival encourages eco-conscious practices like carpooling, recycling, and farm-to-table dining, thus crafting a powerful narrative of unity, mindfulness, and respect for Mother Earth.

Om Festival West Mountain Inn Yoga Tent

For those who love the charm of rustic living, the festival offers camping options along the river. For a more luxurious stay, there are also rooms available at the heart of the event, The West Mountain Inn. Book early to secure your preferred accommodations and ensure a seamless festival experience. 

West Mountain Inn - Summer Exterior Entrance with Sign
West Mountain Inn

The OM Festival is more than just a retreat; it's an eco-adventure that fuses community, self-exploration, and reverence for nature. Set the date and prepare to immerse yourself in the green Vermont landscape while basking in the glow of personal transformation. From yoga and meditation sessions to outdoor hikes and musical performances, every element of the festival is designed to inspire deep connection and profound personal growth. 

This July, it's time to answer the call of the mountains.

Ticket Information:

Eager to join this transformative journey? The OM Festival offers multiple ticket options:

- 5 Day All Access Festival Pass: $499.00

This pass offers a complete OM Festival experience with 5-day access to all classes, workshops, and nightly entertainment.

- 3 Day Festival Pass: $399.00

This pass offers full festival access for any three chosen days, including all classes, workshops, and nightly entertainment.

- 2 Day Festival Pass: $249.00

This pass provides access to two days of classes, workshops, and nightly entertainment.

- Regular One Day Pass: $149.00 - $169.00

This pass offers a one-day experience, allowing access to classes, workshops, and the day's musical performances.

$249 Yoga 2 Day Festival Pass: Make a weekend of it! Good for two days, two-night pass. Two Day pass includes access to all classes, workshops, and nightly entertainment. Good for any two days. Book Your Stay Now ->

The 4th of July is a time for barbecues, fireworks, and fun with friends and family. Vermont has some of the most unique and memorable 4th of July celebrations in the country. From parades to festivals, Burlington to Brattleboro, these Vermont 4th of July activities will make your holiday unforgettable.

Whether it’s a traditional parade, mountaintop fireworks, or something more unique - Vermont has a plethora of activities for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking for something to do in Vermont this 4th of July, look no further! Here are 15 unforgettable 4th of July celebrations in Vermont that you won’t want to miss.

Burlington Lake Champlain Waterfront Sailboat

1. Party on the Waterfront: Burlington's Independence Day Bash

Get ready, Vermonters, for the Burlington Annual Independence Day Celebration! This year, the evening of July 3rd is about to get lit, and we don't just mean Vermont's largest fireworks display. Celebrating their 175th Anniversary, National Life Group is adding a sprinkle of tech magic to the festivities with an astonishing drone light show. 

Kick off the evening at 5 pm at the stunning Waterfront Park in downtown Burlington. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of Sambatucada! as they set the mood on the boardwalk, followed with a performance from The Motts on the Main Stage. Get ready to gaze skyward as the National Life Drone show starts at 9:30 pm, followed promptly by the much-anticipated Northstar Fireworks show. Did we mention there will be local food vendors galore to keep your hunger pangs at bay throughout the night? And, when the fireworks finally die down, don’t rush off. The Motts will be back to play their final set, ensuring the night ends with a bang.

2. Stratton Mountain: Where 4th of July Meets Vermont Vibes

Grab your calendars and highlight all the way through July 4, because you're headed to Vermont for an Independence Day blowout at Stratton Mountain Resort. This isn’t your average 4th of July weekend; Stratton Mountain's all-out extravaganza pulls together a remarkable mashup of live music, fireworks, outdoor fun, and family activities. Dive into the Stratton Bike Park, catch a scenic lift ride, or get your Zen on with a Mountain Top Yoga sesh.

Stay the long weekend, because why wouldn’t you? With nightly rates at the Black Bear Lodge a steal at $99, you can really dig into the fun. As the sun dips, make sure you’re front and center for Stratton's Mountain Friends and Freedom celebration. It's a feast of BBQ delights, live tunes from The Dave Matthews Tribute Band, and a sky alight with fireworks. The celebrations continue with The Machine Pink Floyd Show, and Rumours - A Fleetwood Mac Tribute, coupled with more dazzling firework displays. This is the 4th of July done Vermont style, so gear up and get ready to celebrate like never before.

3. Fireworks and Fanfares: VSO's 4th of July Vermont Summer Festival Tour Lights Up Grafton

Unleash your patriotic spirit with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Concert & Fireworks at the idyllic Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center. Think balmy summer skies, a lush green landscape, and the harmonious melodies of America's favorites resonating through the air—this is one spectacle you don't want to miss. The night's show is made all the better when you're staying at the iconic nearby Grafton Inn. The gates swing open at 5:30 pm, just in time for you to stake out a perfect picnic spot before the concert kicks off at 7:30 pm.

Prepare for a night of foot-tapping joy as guest trumpeter and jazz luminary, Ray Vega, teams up with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and maestro Michelle di Russo. Their repertoire will have you swinging to Duke Ellington, crooning with Louis Armstrong, getting jazzy with Thelonious Monk, marching with John Philip Sousa, and more. So, load up those picnic baskets, slather on some sunscreen, and don't forget your folding chairs for what's set to be an unforgettable night under the stars. And just when you thought the night couldn't get any more magical, the sky will erupt in a stunning firework display to cap off the performance.

Montpelier's Independence Day parade passes by the Statehouse on Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger

4. Feel the Beat: Live Performances Elevate Montpelier's Independence Day Party

Independence Day has always had a special flair in Montpelier, and this year is no exception. The city is pulling out all the stops for its largest summer event, so prepare to have your star-spangled socks knocked off. The day-long extravaganza commences at 3 pm with a delightful mash-up of mouth-watering cuisines at the Food Truck Festival, coupled with FamilyFest on the State House Lawn.

The streets come alive with the sounds of laughter, music, and celebration during the Community Parade at 6:15 pm, followed by Chad Hollister taking the Main Stage from 7 pm to 9:20 pm. As the night sky blankets the city, the spotlight shifts to Julia Fortin, who will stir your patriotic spirit with the National Anthem. As her last note fades away, brace yourself for a firework spectacle that's sure to outshine any in your memory. In Montpelier, they don't just celebrate Independence Day - they make it a day to remember.

5. A Slice of Classic Americana at Stowe's 4th of July Vermont Parade

For those seeking an authentic, charmingly old-school celebration, look no further than the Stowe Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. In an irresistible collaboration between the Town of Stowe and Stowe Vibrancy, the event brings a parade worth talking about to the charming Stowe Village’s Main Street. Plan your day around a tantalizing lineup of food vendors, live music performances, and entertainment for the whole family, right on the scenic Village green. 

From the World’s Shortest Marathon starting at 11 a.m. (dedicated to USMC Lt. Ryan Casey), to the captivating procession of floats led by the Grand Marshal, it's an all-day affair of fun and festivity. But the day isn't over yet! As night descends, make your way to nearby Mayo Fields. This is where you'll witness one of Vermont's most magnificent firework displays painting the night sky with patriotic hues.

6. Step Back in Time this Independence Day at Billings Farm

Get ready for an all-American day of celebration at the 4th on the Farm event at Billings Farm in Woodstock. Embrace your competitive side with historic lawn games or take a break from modern life with horse-drawn wagon rides. Don't miss the chance to test your mettle with youth and adult spelling bees - all with a delightful 19th-century twist! Baseball enthusiasts can channel their inner Babe Ruth and participate in a historic “base ball” game. But, hey, if sports aren’t your jam, you can still get in on the fun, cheering for your favorites from the bleachers. 

Musical duo Shady Rill will be there to delight you with live performances by Tom McKenzie and Patti Casey, an award-winning songwriter. Treat your taste buds with sweet maple cotton candy and Vermont-made ice cream or go on a culinary adventure with the Mediterranean offerings from the Fork in the Road Food Truck. Whichever way you lean, Billings Farm ensures a 4th of July that's bursting with fun and flavor.

Lake Morey Resort Wedding Photos Lakefront Patio Tables on Sunny Day

7. A Picture-Perfect Fourth of July Awaits at Lake Morey Resort

Spend your Fourth of July at the Lake Morey Resort, a jewel nestled in the Vermont hills. Not just another barbecue, this event is packing a punch with a town parade, lawn games, and live music to keep you entertained throughout the day. When hunger strikes, treat yourself to lunch under the sunny lake-front Vermont sky. As the day mellows into night, you'll have front-row seats to a dazzling lakeside fireworks display, with the lake's still surface acting as a mirror, doubling the spectacle. 

Arrive on Sunday or Monday to snag the 'Midweek Stay 3 & the 4th is Free' package, because who wouldn't want a free day in this haven? So whether you're a thrill-seeker or a chill-seeker, prepare for an unforgettable Fourth of July at Lake Morey Resort.

Smugglers Notch FallFest at Night Vendors and Lights

8. Stars, Stripes and Smugglers' Notch: Jeffersonville's July 4th Celebration

Brace yourself for the Jeffersonville July 4th Celebration at Smugglers' Notch, where the festivities are just as epic as the fireworks. This Independence Day, Jeffersonville transforms into a celebratory 4th of July hub with a parade, country fair, live entertainment, and what promises to be a fireworks display that could outshine the stars themselves. 

Centered around the festivities at Smugglers’ Notch Resort, begin your day in Jeffersonville at 10 am, participating in the Independence Day Parade. An Independence Day carnival of sorts, you’ll find artists, live music, delicious food, wine, beer, and games from 11 am to 4 pm. 

Back at Smugglers' Notch Resort, the party kicks up a notch with Jammin' Sam spinning tunes that cater to all ages from 6 pm. Then, from 7 pm, enjoy the harmonious melodies of the Freedom and Unity Choir. Iron Sights rocks the stage from 8-9:30 pm, and as dusk settles, prepare for the grand finale—a spectacular fireworks display that lights up the Green Mountain backdrop. Clear your day, because this Independence Day bash is a full-day affair.

Earth Sky Time Exterior Farmhouse Concert

9. Manchester’s Bash: From Farm Concerts to Fireworks Display

Gear up for a two-day celebration in Manchester, starting on July 2nd at Earth Sky Time. You won't want to miss their Concerts on the Farm event, where you can groove to the beats of the Garifuna Collective while indulging in mouthwatering pizza, beer, wine, and desserts. Once you've gotten your music and food fix, save some of that celebratory spirit for the main event on July 4th at the Dana Thompson Memorial Park. As the day fades into dusk, the park will be illuminated with the town's Annual Fireworks Display. Pack your favorite picnic or support local vendors offering delectable goodies. It's a back-to-back bash that perfectly sets the stage for an unforgettable Fourth of July.

10. Experience Brandon's Star-Spangled Spectacle

Get ready to paint the town red, white, and blue at Brandon's Independence Day Celebration. Billed as "Brandon's Favorite Day of the Year," this bash isn't just a one-event wonder - it's an all-day fête that will have you feeling more patriotic than Uncle Sam himself. Starting from the crack of dawn till the last firework illuminates the summer sky, there's a whole range of activities planned, ensuring fun for every family member. 

Kick off your day with a quaint train ride up Park Street courtesy of the Heritage train, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those auction sites. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a hidden gem! As the sun rides high, brace yourself for the adrenaline rush that is the world-renowned Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll Eating Contest. Mic Drop. Enjoy some evening street dancing and finish up your day under the spectacular firework show that you can catch from almost anywhere in town. As if that weren't enough, the celebration sprawls across the town's new and improved streetscape, pocket parks, quaint shops, and eateries, making Brandon the place to be this July 1st.

11. A Groovy 4th of July in Vermont: Greensboro's Funky Fourth Celebration

Throw on your dancing shoes and let your patriotic spirit soar at Greensboro's Funky Fourth Celebration. The good times roll on July 1st, starting at 5:30 pm on the Patio & Lawn, with free admission for all (but hey, donations are more than welcome). Kick back to the country-rock rhythms of The Mallett Brothers Band. From alt-country and Americana to roots rock, their music is as diverse as America itself - just right for a Fourth of July shindig. 

But don't let your dancing feet cool down, because once the sun goes down, it's time for the Glorious DJ to take the stage, spinning a mix of hits, hidden gems, and future classics guaranteed to keep you moving until late into the night.

And what's a party without a feast? The HCA Café has you covered with mouth-watering picnic dinners ready to grab and go. Their homemade mac & cheese will have you coming back for seconds, while the Highland Chicken Salad offers a fresh, flavorful twist. And don’t forget to end the meal on a sweet note with their divine Strawberry Shortcake. Remember, seating is first-come, first-served, so bring your lawn blankets and chairs for a perfect picnic under the stars. This is one Funky Fourth Celebration you won’t want to miss!


We're all guilty of getting wrapped up in the daily grind. But when the red, white, and blue banners flutter high and the scent of barbecues fill the air, it's time to break the monotony and soak in the sheer magic of the 4th of July. From groovy concerts and sky-painting fireworks to quirky food fests and iconic parades, Vermont brings you an Independence Day bash that is pretty spectacular.

Whether it's at a resort, on a mountain, or right in the heart of the city, Vermont's Independence Day events promise to be unforgettable. Now, just one question remains: where will you be when the fireworks light up the Vermont sky?

FOURTH OF JULY $99 NIGHTS: Book a room at the Black Bear Lodge on Monday July 3, Tuesday July 4, or both for just $99 a night. Enjoy the long weekend getaway, catch live music from The Machine and Rumours, hit the Bike Park, take a Scenic Lift Ride and explore so much more over the holiday weekend. Book Your Long Weekend at Stratton

So, imagine this: You're nestled in the green heart of Vermont, a cool drink in hand, and the tranquil Lake Champlain as your view. You're at the Basin Harbor Resort, a chill-out paradise that's getting ready to host the best summer getaway of your life. Here's the inside scoop on some killer summer packages designed for every kind of vacationer out there.

PAWSH Pet Package

First off, we've got a little something for those of us who can't stand the thought of leaving our fur babies behind. Yep, it's the PAWSH Pet Package. Think 3 nights in a super cute cottage, breakfast in bed (well, probably at a table, but no judgment here), and your furry bestie at your side. But wait, there's more - your pet gets the A-lister treatment with a Basin Harbor collar and leash, travel pet dish, and a special welcome gift on arrival. Trust me, your Instagram followers won't know what hit 'em.

Love in Vermont

Alright, now for the lovebirds out there. Get ready to turn up the heat with the Love in Vermont package. This romantic escape includes a two-night stay, mouth-watering breakfasts, and a gourmet Charcuterie Board (fancy, right?). Throw in a bottle of Shacksbury Champlain Sparkling Cider for those cozy evening toasts and a scenic cruise aboard the EScape. Who needs Paris when you've got Vermont, am I right?

Red Mill 50th Anniversary

But if you're the party-loving kind, the Red Mill 50th Anniversary package is just the ticket. The legendary Red Mill Restaurant at Basin Harbor is hitting the big 5-0, and they're throwing a bash for the books. The package comes with some cool Red Mill-themed gear and a $50 dining credit. Great vibes, awesome food, and memories that'll last a lifetime.

Float Your Boat

For all the water enthusiasts, the Float Your Boat package is your passport to aquatic adventure. Daily kayak rentals, a lake tour aboard the EScape, and your pick of paddleboard or motorboat rentals. Just picture yourself cruising on Lake Champlain, wind in your hair, worries forgotten. Summer just doesn't get better than this.

Vermonters Only Package

Calling all Vermont locals! Basin Harbor is ready to give you some home-team love with the Vermonters Only Package. Explore your backyard and enjoy exclusive discounts for local residents. Trust me, staycations have never looked this good.

Vacation Ace

Now, let's talk about the Vacation Ace package. Perfect for tennis pros and newbies alike, this package serves up daily breakfast, a private lesson with a Basin Harbor Tennis Pro, and some time on the resort's top-notch clay courts. It's game, set, and match for a fantastic vacation.

Live Like a Local

And if you're a foodie, brace yourself. The Live Like a Local package is a full-blown culinary tour of Vermont, all within the resort. You'll be savoring hard cider, local chocolates, maple syrup, Vermont cheese, and crackers. Who needs a passport when you've got this gastronomic journey?

Pickle Package

Feeling sporty? Give pickleball a shot with their Pickle Package. You get a pickleball clinic, equipment rentals, and yeah, you guessed it - local pickles. It's the fastest-growing sport in America, and also the tastiest, apparently.

Classic Golf

Lastly, for all the golfers out there, the Classic Golf package lets you swing amid the stunning natural beauty of Vermont. Beautiful greens, breathtaking views, and the chance to bag a birdie (or at least try) - it's a golfer's dream come true.

So there you have it, folks. Each of these special summer packages at Basin Harbor is your ticket to an unforgettable summer. Don't just daydream about it, make it a reality. Start your Basin Harbor tradition, book your summer package, and get ready to make some epic summer memories.

Ready to start your tradition with Basin Harbor? Click through to book your perfect summer package now. Basin Harbor awaits you, and trust me, summer there is like nowhere else!

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Up in the Northeast Kingdom, in gorgeous Jay, VT we’ve found the perfect Vermont summer getaway, where epic relaxation and adventure vibes collide. Picture yourself surrounded by the lush greenery of a forest mountain creek and kicking back and soaking in the serenity of your own private backyard waterfall. With spacious bedrooms, a fun, open layout, and breathtaking views, this is the ultimate Green Mountain retreat for an unforgettable vacation.

About The Property:

This cabin is the perfect fusion of comfort and style, designed to make you feel at home and ready to unwind. With three bedrooms (including a beautiful master suite) and two full bathrooms, there's plenty of space for everyone to kick back and enjoy their downtime.  

The open-concept living area is a chill spot where you and your group can hang out and relax - natural light floods in through the large windows, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. 

The living area leads seamlessly to the game room with foosball and wet bar, so entertaining is a breeze. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite shows or engaging in lively conversations, this is the spot to unwind and create lasting memories.

Now, let's talk about the backyard—the true gem of this property. Brace yourself for the peaceful sounds of your own private waterfall cascading into a tranquil swimming hole. Take a seat in the comfortable Adirondack chairs, close your eyes, and let the soothing sounds of nature wash over you.

What's Nearby?

If you’re looking for a more vigorous afternoon, it's time to put on your hiking boots and conquer the nearby Jay Peak summit. A part of the Long Trail, this moderate hike will lead you through lush forests, over babbling streams, and ultimately up to an awe-inspiring viewpoint. The hike takes close to three hours (it’s an out-and-back), but the views from the top looking into Canada are absolutely worth it. 

When hunger strikes, head over to The Belfry—a hidden local gem in nearby Montgomery Center that's all about good vibes and mouthwatering flavors. A long-time staple, the staff at the Belfry have an unbelievable way of making you feel completely at home like you’ve been coming there for years. Our recs: any of the burgers are sensational, but the Jay Peak Burger with garlic and VT cheddar is *chef’s kiss*.

So you’ve hiked the long trail, cooled off in the backyard and now you’re ready to really make a splash? Less than 15 minutes away, look no further than the Jay Peak Pump House - Vermont’s only indoor water park. Get your adrenaline pumping as you hit up their water slides, relax on the lazy river, or take on the water obstacle course. Between all of this and the attached snack bar, you’re going to have a heck of a lot of fun.

Once back at the house, settle back for the evening in the living room (maybe a little wood-burning stove action if it’s one of those perfect cool mountain nights), or serve up a match or two of foosball. Or if you’re really feeling the outdoor vibes (who can blame you?) head out to the creeks-side firepit and dig into some ‘smores. No matter how you wrap up your day at this summer hideaway, you’ll have a solid night’s sleep knowing what a perfect day it’s been.

How to Book:

This Jay Cabin can sleep up to six guests and is currently listed at $324 per night.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Are you looking to get out and explore Vermont this summer? Vermont’s state parks are exactly what you’re looking for. With more than 50 unique parks to explore, get ready to be mesmerized by breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, and exhilarating trails. From the tranquil shores of Burton Island to the rugged beauty of Smugglers' Notch, Vermont’s state parks are the perfect launching pad for a Green Mountain adventure.

Whether you're a first-time VT visitor or a seasoned Green Mountain explorer, these parks offer a slice of paradise. From kayaking on serene lakes to hiking through lush forests, each park has its own unique allure. And it's not just about the parks themselves - nearby attractions, charming lodging options, and farm-to-table dining experiences will add an extra touch of magic to your expedition. So pack your sense of adventure and get ready to uncover the beauty, excitement, and hidden treasures that await you in Vermont's stunning state parks.

Burton Island State Park Lake Champlain

Located in Lake Champlain, Burton Island State Park is a true gem for outdoor enthusiasts. A short ferry ride over will bring you to Burton Island’s stunning shorelines and panoramic views -  which are perfect for swimming, boating, and kayaking. The island also offers hiking trails that lead to hidden coves and picnic spots. For those who love camping, Burton Island State Park provides amazing island camping experiences in their lakefront lean-tos and tent sites.

Nearby attractions include the picturesque bike trails along Lake Champlain and the historic village of St. Albans. When it comes to lodging, we happen to love the charming Back Inn Time Bed & Breakfast, or if you don’t mind a bit farther of a drive, Hotel Vermont in nearby Burlington is a chic boutique winner. For dining, don't miss the great eats at Twiggs Gastropub or the craft beers at 14th Star Brewing Company.

Bomoseen State Park

Nestled along the shores of Lake Bomoseen, this state park is a hidden paradise. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, try your hand at fishing, or rent a boat to explore the lake's serene beauty. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the trails that wind through dense forests and offer breathtaking views.

Within 10 miles, you can check out the Pond Hill Ranch Rodeo (one of the only rodeos in the state), or you can have a night at the track at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. For a unique lodging experience, check out the cozy Lake Bomoseen Lodge and Taproom, or we like this great VRBO cottage. Satisfy your taste buds with farm-to-table delights at The Taproom or eat dockside at Lake House Pub and Grille.

Camel's Hump State Park

Prepare to be mesmerized by the majestic Camel's Hump, Vermont's iconic mountain peak. Camel's Hump State Park offers a network of hiking trails that take you through lush forests, alpine meadows, and breathtaking vistas. As you ascend the mountain, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and lakes.

Within a short distance, explore attractions like the scenic Stowe Mountain Resort or the charming village of Waterbury, home to the renowned Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory. For a unique stay, consider the cozy Green Mountain Inn, perfectly located in the middle of downtown Stowe. Treat yourself to a farm-to-table dining experience at Hen of the Wood or sip craft beers at The Alchemist Brewery.

Elmore State Park

Nestled around the picturesque Elmore Lake, Elmore State Park is a tranquil haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Swim in the clear waters, relax on the sandy beach, or embark on a scenic hike up Elmore Mountain for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Don't forget to bring your picnic basket to enjoy a leisurely lunch by the lake.

For a unique lodging experience, this rustic cottage farmhouse on Airbnb is as tranquil as it gets. Just down the road in Morrisville, be sure to visit Lost Nation Brewing, for great food and amazing local craft beers.

Emerald Lake State Park

Emerald Lake State Park, with its sparkling lake and lush forests, offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Swim, fish, or paddle in the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Green Mountains. The park's hiking trails lead you through serene woodlands and provide glimpses of wildlife along the way.

Nearby in Manchester, explore attractions such as the legendary Northshire Bookstore or the breathtaking drive up the longest private-owned toll road in America at Equinox Mountain. Stay at the charming Banrstead Inn or indulge in a fabulous stay at the iconic Equinox Resort. For dining, savor farm-to-table delights at the Silver Fork or the Crooked Ram for truly excellent meals.

Green River Reservoir State Park

Tucked away in the heart of Vermont's wilderness, Green River Reservoir State Park offers a secluded retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Paddle through the calm waters of the reservoir, surrounded by lush forests and untouched beauty. Hiking trails allow you to explore the park's diverse ecosystems, where birdwatching is a must for nature lovers.

Camping is the way to go at Green River, or make a day trip of it and enjoy a stay at the always-welcoming Smugglers' Notch Resort. Also, heading back to Lost Nation for pints and food is always advisable.

Jamaica State Park

Jamaica State Park, nestled along the scenic West River, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Swim in the river's refreshing waters, explore the park's hiking trails, or simply relax and enjoy a picnic by the water. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the park's captivating Hamilton Falls, a spectacular waterfall hidden within the lush forest.

This amazing tiny house is the perfect home base for your Jamaica adventures, and there are also a ton of nearby camping areas, including the park itself. We always like to stop by Honey Pie for burgers and shakes, and you can never go wrong with a trip up to Stratton’s Village shops and restaurants.

Lake St. Catherine State Park

With its picturesque lake and surrounding mountains, Lake St. Catherine State Park offers a serene and scenic retreat. Swim in the pristine waters, rent a kayak or paddleboard, or just take it easy on the sandy beach. The park also features hiking trails that provide panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

Stay at this quaint cottage for lakefront living or enjoy the luxury of The Wilburton just a short drive away in beautiful Manchester. Satisfy your taste buds with farm-to-table delights at the rustic local favorite, Barn Restaurant.

Mount Philo State Park

For breathtaking views and scenic beauty, Mount Philo State Park is a must-visit destination. A short hike to Philo’s summit where you'll be rewarded with panoramic vistas of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. The picnic tables and grills are ideal for a sunset outing.

Within the area, explore attractions like the Shelburne Museum or the charming town of Vergennes. Stay at the cozy Basin Harbor or head a bit farther north to the Hotel Vermont in Burlington. Starry Night Café has been serving up delicious dishes for years and is always the perfect treat. Similarly, you could head North on Rt. 7 to Fiddlehead Brewing Company where you can enjoy a wood-fired pizza from Folino’s and a pint or two from the eponymous brewery on site.

New Discovery State Park

Tucked away in the picturesque Northeast Kingdom, New Discovery State Park offers a serene and secluded retreat. Don't miss the chance to spot wildlife, including moose and deer, during your explorations. They call the Northeast Kingdom God’s Country, and this gorgeous state park is certainly adding to the allure.

No summer trip to the NEK is complete without time spent on Kingdom Trails, so be sure to get in your mountain biking fix on the hundreds of single-track trails found here. For the best of it all, you’d be wise to stay at the Wildflower Inn, where many of the trails begin and riders and hikers alike gather for end-of-day drinks.

Vermont State Park Tips:

- Pack essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, hiking shoes, and plenty of water.

- Book accommodations in advance, especially during peak summer months.

- Respect the environment by practicing Leave No Trace principles and following park regulations.

For detailed information on all 55 of Vermont's state parks, be sure to visit the official State Parks website. It's your go-to resource for everything you need to know about these incredible natural destinations, including park amenities, activities, and directions.

Are you stoked for summer? Of course you are. It’s been a long, snowy winter, which don’t get us wrong - we love it, but by the time April rolls around, we’re ready for a little fun in the sun! If, like us, you're looking for a place to kick off this beautiful season, Stratton Mountain Resort is where it's at. Trust us, you're in for a Memorial Day Weekend like no other, packed full of exciting activities, jaw-dropping events, and terrific deals all season long. Think of it as your perfect opportunity for a Vermont getaway. So, buckle up and let's dive into what awaits you at Stratton Mountain this Memorial Day Weekend - and beyond!

Music in the Mountains

Stratton Mountain Resort Fall Festival Amphitheater Music Night Stage Lights

Alright, let's start with something everyone loves - a live concert. Stratton Mountain is set to host its annual Memorial Day Weekend Concert. This year, they’ve got performances from FREEBIRD and Changes in Latitudes taking the stage on Saturday, May 27 starting at 5pm. We're talking about a night filled with good tunes, great company, and the stunning backdrop of Stratton Mountain. So go ahead and secure your tickets now because it's going to be an absolute blast!

Mountainside Farmer's Market: Embracing the Local Vibe

Looking to ease into your Memorial Day festivities? I get it! How about taking a relaxing stroll at the Stratton Mountainside Farmer's Market on Saturday? Set in the scenic Stratton Courtyard from 2-5PM (plenty of time to hit up the concert afterwards), it’s the perfect place to enjoy the local Vermont community vibe. From Appalachian Gap Distillery, Taylor Farm Hemp Co, Gem Moon Jars to Ken Ahlering Painting, there's a plethora of vendors ready to showcase their crafts. And did we mention there will be live music from Heavy Nettles? Quite the ambiance, right?

Adventure Unleashed with Scenic Gondola Rides and the Bike Park

Stratton Mountain Resort Summer Gondola View of Mountains

Okay, now let's get the adrenaline pumping. Are you ready to take in Vermont’s breathtaking beauty from new heights? Stratton’s Scenic Gondola Rides offer the perfect opportunity to marvel at Vermont’s awe-inspiring beauty from a whole new perspective. Offered all summer long, taking the gondola to the top of the mountain is the perfect starting point for a leisurely hike out to the Firetower trails, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there are plenty of options for longer routes back to the base.

Stratton Mountain Resort Mountain Biking Launch Pad

And if that's not enough, the newly opened for the season Stratton Bike Park is ready to add a dash of adrenaline to your holiday. With an ever-expanding trail network, the lift-serve mountain biking at Stratton is on a whole other level. The trail-building virtuosos at Sinuosity have meticulously crafted the perfect mix of flow and speed, with trail riding for all ability levels. Didn’t bring up your bike? No problemo - swing by First Run in the village to gear up from top to bottom.

Finding Tranquility on the Stratton Golf Course

Stratton Mountain Resort Arial Golf Course in Green Summer

Are you more of a "chill out and unwind" kind of person? If so, we've got just the thing for you. The Stratton Golf Course offers the perfect balance between relaxation and luxury. Nestled amidst the vibrant greenery of Vermont, it's not just a golfer's paradise, but a true sanctuary for everyone seeking a bit of serenity. A championship 27-hole course in three parts, Mountain, Lake and Forest, a round on the links at Stratton is a golfer’s shangri-la.

Mountaintop Yoga: Where Peace Meets Scenic Beauty

Stratton Mountain Resort - Mountain Top Yoga

Speaking of tranquility, nothing beats Stratton's Mountaintop Yoga classes. Take a complimentary gondola ride to the summit where a relaxing morning flow class awaits. Imagine welcoming the day amidst the beautiful Vermont scenery, channeling your inner peace. It's an experience that you simply can't miss. And that view!

Making it a Long Weekend at Stratton

We totally get it if you're already wishing to extend your stay. Good news - Stratton is running a  special 'Make it a Long Weekend' package all summer long that has got you covered. Book for Friday and Saturday night and score an extra night for free. This means more time for another round of golf, another day at the bike park, or just a peaceful rest day after a long hike.

The Magic of Summer at Stratton Mountain Resort

While this Memorial Day Weekend is going to be epic, it's just a glimpse of what summer at Stratton looks like. From the soothing weather, the friendly local community, to the endless fun activities, Stratton Mountain Resort has everything to make your summer unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to pack your bags, and let the summer adventures at Stratton begin!

Edited on 7/24/23: This contest has concluded. Be sure to check out the Fall Foliage Giveaway at Basin Harbor going on now!

Adventure, luxury, tradition – find it all at Basin Harbor Resort. This weekend, in collaboration with Shacksbury Cider, you have a chance to win a week-long stay at this serene lakefront sanctuary. 

Are you an adventurer at heart who relishes luxurious living and cherishes tradition? If your answer is yes, then ready your suitcases and tag your loved ones. Your dream vacation might just be a click away.

Basin Harbor Resort Waterfront Sunset

Tucked back at the end of a winding Vermont country road, you can find Basin Harbor Resort, a 700-acre, fifth-generation Shangrila. And with this sweepstakes, you have the chance to create a summer's worth of cherished memories in just one week. 

This weekend only, Basin Harbor Resort is holding a giveaway sweepstakes that offers a week-long free stay from July 29th to August 5th at their serene lakefront resort. But that's not all. They’re sweetening the deal with an additional treasure trove of goodies from the good folks at Shacksbury Cider. 

How to Win a Week Stay at Basin Harbor

Participating is as easy as sipping a chilled glass of Shacksbury cider on a warm summer afternoon. Simply go to Instagram and follow @basinharbor and @shacksbury. Next, tag up to three friends who you'd love to bring on this unforgettable trip. Lastly, 'like' the official contest image, and you're in the running for that dreamy week-long stay at Basin Harbor Resort. 

For extra chances to win, fill out the contest form online or share the original contest post to your stories. Remember, the sweepstakes is only running this weekend, so don't let this opportunity drift away.

Explore the Wonder of Basin Harbor Resort

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, Basin Harbor's 700-acre property is an oasis of adventure and relaxation. Each of their 74 unique cottages, revamped by renowned interior designer Joanne Palmisano, blends vintage charm with modern comfort.

Basin Harbor Club Summer Sunny Cabin on Lake Champlain

At Basin Harbor, days can be filled with exciting activities like pickleball, tennis, wakesurfing, or disc golf. In the evenings, unwind in the comfort of your personal lakeside cottage.

This weekend, seize the opportunity to make Basin Harbor Resort your dream vacation destination. Don't miss the chance to start your own tradition at Basin Harbor, where it's more than a vacation – it's a lifestyle.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Sure, Vermont is an absolute winter wonderland with world-class skiing and riding galore. But if you think that's all the Green Mountain state has to offer, buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a summer tour of a Vermont property that will knock your woolen socks off. 

Tucked away in the rolling landscape of Sugarbush Ski Resort, is a stunning mid-century modern retreat that has been meticulously renovated to indulge your every whim and fancy. This isn't just any summer home; it's a professionally decorated, architect-designed masterpiece.

The Great Room and Chef's Kitchen

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Fireplace

When you walk into the cathedral-ceilinged great room, prepare to be awestruck by panoramic mountain views framed by expansive windows. Grab a book, sink into a cozy window seat and let your city stress melt away faster than a maple creemee in July. 

At the heart of the home, the fully outfitted chef's kitchen sings with professional-grade Italian appliances and a custom walnut island. You can whip up a farmer’s market feast or sizzle some locally caught trout while your companions regale you with tales of their day.

Luxurious Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms are nothing short of dreamy. Two king bedrooms, a queen bedroom, and a custom bunk room offer sumptuous linens and stunning views. The primary suite offers a work area for those who can't totally escape the grind, an oversized soaking tub, and a rain shower that will make you feel like you're bathing under a Vermont summer drizzle.

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Master Bedroom

Downstairs, the second king room conveniently opens to an outdoor sitting area—hello, morning coffee—and the hot tub, perfect for soaking under the stars after a day of hiking. 

Recreational Spaces

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Hot Tub

The large entry and mudroom are the perfect staging area for summer adventures with ample storage for hiking gear or bikes. And for those rainy days, the spacious TV and game room is the perfect setting for family movie marathons or board game championships. A bar and direct access to an outdoor courtyard and an 8-person saltwater hot tub are just the cherry on top of this vacation sundae. 

Prime Location

Don't let the tranquil setting fool you; the property is just 3 minutes away from the vibrant life of Lincoln Peak and Mount Ellen. An 18-hole golf course, lift-serve mountain biking, disc golf, and summer camps galore await you and your family at this Summer hideaway.

Lawson's Finest Liquids Exterior of Taproom in Summer

Also nearby you’ll find Lawson's Finest Liquids. A staple in the local community and well beyond, this brewery is renowned for their exceptional, high-quality craft beers. The beirhall itself is welcoming, with a beautiful taproom where you can enjoy the charm of Vermont while sipping on their latest creations. Don't miss their flagship beer, the Sip of Sunshine IPA, which truly lives up to its name. The beer menu is extensive, ensuring there's something for everyone, from the craft beer novice to the seasoned connoisseur.

American Flatbread - Waitsfield Hearth - Restaurant Dining with Wood Fired Stove

Of course, great beer should be paired with great food and luckily, American Flatbread is just down the road. This local-favorite restaurant goes beyond the regular dining experience serving up artisanal pizzas baked in a primitive wood-fired oven. The restaurant's ethos revolves around farm-to-table dining, with ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers. Their menu celebrates Vermont's agricultural bounty, boasting fresh, seasonal toppings that make each bite unique and delicious. Pair one of their flatbreads with a cool Lawson's beer for a match made in heaven.

Surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty and activities galore this property truly sets a new standard for summer vacation rentals. It can comfortably sleep 10 guests and promises to make your Vermont summer vacation unforgettable. The house is currently listed at $1517 a night.

Imagine a place where the smell of fresh mountain air and the sounds of nature are your morning wake-up call. Where days are filled with splashing in the sun, hiking in the trees, and new experiences at every turn. This is what you'll find at the ideal Vermont family vacation destination, Smugglers' Notch Resort. Set amidst the breathtaking Green Mountains, Smugglers' Notch, affectionately known as Smuggs’, is well renowned as "America's Family Resort" - and for good reason! From accommodations tailored to families to an array of engaging activities for all members of your crew, Smuggs is the perfect home-away-from-home. Here's your guide to an unforgettable long weekend at Smugglers' Notch Resort.

Welcome to Smuggs!

Arriving at the Resort

Kick off your shoes, relax, and let the adventure begin. Smuggs is just a day's drive from the Tri-State area, making it a convenient (and scenic) getaway all without the stresses of air travel. As you drive up, you'll be greeted by the stunning vista of lush, green landscapes and the stunning beauty of Vermont's tallest peaks. Remember to stop for a family photo with these majestic mountains as you drive through the Notch Road!

Smugglers Notch Resort Kestrels 5 Dining Room
Look at those views!

Checking Into Your Accommodation

From condos that feel like your second home to cozy lodges nestled in the woods, Smuggs' range of accommodations cater to every family's needs and sizes. The resort's welcoming staff will guide you through a seamless check-in process, ensuring you settle in comfortably and get your vacation started on the right note.

Dinner at Morse Mountain Grille

After dropping off the bags and taking a few minutes to take it easy, head out to the Morse Mountain Grille for your first family meal of the trip. This casual dining spot offers a wide variety of options to suit even the pickiest of eaters. Savor locally-sourced dishes as you enjoy the resort's laid-back atmosphere and Vermont's scenic charm. The Grille's kid-friendly menu and warm service are sure to make your family's dining experience a delightful one.

Smugglers Notch Resort Dive in Movie at Night
Dive-in Movie Night

Evening Family Entertainment

End your first day with a round of smiles at the resort's evening entertainment. Smuggs' hosts daily family-friendly events, such as magic shows, musical performances, movies, bonfires complete with marshmallow roasting, and even dive-in-movie nights! This is your first night at Smuggs; kick back, unwind and relax.

Day 1: Fun in the Sun

Smugglers Notch Resort Fun Zone Ropes Course

Morning at the FunZone 2.0

Start your second day at Smuggs in the FunZone 2.0, the resort's 26,000-square-foot family fun complex. Here, you can challenge each other to a game of ping-pong or mini-golf, scale the climbing walls, or navigate the Leap of Faith. The FunZone 2.0 is perfect for family bonding and is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It's not just a play area - it's a play haven!

Smugglers Notch Resort Arbortrek Rope Course

Afternoon Outdoor Exploration

Post-lunch, it's time to venture into the natural beauty surrounding Smuggs. Choose from a seemingly never-ending list of family-friendly outdoor activities - perhaps a hike up Madonna Mountain, or a peaceful kayak ride on the resort's mountain reservoir, Bootleger’s Basin. For the more adventurous, Smuggs offers a thrilling zip-line canopy tour that is downright exhilarating!

Smugglers Notch Resort Dinner Salmon Plate

Dinner at Hearth & Candle

For dinner, you’re going to love what’s in store for you at Hearth & Candle, Smuggs' elegant (yet family-friendly) on-site restaurant. Offering a variety of exquisite dishes crafted from local Vermont produce, Hearth & Candle is not your typical resort eatery. And a tasty kids' menu ensures the little ones aren't left out of this culinary treat. 

Day 2: Unwind and Relax

Smugglers Notch Resort Mountainside Pool Swimming Child
You're in the splash zone!

Morning at the Mountainside Water Playgrounds

On your third day at Smuggs, cool off at the Mountainside Water Playground. With eight heated pools, four waterslides, and a stunning mountain vista, this is a place where you can relax and have fun at the same time. You might find it hard to leave the comfort of your poolside lounge chair though!

Smugglers Notch Resort Camp Counselor with Children

Afternoon: Spa Treatments + Kid Camps

While the kids participate in Smuggs' award-winning children's programs, adults can enjoy a little R&R at the resort's spa. Offering a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate and refresh, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge in some well-deserved self-care.

Evening: Great Eats at the Red Fox

Dinner at Martell's At the Red Fox is just what the family is looking for. This Jeffersonville gem skillfully fuses a family-friendly atmosphere with an enticing menu. Whether it's the hearty flavors of their famous prime rib or the delectably fresh seafood options, to food is delicious and the warm, inviting Vermont-style decor is just right! The children's menu ensures even the youngest guests are catered to and satisfied.

Day 3: Smuggs’ Veterans

Morning Relaxation:

After two days of excitement and exploration, your family will now be veterans of Smugglers' Notch Resort. Get your day started with a hearty breakfast at Morse Mountain Grille. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and savor favorites like fluffy pancakes or a loaded omelette while planning out the day.

Smugglers Notch Bootlegers Basin Swimming on Trampoline

Afternoon Adventures:

Remember, this is your vacation! If you're all about action, the mountain biking trails and the Smuggs' Skate Park are waiting for you. For something a little more laid back, take a peaceful kayak or SUP ride on one of the resort’s reservoirs or organize a family mini-golf tournament at the resort's Woodland mini-golf course. Make the most of your last day - there's no wrong choice!

Smugglers Notch Resort Family in Big Chair

A summer adventure at Smugglers' Notch Resort isn't your ordinary family getaway. It's an exciting mix of invigorating activities, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring views – all in the heart of Vermont's idyllic, relaxing landscape. From mountaintop picnics to thrilling treetop obstacle courses, and ending the day with a spectacular sunset, each moment at the resort is packed with potential. So why wait? Start plotting your family's Smugglers' Notch escape now. With endless options for fun and exploration, it's the ultimate setting for an unforgettable summer story. Who knows? It might just become your family's favorite new tradition.

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We’re big advocates of using your hard-earned vacation as a time to fully relax, unwind, and unplug. It’s one of the best parts of getting away; leaving all that work, hustle, and social scrolling behind. Conversely, when you’re in a place as gorgeous and picturesque as Vermont, it can be difficult not to embrace that influencer state of mind, and just snap up some shots for the ‘gram. You know, meadows of green grass and sunflower fields, moody foliage-covered back roads, sweeping snow-capped mountain vistas - trust us, we get it. 

As far as photogenic accommodations, the properties below are among the most reel-worthy digs we’ve encountered. From rustic-chic mountain lodges to grand resort getaways, stunning bed and breakfasts to designer farm stays, if you want to make your followers green with envy, it’s time for a trip into the Green Mountains.

Hill Farm by Sagra Cottage in Misty Morning

Hill Farm by Sagra

Sunderland, VT

Starting at $209/night

Hill Farm by Sagra is a contemporary take on a historic bed and breakfast. Located on a 70-acre homestead in Southern Vermont, Sagra is surrounded by rolling green hills and dramatic mountain views. Offering stays in their newly renovated main inn rooms, as well as private cottages - the design and style is simultaneously understated, minimalist, and artisan, and provides an instantaneous feeling of calm. The on-premise restaurant The Grange is helmed by former Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef Austin Poulin and is an absolute must-visit for any farm-to-table food lover.

What guests are saying: “Stayed for the weekend at one of the houses / cottages. The place was BEAUTIFUL and the food was amazing. The breakfast which is included had 3 options every morning and was different both days. The tasting menu for dinner was out of this world - Austin the chef is wonderful. Amazing hikes in the Green Mountains and the town of Manchester is cute and fun to walk around. Also highly recommend the Farm Tour. 100% would go back!”

The Grafton Inn

The Grafton Inn

Grafton, VT

Starting at $189/night

Grafton itself is a photogenic Shangrila, in no small part due to the presence of The Grafton Inn. A white-washed brick and column wrap-around porch (complete with hanging flowers and rocking chairs) greets you as you first arrive, and the picturesque charm doesn’t ease up throughout your entire visit. The rooms are elegant and inviting, harkening back to the inn’s storied past as a turn-of-the-century destination establishment, yet thoughtfully updated with all modern conveniences and amenities. 

What guests are saying: “This Inn is the total package if you are looking to unplug and unwind! Beautiful buildings (yes more than 1!!!) make up the Grafton Inn, each with its own charm and personality. Guest rooms are spacious, well stocked with coffee and toiletries. Fun game room space, delicious home made cookies daily, and an amazing pub restaurant with live music!! This was a girls weekend and we had a blast!”

Talta Lodge Bluebird - Common Area with Fireplace

Talta Lodge

Stowe, VT

Starting at $148/night

A quick perusal through Talta’s social feeds and you’ll know you’ve picked the right place for your boutique basecamp. Clean Scandinavian design influences can be found from the moment you walk into the lobby and continue into each of the rooms and suites. Built with the adventure-seeking visitor in mind, the custom gear storage and organization units are equal parts functional and artistry, and, as with the entire experience at Talta, we are thoroughly impressed. 

What guests are saying: “The modern Scandinavian design makes your stay here wonderful, with clean relaxing rooms and beautiful lounge areas.” “Talta is nestled among the beautiful trees of Stowe and has a river running along the back of the property. Perfect fall "backyard" full of colorful leaves. Games, cozy fire pit, seating along the river, and sprawling outdoor area compliment the entertaining and social indoor spaces.”

Kimpton Taconic Hotel - Summer Building Exterior

Kimpton Taconic Hotel

Manchester Center, VT

Starting at $224/night

As a Kimpton property, it will come as no surprise whatsoever that the Taconic is both grand and luxurious. What’s so impressive is that they also seamlessly achieve a welcoming sense of coziness and intimacy. With a wonderfully inclusive dog policy, your pup pal can make an appearance in all of your photoshoots, and trust us, there will be ample opportunity. From the spectacular grounds and lobby, to the massive covered porch and firepit. At night, be sure to join in on the complimentary wine and cheese hour, followed by an amazing dinner in the scenic downstairs restaurant, the Copper Grouse.

What guests are saying: “To put it simply, the Taconic is a wonderful hotel. The Taconic is small enough to offer extraordinary service but large enough to offer great amenities” “Simply stated... Stunning! This hotel is simply beautiful. All the decor details were well thought out. Everything about this hotel is beautiful from wallpaper, drapes, bathrooms, etc.”

Twin Farms - Dorothys Room with Four Poster Bed
Twin Farms

Twin Farms

Barnard VT

Starting at $2550/night

That’s no typo on the nightly rate, but when you consider the sheer decadence and luxury that is in store for you during your stay at Twin Farms, it becomes far more intriguing. Twin Farms is one of the few all-inclusive resorts in New England, and we can guarantee that the culinary experience is beyond perfection. Inspired by the Vermont seasons and the estate-grown herbs and vegetables, the rate at Twin “includes all meals, wine pairings, and spirits enjoyed in our public dining areas, indoors and out, or in your own cottage or suite.” In fact, everything is included during your stay; the Japanese Bath House, the fresh-pasta-making class, even the fly fishing, or art tours. The list of activities and events at this 300-acre estate is seemingly endless.

What guests are saying: “I am incapable of describing in words all that is Twin Farms. We stayed there in early May 2022 and the experience absolutely blew us away. Frankly, it has ruined other vacations for us going forward but that's the price we had to pay, I guess! I really want to gush about all the details that made our stay incredible but I feel like that would be sharing their top secrets.”

Hotel Vermont - Lobby with Fireplace and Stairs to Juniper

Hotel Vermont

Burlington VT

Starting at $192/night

If you’re looking for rustic-chic, Hotel Vermont has your answer. With their fabulously dazzling lobby welcoming you to a perfect Burlington getaway, and their modern, sophisticated rooms prepared to make your downtime as lavish as possible, Hotel Vermont is one of our favorite ways to experience the Queen City. Located on the first floor, Juniper has been serving up delicious food and creative cocktails since day one. Be sure to enjoy the fire pit patio with views of the lake and surrounding city, all just a few blocks away.

What guests are saying: “Absolutely loved the location & atmosphere of the rooms! The local goods included in the room (soap, bath robes, toiletries, books) were a charming added touch! Staff were friendly & they even have little brochures of recommendations in all parts of the city. Would absolutely stay again if I’m lucky to be in Burlington again!”

Topnotch Resort - Summer Outdoor Pool

Topnotch Resort

Stowe VT

Starting at $350/night

If you can’t get a jaw-dropping photo during your stay at Topnotch, the only explanation is you forgot your phone or camera. With Instagram-able opportunities around every corner, this mountain retreat is stunning in all four seasons. From the sublime pool and patio to the 35,000-square-foot award-winning spa, the excellent farm-to-table dining to the elegant accommodations - everything you’ll find at this Green Mountain haven is understandably Topnotch.

What guests are saying: “Had a fantastic time here and would definitely say it is worth the visit for a relaxing luxurious stay. The attention to detail was amazing and the staff were very friendly. Rooms were clean and the grounds were perfect. We came in an electric car (a Tesla) and they had complementary charging... that was a huge plus for us.”

Mountain Meadows Lodge - Summer Aerial View with Kend Pond

Mountain Meadows Lodge

Killington, VT

Starting at $251/night

Modern, luxurious comfort set in a 180-year-old historic cow barn and farmhouse on the banks of a 100-acre pond - if you’re imagining Vermont perfection, this is it. And just in case all those snapshots of rough-hewn timber beams, stone fireplaces, and red Vermont barns aren’t enough to fill up an entire album, adrenaline junkies can get their fix at Killington and Pico ski mountains, mere minutes down the road.

What guests are saying: “Beautiful boutique hotel with incredible scenery. The lake was ideal for kayaking and swimming. Hiking and biking trails. Felt like summer camp with all the extra frills. Beautiful rooms, wonderful drinks, sauna, and evening campfire.”


Seesaw's Lodge

Peru, VT

Starting at $286/night

Seesaw’s was already a legendary local gathering spot, but the recently implemented updates, additions, and renovations have secured its impressive status throughout the next generation! These adorable and lavish cabins and suites are insanely photo-worthy, and the Warming Hut tiny house bar is downright magical. Be sure to enjoy at least one night’s dinner in Johnny Seesaw’s Restaurant complete with the original circular fireplace.

What guests are saying: “My husband and I just spent the most relaxing weekend at Seesaw's Lodge! The Lodge is absolutely stunning. All the rooms are gorgeously decorated with a woodsy yet modern style (perfect for photos). The kitchen and living room areas are spacious, cozy, and have the dreamiest window light.”

Barnstead Inn - Large King Suite
Barnstead Inn

Barnstead Inn

Manchester Center, VT

Starting at $280/night

The Barnstead Inn can be found in idyllic Manchester Center. The attention to detail and labor of love the owners have poured into this luxury farmhouse lodging is readily apparent wherever you point your lens. The suites are positively dazzling with amenities like copper soaking tubs, stone fireplaces, and custom-built beds. With marble-lined downtown Manchester just a short walk away, your activities and dining options are limited only by the length of your stay.

What guests are saying: “We stayed at the Barnstead Inn for a girls weekend in August 2021. It was incredible, probably my best Bed & Breakfast experience ever. Our room (the Dorset Room) was immaculately clean, the decor and bathroom were gorgeous. There was always coffee available and morning breakfast was amazing. Pop up food vendor on some evenings was great. Also loved the tavern and being able to get a drink by the fire in the evening.”

Red Rooster at the Woodstock Inn - Exterior Entrance

Woodstock Inn & Resort

Woodstock VT

Starting at $289/night

Woodstock is a perennial favorite to top “prettiest small town in America” or “most quintessential New England village”, and many would argue that the crown jewel of this town is the iconic Woodstock Inn & Resort. Simply stunning from the moment you drive onto the property, the wide steps of the front portico, the 10,000 square foot LEED-certified spa facility, the timber-framed Red Barns - everywhere you turn is another chance for a breathtaking photo and experience.

What guests are saying: “Beautiful New England charm and elegance in a first class hotel. Location is fantastic in the heart of a quintessential town, Woodstock village. Second to none in every category a can't miss property with all the amenities. Restaurants and bars are excellent! Enjoy.”

Wilburton Arial Foliage Valley View

The Wilburton

Manchester Center VT

Starting at $311/night

Embrace your inner Gatsby at this Green Mountain mansion retreat. With wide sweeping views of the Mt. Equinox valley from virtually every room, suite, and cottage, this 30-acre estate is simply a stunner. With an annual Murder Mystery, one-of-a-kind sculptures (including a set of 20-foot golden Egyptian statues!), delicious food and drink, and the most welcoming hosts you could possibly imagine - The Wilburton is high atop our list of favorite destinations to relax and recharge in the state.

What guests are saying: “What a spectacular place to get away. Something out of a great novel. Gilded age mansion - but complete with all the modern conveniences. The property is just gorgeous - green mountains surrounding the beautiful lawn and refreshing evening breezes at night. My room was lavishly appointed and enormous. And what a view to wake up to - mists over the hills.”

We’re no strangers to roughing it in nature. Whether we’re slogging through a 4-day section on the Long Trail, getting some dawn patrol freshies on our AT setups, or just driving home from the office during mud season - we love to get down and dirty out in the Green Mountains. That being said, if we can mix in a little luxe with our great outdoors - all the better. That’s why this high-end, yet rugged tiny house in Windham, VT has so resolutely piqued our interest.

Brand New Luxury “Tiny” House, Immersed In Nature Exterior Edison Bulb Pathway

Set back deep in a pine grove a good 100 yards or so from the closest parking spot, the Edison bulb-lit walkway to the front door is magical and transformative. Leave all your stress and complications back in the car - you’re about to set out on some serious forest bathing. 

Brand New Luxury “Tiny” House, Immersed In Nature Kitchen

Inside, the tiny house you’ll find yourself wowed by the 17-foot ceilings and the wall of windows looking out on the trees below. In fact, every window greets you with a sea of brilliant green pine boughs and moody forest scapes. The small, yet amply equipped concrete-countered kitchen has a four-burner stove with copper backsplash, deep stainless steel sink, microwave, coffee maker, and fridge with freezer. More than enough to cook either an extravagant gourmet dinner, or to casually whip up a quick breakfast sammie for the mountain.

The sleeping loft is full height with a wonderfully comfortable queen-sized bed, end tables with charging outlets, and individual lights perfect for catching up on some much-needed reading. 

Brand New Luxury “Tiny” House, Immersed In Nature King Bed

If you truly can’t manage to tear yourself away from work while you’re here, there is also a workspace with an inspirational view out into nature and a blazing-fast internet connection for any emergency Zoom meetings or Slack sessions that may arise.

Downstairs you’ll find a cozy leather sofa to curl up on, as well as a chic wood and wrought iron coffee table. In the mood for a movie night? You’re in luck - the drop-down home theater projector plugs easily into your smartphone or laptop and you’ll feel like you’re in your own personal treehouse drive-in in the woods.

Brand New Luxury “Tiny” House, Immersed In Nature Bath Tub

While everything about this tiny getaway may be breathtaking, the true pièce de résistance can be found with the 71” soaking tub in the bathroom. With more than enough room for two (and a convenient shelf for a bottle of wine and glasses), you’ll be able to feel any tension or pressure melting away as soon as you dip in.

While you wouldn’t be blamed for never leaving this peaceful abode, there is a ton to do in the surrounding area. Windham is smack dab in the middle of ski country and there are three ski resorts within a 20-minute drive, including Stratton Mountain. In the Summer, there are world-class golf courses with sweeping mountain views, as well as more hiking trails and swimming holes than you can imagine (Pikes Falls is a local favorite). 

Crooked Ram Cheese Board
The Crooked Ram

In nearby Manchester, you’ll find fine dining (be sure to check out the Crooked Ram and Silver Fork) as well as outlet shopping and The Orvis Flagship store. Closer to the cabin just a few minutes away, you’re definitely going to want to do lunch at Honey Pie, or if you’re looking to get a little fancy, enjoy dinner at their sister-restaurant SoLo Farm & Table.

The tiny house can fit up to three guests, and it is currently listed at $288 per night.

What guests are saying: “The best getaway we could dream of. Surrounded by beautiful and evolving nature, we found this cabin very charming and beautifully decorated. That bathtub is the cherry on the cake.”

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Is it really even a getaway if you can’t bring your pooch? We are unabashedly dog people here at the HQ, so we’re always on the lookout for great pet-friendly holiday choices. 

Vermont as a whole is pretty dang dog friendly. It’s not unusual to encounter dogs at local breweries or farmers markets, and many of the area’s best restaurants have outdoor seating options so you can keep your pal close by. Then there are the hiking, biking, and swimming options that will keep tails wagging a mile a minute. So, while there are certainly no shortage of activities to keep your pup loving his Green Mountain adventure, what about where to stay?

Thankfully more and more lodging options keep popping up around the state that will allow you to bring a dog, but the establishments below go above and beyond to make sure your entire crew (four-legged or two) feels welcomed and special. Check out some of our favorite pet-friendly places to stay on your next Vermont getaway.

Basin Harbor Resort

Basin Harbor Resort

Vergennes, VT

2+ Guests | $300/night

When we tell you that Basin Harbor knows how to treat their four-legged guests, we’re not yanking your chain. With upscale amenities, including a private Lake Champlain dog beach, special K-9 welcome packages, dog walking/sitting services, and a plentiful supply of locally-made dog treats at the front desk - your pup might never want to leave. They even go so far as to throw an annual Festival of Fidos with vendors, food stands, and activities, to help celebrate their love for pups. All of this spread across 700 acres of gorgeous lake-front grounds helps make Basin Harbor an ideal and luxurious getaway for the entire family. Furry and otherwise.

What guests are saying: “Basin Harbor is one of the real gems on Lake Champlain. Amazing lake and Mountain Views and an awesome swim area. There are a lot of activities to keep everyone busy. The cabins are well kept and the marina is nearly new. The food and service were excellent!! Highly recommend BH!!”

The Wilburton

The Wilburton

Manchester, VT

2+ Guests | $311/night

The Wilburton’s pet motto is “More than pet-friendly, we’re pet celebrating!” and judging by the lengths they go to ensure your pup is having an unbelievable visit, we believe it! They’ve even brought on a full-time Canine Concierge, Jetson, the King Charles Spaniel. Jetson is the perfect gentleman welcome party, making sure that your dog feels warmly welcomed and at home. With 30 acres filled with stunning valley vistas, and suites, cabins, bungalows, and mansions to explore, there are plenty of places to curl up and truly relax.

What guests are saying: “Fabulous stay at this comfortable and quite unique inn. Innkeeper Melissa, doggy concierge Jetson and all the staff were delightful, welcoming and couldn't do enough to make us feel at home. Breakfasts were delicious and substantial, and the villa rooms are just perfect if you bring your dogs as the outside is only steps away. In fact, this has to be the most pet friendly place that we have ever stayed at. The Wilburton is a treasure, and we will certainly return!”

Fabulous All-Season Lakehouse, 600' Lakefront, Lake Eden Fall Foliage Lake

Fabulous, Pet-friendly Lakehouse

Eden, VT

Sleeps 8 | $225/night

It’s tough to say who is going to enjoy this lakefront cabin escape more, you or your pup. Found at the tip of a private peninsula on Lake Eden, there are tons of hiking, biking, and skiing trails just minutes away, and in the warmer months the boat dock is the ideal place to relax after a swim or canoe. Inside you’ll find a great kitchen space to make a delicious dinner, as well as a field-stone fireplace to lounge out in front of and play games. Again, we don’t know if these are bigger selling points for you or Fido, but either way, this home has got you covered.

What guests are saying: “Just back from another great stay at this perfectly placed lake house on a small peninsula on Lake Eden. The sights and sounds are quintessential Vermont Fall. We barely left the property during our 9-day stay. I suggest getting the kayaks and bringing your camera. Our 5-year-old loved exploring the shoreline, and the dogs were at home as well. See ya next year!”

The Grafton Inn

The Grafton Inn

Grafton, VT

2+ Guests | $189/night

The Grafton Inn has always been a favorite spot of ours to spend a weekend holiday, and with their inclusive pet policy, we’ve loved being able to get away for a visit, together with our dogs. Some places are pet-friendly up to a certain size dog, but here, our extra-large golden retrievers are greeted with smiles and head rubs. The nearby hiking at Grafton Trails is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon, and every shop we visited seemed to have dog treats and water bowls aplenty. 

What guests are saying: “This Inn is the total package if you are looking to unplug and unwind! Beautiful buildings (yes more than 1!!!) make up the Grafton Inn, each with its own charm and personality. Guest rooms are spacious, well stocked with coffee and toiletries. Fun game room space, delicious home made cookies daily, and an amazing pub restaurant with live music!! This was a girls weekend and we had a blast!”

Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge

Stowe, VT

2+ Guests | $245/night

Pups are greeted at The Trapp Family Lodge with tasty treats, fluffy dog beds, and a cozy blanket. Once you check-in, you’ll also be given a map of the dog-friendly areas on the property, and with 2600 acres of land and trails, there are a lot to choose from! Be sure to check out the von Trapp Brewery during your stay, where you’ll always find a ton of doggy-playdate partners chilling out at the picnic tables and Biergarten. 

What guests are saying: “This is a beautiful property. The location and views are epic. It is a quiet and relaxing experience overall. The trails (visited in summer) are well maintained and marked, and suitable for walking, hiking, and biking. You will feel taken away from all of your troubles and stress here.”

Kimpton Taconic Hotel

Kimpton Taconic Hotel

Manchester, VT

2+ Guests | $224/night

When booking a room at the picturesque Kimpton Taconic, keep an eye out for the Pampered Pooch package. A personalized welcome treat awaits your pup, as does an Orvis dog bed and bowls (the flagship store is right down the street), a Timberwolf braided collar, and an evening Doggie Dessert. If this is how they roll out the red carpet for canine guests, you can imagine the treatment you’ll be receiving. As they say at the Taconic, “Fido won’t be ruffing it.”

What guests are saying: “Had a great stay here! I love Kimpton hotels because I bring my well-behaved dog everywhere I go and most other hotels charge unnecessary and non-refundable fees for pets. From the moment I arrived, the staff was so friendly and efficient, from the person working the door to the front desk. My pup was greeted too and she loved it!”

Phineas Swann

Phineas Swann Inn & Spa

Montgomery, VT

2+ Guests | $157/night

When it comes to making your dog feel welcomed, Phineas Swann is the leader of the pack. In fact, CNN has gone as far as to recognize this quaint B&B as one of the World’s 12 Most Dog-Friendly Hotels. Yeah, the world! With several stay packages geared toward making sure both you and your pup have the best getaway possible - we’re talking complimentary dog walking, treats, plush dog beds, and more - if you’re headed to Jay with your pupper, this is the place for you.

What guests are saying: “We adore this little gem and so do our dogs. The hospitality is unlike anything we’ve received anywhere else. The breakfast is delicious, the beer and wine selection is impressive, the rooms clean and they walked our dogs TWICE while we spent the day skiing. We can’t imagine staying anywhere else when we visit Jay.”

Seesaw's Lodge

Seasaw's Lodge

Peru, VT

2+ Guests | $286/night

With several pet-friendly cabins spread out across this rustic-chic property, your dog will fit right in and love every second of it. Located in the middle of “The Golden Triangle” there are three ski areas, tons of hiking trails, fishing and swimming galore, and just about every other outdoor activity you could ask for, practically right outside your front door. When you get back to the Seesaw’s home base at night, first grab a drink at the dog-friendly Warming Hut, followed by a decadent dinner around the stunning original hearth at Johnny Seesaw’s Restaurant. Life is good.

What guests are saying: “Seesaw's was the perfect, cozy lodge to spend a romantic ski weekend away! We stayed in the lodge itself, where the pillows and beds were super comfortable, and having a full kitchen at our disposal was very convenient. The cedar hot tub was amazing at the end of a long day on the slopes or touring around town and the onsite restaurant was a lively hub of nighttime fun. We will definitely book Seesaw's again!”

Sterling Ridge Resort - Winter Cabin Exterior Porch
Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling Ridge Resort

Jeffersonville, VT

2+ Guests | $197/night

With a variety of cabins to choose from, the lodgings at Sterling Ridge Resort will be the perfect getaway for all members of your pack. On the property itself, you’ll find miles of trails and hikes to explore, plus easy nearby access to some of the best hiking and biking in the area. Check out  the Sterling Pond trail during the warmer months for an excellent trek your dog will love.

What guests are saying: “My family and I have been glamping for quite a few years and I’ve always brought my two dogs. This is the most dog-friendly place I’ve been to. There were lovely dog boxes waiting for them in the cabin. The pond house was perfect for us for a luxury camping experience. There were plenty of things to do and the staff was very friendly. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

The Essex - Double Queen Room
The Essex Resort & Spa

The Essex Resort & Spa

Essex, VT

2+ Guests | $181/night

The Essex Resort and Spa is renowned for their culinary excellence. The Junction Interactive Restaurant is one of our favorite places to enjoy a mind-blowing dining experience and when coupled with the hospitality and luxury of the accommodations, we look forward to our stay each and every time. And just because you’ll be staying in some sweet digs doesn’t mean you have to ditch the dog. The Essex welcomes visiting pups with their own dog toy, comfy dog beds, and of course loads of treats.

What guests are saying: “Amazing culinary hotel with great restaurant options and local scenery. We've been here a few times and we love it! Will be coming back year after year. And pet friendly too!”

Dog-friendly cabin w:firepit - ski:golf at nearby mountains Exterior

Dog-friendly Cabin in the Woods

Wardsboro, VT

Sleeps 4 | $176/night

Instantly feel warm and cozy in this intimate home in Wardsboro. A great yard with plenty of space for your dog to get out and run, as well as an easy-to-use electric fireplace to sit in front of at night. Wardsboro is in between both Stratton Mountain Resort and Mt. Snow, so you’ll have plenty of outdoor recreation to dive into. Or, just bring a book/dog bone and take it easy.

What guests are saying: “It was perfect for my wife and I and our dog, Rocky. The cabin was very comfortable and it was a relaxing weekend. The nearby market had everything I needed to cook a nice dinner Friday night. The cabin was very private and quiet. When I took Rocky for a walk on Saturday, one of the locals pulled up next to us and asked if he could give Rocky a dog biscuit. True Vermont hospitality! Would definitely come back.”

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Pure Maple Syrup. Nature’s and Vermont’s flawless addition to the culinary landscape. It’s tough to improve on the sweet perfection of some Grade A VT’s finest, and yet, each of these products below somehow have found a way to do just that. 

Whether we’re talking about infusions that will leave you lovestruck, candies that always hit the sweet spot, or maple/hot sauce hybrids that will leave your mouth on fire and asking for more - it’s amazing how adaptable and complimentary Vermont maple syrup can be to a myriad of recipes.

So when the sap is flowing and the boilers are bubbling, we’re of course eagerly awaiting the first batch of syrup, but we’re also just as hyped about what Vermont Makers will create next. Here are 11 of our favorite Vermont maple products that we know you’re also going to go crazy for.

Runamok Maple

Runamok - Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

Cambridge, VT

Runamok hands down makes some of our all-time favorite maple products. Even with two massive sugarbushes of over 100,000 taps, Runamok’s products are still in such high demand that they source additional supply from trusted partners throughout the state. A quick taste of their coffee-infused syrup and you’ll be just as hooked as us. We love it drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or as a mixer for the best espresso martini ever - and it’s also perfect as a sugar substitute with your morning cup of joe.

The reviews are in: “Perfect on your waffles or pancakes, or over ice cream, or favorite dessert, or even as a sweetener to your coffee. I really enjoy the taste and quality of this organic syrup. They have many other flavors as well, but this is my favorite. I highly recommend it.”

Sugar Bob's Famous Kind

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind - Vermont Maple Sriracha

Rutland, VT

As Vermonters, we proudly acknowledge that it doesn’t get much better than maple syrup. However, when we encounter as delicious a combination as maple syrup plus sriracha, well, that is something truly special. Sugar Bob hit upon this perfect culinary marriage years ago and we’ve been buying it by the busload ever since. We’re of the opinion that every dish is better with a little spice and heat, but we’ve been especially impressed when using Sugar Bob’s while cooking up some maple sriracha chicken wings. 

The reviews are in: “Received a bottle of Vermont Maple Sriracha in a charity gift basket. It's the best! I've used it in many different recipes and it is a perfect balance between hot and just a bit of earthy sweetness. Love, love love it!”

Green Mountain Goodness

Green Mountain Goodness - Pure Vermont Maple Sugar

Franklin, VT

A sprinkle or two of the Pure Vermont Maple Sugar and things are looking sweet indeed! These tiny granulated explosions of pure maple deliciousness are perfect for a myriad of baking and cooking recipes as an ideal substitute for sugar. We also find it excellent on top of a bowl of popcorn, or as part of a deep-flavored, sweet dry rub for meats.

The reviews are in: “It smells heavenly and is the perfect maple sugar to use in recipes! I put some in with apples when making apple crisp, add it to my King Arthur recipe for Vermont Honey Whole Wheat bread, add it to chocolate chip cookie recipes. It's a lovely deep caramel color and is absolutely the best maple sugar out there!”

Mount Mansfield Maple Products

Mount Mansfield Maple - Certified Organic Pure Vermont Maple Candy

Nestled near the base of Vermont’s tallest mountain, Mount Mansfield Maple Products has over 1000 acres of sugarbush in their care. For generations this family operation has been stewards of the land and producing some of the finest quality maple syrup in the state. One of their time-perfected products is their maple candies. While some maple candy can become brittle and dry, these candies are always just right and melt in your mouth every time.

The reviews are in: “This is wonderful! So delicious and no additives to ruin the pure maple taste. It came promptly, was fresh and I am sooooo tempted to put this on subscription so I never run out. When you simply have to have something sweet but want to avoid cane sugar, this will satisfy your craving. Yum Yum Yum!!!”

Green Mountain Goodness

Green Mountain Goodness - Pure Vermont Maple Cream

Franklin, VT

If you’ve never experienced maple cream, you’re missing out on one of the best ways out there to enjoy maple. Made fresh and without preservatives, Maple Cream is as fresh as you can get straight from the tree. Smooth and spreadable, Maple Cream is perfect for a schmear on toast, a drizzle in coffee, or just about anywhere the sweet taste of pure maple is needed. While you can find many variations of maple cream, in our opinion, one of the best is from Green Mountain Goodness.

The reviews are in: “This may be the most delicious food on the planet. It's certainly in my top 5! I have always been a fan of all things maple (as long as it was real maple) but this particular maple cream is absolutely the best I've ever had. I eat it on buttered English muffins in the morning and it is to die for! (Truth be told, sometimes I just have a spoonful all by itself.) If you are on the fence, just buy it. You won't regret it.”


Sap! - Maple Seltzer Water

Underhill, VT

Definitely one of the most unique and creative maple products out there, the Maple Seltzer Water from Sap! is a must-try. With the sole ingredient being 100% pure maple sap, the health benefits are surprising and numerous. Filled with naturally occurring electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients, this tiny drink can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any Vermont adventure. 

The reviews are in: “SAP Maple Seltzer is super drinkable, light, soothing on the throat with the perfect amount of carbonation, and with a subtle hint of maple sweetness. It's way healthier than ordinary sodas, and way more interesting than ordinary flavored sparkling waters. At $2.50/can it is fairly expensive, but no other soda, seltzer, or sparkling water comes even close to the drinkability and taste. I'm definitely reordering.”

Runamok Maple

Runamok Maple - Sugarmaker's Cut

Cambridge, VT

This stuff ain’t cheap, but whoowee, is it good! Made from the best of the best batches of the sugaring season, the Sugarmaker’s Cut is set aside as the perfect tasting 1% of all their syrup that year. One-hundred percent organic, and 1000% delicious, the only downside with this syrup is once you’ve tried it, good luck going back to anything else. 

The reviews are in: “I've tried a lot of maple syrups, and this is absolutely the best one (they make excellent infused syrups as well). It's somehow light but also intensely maple flavored. It's pricey but so, so worth the money.”

Sugar Bob's Famous Kind

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind - 6 Flavor Variety Pack

Rutland, VT

We’ve said we love when maple syrup brings the heat, and this Sampler’s Pack from Sugar Bob’s is the real deal. Six maple-based hot sauces, including Jalapeño Maple, Smoked Maple Sriracha, and Habanero Maple, will handily add that extra kick of flavor whenever you need it. Perfect for those Hot Ones-obsessed friends and family members.

The reviews are in: “I bought this sampler pack as a birthday present for someone and it was a big hit! The smoked maple syrup was my favorite, the bbq sauce was really good too. Normally I'm not fan of hot sauce but this was sweet, spicy and smoky, perfect in marinades.”

Runamok Maple

Runamok Maple - Maple Syrup Gift Box

Cambridge, VT

Speaking of gift sets, this Runamok Barrel Aged Selection is the perfect choice for the maple connoisseur in your crew. Having perfected the barrel-aged syrup infusion technique, Runamok’s trio is the ideal topper for any special breakfast, and equally suited in your next cocktail creation. Bottom line, these three barrel-aged flavors (Apple-Brandy, Bourbon, and Rum) will knock your socks off and leave you reaching for more. 

The reviews are in: “Gave these as Christmas presents and ended up with playful family squabbles from those that did not receive this beautiful gift..... and it is beautiful! The packaging is elegant, presentation refined and the tastes follow suit and do not disappoint. If you are tired of the same old syrups or need an out of the box gift for that person that has everything.... you can't miss with this gourmet collection of perfection. And yes, this is now our new favorite "go to" gift for weddings, birthdays and I already know it will be on several family member's Christmas list next year! I love this product!!!”

Sugar Bob's Famous Kind

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind - Maple Spiced Pecans

Rutland, VT

This subtle blend of smoked maple and spices makes for an ideal snack. Perfect for on-the-go or when you just need a little afternoon pick-me-up but aren’t looking to pack on the calories or sugar. We’ve also been known to crumble these guys up and use them as a topper for fudge brownies. So, you know, the opposite of not packing on the calories or sugar. Vinyl verdict? Delicious no matter how you set out to enjoy them.

The reviews are in: “These Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind - Maple Spiced Pecans are fantastic! The pecans are wholesome and fresh and have the perfect blend of flavor and spices to make for a delicious snack. The pecans are coated with a smoked maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices to give it a nice sweetness that isn't overpowering and a hint of spice for a well rounded flavor profile.”

Butternut Mountain Farm

Butternut Mountain Farm - 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup

Morrisville, VT

Did anyone else think the invention of squeezable ketchup bottles was downright life-changing? If so, prepare to have your worldview once again shaken. No more jiggling and fiddling with finding the one spoon that will fit into the syrup container while holding the bottle upside down for what seems like hours. No, just us? Well, in any case, this organic maple syrup from Butternut Mountain Farm is ideal to pack on camping trips, barbecues, through hikes, picnics, or anywhere else where you’d enjoy some syrup but don’t want to risk the bottle shattering.

The reviews are in: “The BEST combination of product and container! Sweet, amber ribbons drizzled on fruit or griddle cakes makes any day special!”

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We’re not ashamed to say it, we’re snow obsessed. As soon as the first flakes begin to fly, you’ll find us tuning the skis, double-checking the gear pack, and heading to the mountains. There is nothing quite like the excitement of a ski vacation. The anticipation, the preparation, and of course the time spent out on the hill with friends and family. The old adage is true; any day spent skiing or riding is a better day than one in the office.

With that in mind, we’re always on the lookout for the best basecamps for a VT Winter getaway, so we put together a list of some of our favorite spots to dry out the boots and call home. Whether it’s first tracks on a powder day, hot chocolate by the fire, aprés ski shenanigans with your crew - no matter how you envision the perfect ski vacation, when Winter hits, it’s time to head to the mountains. So grab your board, load up your skis, and come check out 11 of the best ski chalets, townhouses, lodges, and cabins for your next Vermont adventure.

Stratton Mountain Resort Snowy Village in Daytime
Stratton Mountain Resort Village

Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton, VT

2+ Guests | $600/night

If you want to be close to the action and not skimp on square footage, Stratton’s Village Square condos are what you’re looking for. Prime trail-front location means more skiing by day, and the village out your front door means restaurants, bars, and shops at night. If you’re looking for the ultimate in ski and aprés ski, this is it.

What guests are saying: “Quintessential Vermont skiing. Great terrain and layout. Perfect for families plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain” “Unique mountain village with cobblestone walkways and many shops and restaurants to choose from! The view from the lodge towards the mountain is absolutely incredible! It is an experience you will never forget!”

Beautiful lodge with furnished deck and views - near skiing Exterior

Beautiful Lodge with Deck and Views

Warren, VT

Sleeps 10 | $473/night

Long Mad River Valley views abound at this modern log cabin masterpiece. A stunning commercial-grade chef’s kitchen, multiple cozy dens and hangouts, a drop-dead gorgeous master suite, and of course, easy access to all of the skiing and riding the MRV has to offer.

What guests are saying: “This house was perfect for a 5-day trip to one of our favorite places to ski. Three generations of our family occupied the house--plenty of space, great ski vibe, and great location.”

Smugglers Notch Resort - Winter Lodging Family Bedroom
Smugglers' Notch Resort

Smugglers’ Notch Resort

Jeffersonville, VT

2+ Guests | $399/night

Hands down the most family-friendly resort you’ll ever visit - Smugglers’ Notch is a paradise. Lodging accommodations for all group sizes, our go-to is the Kestrel 3-bedroom. An open-concept living, dining, and kitchen centerpiece is perfect for all occasions, and the vast four-bed “bunk” room is every kid’s sleepover dream. An additional queen bedroom is ideal for guest flexibility, and the master bedroom suite is a luxurious escape. Plus, walk out the door and you're on the slopes - not bad at all.

What guests are saying: “5 stars all the way. We go every year with our kiddos. It's a great family mountain with an even better ski school. We love its mom-and-pop feel. A total gem!”

Talta Lodge Bluebird - Deluxe Quee Room

Talta Lodge

Stowe, VT

2+ Guests | $148/night

On the other side of the Notch, Talta Lodge is perfectly situated for all your Stowe skiing and riding adventures. A Scandinavian modern flair can be found throughout the property and everything from the welcome lobby to the in-room gear storage lets you know you’ve chosen the right place as your base camp.

What guests are saying: “I can’t say enough great things about Tälta. This was definitely a memorable experience for our family vacation in Stowe, VT. I love everything about Tälta from the awesome location so close to Stowe mountains to the perfect amenities! We had an amazing experience with the most wonderful and caring staff!”

Adorable Chalet Off Access RD! 3bd:2ba Exterior Sunset

Killington Chalet with Hot Tub

Killington, VT

Sleeps 8 | $649/night

This newly renovated 70s chalet is what Killington ski dreams are all about. A great bunk room, bubbling hot tub, a roaring fireplace, and it’s setting just off the access road lets you experience all the Beast in the East has to offer. We’re talking restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and of course, legendary skiing and riding.

What guests are saying: “If you’re looking for something special, seriously out of a magazine, with convenience to the slopes and Killington restaurants-unload here. The Cub House ticks every box. A fun, comfortable mountain vibe combined with huge windows that make the most of snowy evenings. Christine was a pleasure to work with and a great time was had by all. We’ll be back soon!”

Sterling Ridge Resort - Interior Cabin Dining with Mountain View
Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling Ridge Resort

Jeffersonville, VT

2+ Guests | $800/night

The cabins at Sterling Ridge are all unique and ideal for a Winter getaway, but it’s their new A-frame on the Ridge that has our jaws on the floor. This stunning mountain escape with two master suites, a luxurious cathedral ceiling great room, a sleeping loft, and a deck with endless views gives us a hankering for a powder day on the hill. Speaking of, you’re only a nine-minute drive to the Smuggs’ base lodge. 

What guests are saying: “Everything was just perfect at Sterling Ridge. Beautiful cabin – super cozy, clean, comfortable. Beautiful surroundings - nice loop to walk or cross-country ski around the pond. Staff was great-thought of all the little details for a nice stay. We’ll definitely be back!”

Barnstead Inn - Large King Suite
The Barnstead Inn

The Barnstead Inn

Manchester Center, VT

2+ Guests | $280/night

If you’re looking for rustic, romantic decadence, the Barnstead Inn is the place to be. We can’t stop raving about the Hildene Suite, with its custom King-sized bed, copper soaking tub, modern slate fireplace, and that bathroom! If you can manage to tear yourself away from this luxe living, you’ll find three ski resorts within an easy 25-minute drive, including Stratton Mountain.

What guests are saying: “The Barnstead Inn is absolutely fabulous! My sister and I just wrapped our very first visit to Vermont and staying at the Barnstead Inn made the trip one to remember! The staff is just amazing and so intentional. The Arlington Room was perfect, and the outdoor fireplaces paired with a Vermont Flannel Co. blanket was oh so cozy in the evening.”

The Green Mountain Inn

The Green Mountain Inn

Stowe, VT

2+ Guests | $169/night

Overlooking the bustling Main St. of downtown Stowe, the Green Mountain Inn is a classic Vermont experience. Feel the charm, history, and luxuriousness even more strongly with a stay in one of their Classic Suites. If there’s snow in the forecast, it just doesn’t get more relaxing than watching it through the windows of your separate private sitting area. In the morning, you’re less than 7 miles from the gondola. Life is good.

What guests are saying: “This Inn is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I stayed here with my husband and our two girls. We just left today from being there since Friday. The staff was so friendly and helpful, and we so enjoyed the indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis they have and the outdoor heated pool! It's rare to say while being in a heated pool, we had a mini snowball fight, That was a great experience ? Being able to leave the Inn and walk into town was a highlight to our adventure, and so wonderful!”

Baby Barn, Architect Owner Winter Exterior Field

Award-winning "Baby Barn"

South Londonderry, VT

Sleeps 9 | $550/night

The rustic tranquility of this home will leave you simultaneously relaxed and thoroughly speechless. The 20’ cathedral ceiling great room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a massive fieldstone fireplace might be enough, however, the entirety of the property does nothing but impress. Magic Mountain is practically right next door, and Stratton and Bromley are just 15 minutes away. 

What guests are saying: “The home, with its picturesque views, peaceful surroundings, and warm rustic charm does not disappoint! We walked into the home and were immediately excited for our stay. The floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, surrounded by the wall of windows, created a perfect backdrop to our Christmas celebration.”


Classic 1963 Ski-In/Out Chalet

Warren, VT

Sleeps 8 | $283/night

This classic Sugarbush chalet is ski-in ski-out and has stunning views to match! A full remodel in 2021 breathes new life into the accommodations, but thankfully they’ve managed to leave all of that definitive mid-century ski-house charm.

What guests are saying: “Our family of six had a fantastic time at this classically furnished and beautifully appointed cabin. It has all the amenities you would need for a fun skiing holiday. The panorama is breathtaking and the house comfortable. Randy proved a great host. We had good snow and it was possible to ski out with only one road to cross on foot, and ski back in as well, with a bit of a workout, to cap the day’s exercise. Highly recommended!”


Seesaw's Lodge

Peru, VT

2+ Guests | $286/night

With a wild and glorious history, Seesaw’s Lodge has been reinvented and the results are remarkable! The luxurious cabins and suites are all designed to the highest of standards, yet still, emerge as supremely warm and welcoming. With three cabins and seven lodge suites, a ski vacation at Seesaw’s can fit the entire family, company retreat, or any other combination of crew you can conjure. Bromley is a mere ½ mile down the road and Magic and Stratton are all within a less than 20-minute drive.

What guests are saying: “Seesaw's was the perfect, cozy lodge to spend a romantic ski weekend away! We stayed in the lodge itself, where the pillows and beds were super comfortable, and having a full kitchen at our disposal was very convenient. The cedar hot tub was amazing at the end of a long day on the slopes or touring around town and the onsite restaurant was a lively hub of nighttime fun. We will definitely book Seesaw's again!”

Don’t forget to check out our in-depth Skiing and Riding Guide for all the latest deals, details, and information. Bring on the snow!

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Sugaring season is a special time of year in Vermont and as the country’s largest and best producer of maple syrup, we look forward to showing off our production process every year at the annual Maple Open House. It’s not meant to celebrate making some of that sweet syrup, but also a way to let loose at the end of a long Winter and get together as a community for some maple-based festivities.

Taking place across two weekends (this year is March 25 & 26 and April 1 & 2), you can get a tour of an active sugar shack to see the process involved in going from tap, to sap, to syrup, chow down on some Maple classics (looking at you sugar on snow with a pickle), and of course, taste the freshest and most mouthwatering maple syrup imaginable. Straight from the tree!

We’ve made a list of our favorite places to stay that are close to some of the best sugar shacks and maple festivals in the state, as well as some that offer their own Maple celebration packages. Bottom line, if you’re looking for Vermont Maple, these are the places to stay. Sweet!

The Grafton Inn

The Grafton Inn

Grafton, VT

2.9mi. to Plummer’s Sugar House

The Grafton Inn is the ideal home base for your Vermont Maple getaway. The rustic luxury of the rooms, suites, and cabins will welcome you to the Green Mountains and the incredibly gracious staff will make you feel perfectly at home during your stay. Be sure to take in a meal at the attached Phelps Barn for some amazing gourmet pub fare.

Just a five-minute drive from the gorgeous front porch of the Grafton Inn, you’ll find Plummer’s Sugar House. As equally quaint and picturesque as where you’ll be staying, Plummer’s has been making syrup for more than 60 years, and you can feel and taste their expertise.

What guests are saying: “The location is exactly what one would expect from a rural Vermont inn, I recommend taking the extra 5 minutes to take the slow road rather than the highway, it will set the scene perfectly, complete with opportunities to buy as much maple syrup as you want (from local independent producers, of course).”

Trapp Family Lodge - Fall Entrance Exterior
The Trapp Family Lodge

The Trapp Family Lodge

Stowe, VT

3.9mil. to Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm

The von Trapp family brought a taste of Austria to Vermont in the early 1940s and have been welcoming guests for over half a century since. The lodge is one of the most stunning we’ve ever stayed at and is only possibly outdone by the views of the valley below. In addition to touring the nearby sugar shacks, von Trapp Brewery should be high on your list.

Another Stowe family adding their taste to Vermont, the Coty family has been boiling and making syrup since 1980 at Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm. Conveniently located just a few minutes from downtown Stowe as well as the Trapp Family Lodge, be sure to visit for tours, tastes, and family fun! Their maple doughnuts are to die for, so grab a few and enjoy them by the bonfire.

What guests are saying: “We visited for their maple sugaring tour and rode a bicycle. The tour was really informative and I have a whole new regard for maple sugar! The guide was kind enough to add me last minute. Beautiful property!”

Red Rooster at the Woodstock Inn - Outdoor Balcony Dining
Woodstock Inn & Resort

Woodstock Inn & Resort

Woodstock, VT

4.2mi. to Bourdon Maple Farm

Just because you’re going out exploring the woods and learning about boiling syrup doesn’t mean that you need to be roughing it when you head back at the end of the day. In fact, the award-winning suites and spa at the Woodstock Inn & Resort will help make sure that any roughing it is quickly and luxuriously forgotten. Your stay in Woodstock is bound to be something you never forget.

An organic maple farm with over 10,000 taps in their sugarbush, Bourdon Maple Farm goes all out for Maple Open House. We’re talking maple waffles and ice cream, syrup tastings, a fire pit, games and activities, and of course sugar shack tours. If you’re looking to celebrate the maple season, there’s no better place.

What guests are saying: “My wife and I spent five wonderful days here. Our room was amazing (a suite in the Tavern wing), the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was both relaxing and luxurious.”

Equinox Resort and Spa Pool with Mountain Views
Equinox Resort & Spa

Equinox Resort & Spa

Manchester, VT

3.3mi. to Dutton Berry Farm

When you visit Equinox Resort you can’t help but be impressed by the history and presentation. An elegant vacation destination for past Presidents (be sure to visit Hildene - Abraham Lincoln’s son's estate-turned-museum nearby), the grand columns of the Equinox are regal and pristine. Inside, you’ll find just as stunning accommodations and a staff that will gladly guide you to the best of Manchester, and ensure your stay is nothing short of superb.

Just a few miles away from the Equinox, Dutton Berry Farm is also a local treasure. With year-round farmstore selling their berries, veggies, and baked goods, a stop into Dutton’s is always delicious. Each Spring, Dutton’s makes syrup in their sugar shack and has been for decades. Offering tours, tastings, music and activities, as well as a farm petting experience, you’ll be able to get into the full Maple celebration when you visit.

What guests are saying: “We had an excellent experience at the Equinox. The resort is well kept, authentic, surrounded by mountains, and maintains a lovely ambiance. Our room was large yet cozy, and the public spaces were beautifully decorated. The pool and hot tub are gorgeous.”

Absolutely Gorgeous Vermont Cottage Exterior Firewood

Absolutely Gorgeous Vermont Cottage

East Montpelier, VT

1.1mi. to Bragg Farm Sugarhouse

A stay in our State’s capital city of Montpelier is looking extra golden when you find yourself at this cozy cottage. Beautifully renovated yet staying true to it’s rustic charm, you’ll have everything needed for an enchanting Vermont Maple adventure at your fingertips. Just outside of downtown Montpelier, yet close enough to explore the restaurants, coffee shops, and storefronts that make this town so special. Not to mention, you’re less than 5 minutes away from a maple heavy-hitter, Bragg Farm.

Bragg Farm Sugarhouse is one of our favorite maple producers around. This is in no small part due to the fact that they make the best maple creemee we’ve ever had. But even if we don’t factor the creemee into the equation, the old-school way that Bragg Farm continues to make and produce all of their maple products leaves us as big fans. Check out their Maple Open House with tastings, tours, gift store, and of course, maple creemees.

What guests are saying: “This cottage is absolutely perfect - comfortable, charming, convenient - with the added bonus of a beautiful garden and lovely outdoor spaces. The owners were friendly and helpful. I would heartily recommend this property.”

Wildflower Inn Spokeeasy Cocktail Lounge Arial Summer View
The Wildflower Inn

The Wildflower Inn

Lyndonviller, VT

9.6mi. to Pure Gold Sugaring

The Wildflower Inn is set on the ridgeline of Darling Hill Road. With sweeping views of the stunning mountains and valley below, you’ll find yourself continually drawn to all the outdoor activities that the Northeast Kingdom offers. Sugaring season can seemingly be over in a snap up in the NEK, but when you’re enjoying your stay at the Wildflower, you’ll be sure to come back each and every year.

Pure Gold Sugaring is a 7000 tap, 4th generation sugaring operation. What was once a garage has been transformed into a modern sugarhouse, but still maintains it’s Northeast Kingdom roots. A visit during Maple Open House will find you enjoying a tour of the facilities, free maple tastings, and maple doughnuts. We’re in.

What guests are saying: “I almost don’t want to comment on how wonderful this place is, in fear of it becoming too popular…”

The Dorset Inn Exterior Spring
The Dorset Inn

The Dorset Inn

Dorset, VT

5.1mi. to Merck Forest & Farmland Center

The Dorset Inn is a classic Vermont beauty. The white clapboards and green shutters that help make downtown Dorset so iconic are there to greet you as you pull up to the front door. Inside, you’ll find the warm cozy interior that has been welcoming visitors for generations. The fireplaces and wide plank flooring are the perfect backdrop for a Vermont adventure. The Dorset Inn smartly goes above and beyond and offers a Maple Package with lodging and dining included, and of course, a maple goodie basket to welcome you.

Less than 10 minutes away from the Inn you’ll find Merck Forest and Farmland Center. If you have children and have not yet been to Merck Forest, do so immediately. Over 3000 acres (not a typo!) of forest, hills, trails, and meadows, Merck Forest is downright magical. With a thriving sugarbush helping to support the Merck Forest mission of sustainability, the Maple Open House is ideal for all the little maple-lovers in your family.

What guests are saying: “This is our happy place! They just know how to make people feel special and comfortable. The entire staff always go the extra mile ! The inn is beautiful, the food in their lovely restaurant and lively tavern is fantastic! Working wood burning fireplaces in both that are lit and make your dining experience even more special”

Adorable Chalet Off Access RD! 3bd:2ba Exterior Sunset

Adorable Mountain Chalet

Killington, VT

18.8mi. to Baird Farm

Now it might be a bit more of a trek to Baird Farm from the door of your chalet than from some of the properties on this list, but trust us, both the house and the syrup are worth it! Perfect for large groups, this adorable ski house has a cathedral-ceilinged bunk room and two master suites making it the ideal spot for multiple families. Private, yet just a stone's throw from all that Killington has in store, you’re gonna dig it here.

Baird Farm can be found in North Chittenden, and the drive over from Killington is a beaut. Once there, you’ll find yourself in the middle of Vermont Farmland with fields, meadows, and pastures on all sides. For Maple Open House, Baird rolls out the maple red carpet offering up free rosemary maple waffles, sugar shack tours, maple-themed beer by Mount Holly Beer Co., and maple giveaways. As we said before, these folks are definitely worth the drive.

What guests are saying: “If you’re looking for something special, seriously out of a magazine, with convenience to the slopes and Killington restaurants - unload here. The Cub House ticks every box. A fun, comfortable mountain vibe combined with huge windows that make the most of snowy evenings.”

Hotel Vermont - Lobby with Fireplace and Stairs to Juniper
Hotel Vermont

Hotel Vermont

Burlington, VT

While not offering the close proximity to a sugarhouse that all the other lodging options possess, Hotel Vermont certainly makes up for it with their Spring Maple Madness Package. Starting things off with a maple cocktail upon arrival at the always delicious Juniper restaurant, followed by a jar of Sweet Abby’s Organic Maple Syrup waiting in your room. Next, you’ll enjoy breakfast for two back at Juniper (with the recommendation of the blueberry pancakes with Templeton Farms Syrup), and concluding with a Vermont Maple Sugaring Itinerary of Palmer’s Sugarhouse in Shelburne, VT. Considering that Hotel Vermont is one of our favorite boutique destinations in the State, you won’t have to twist our arm in the slightest to book a stay.

What guests are saying: “Highly recommend this hotel to experience a uniquely excellent stay in Burlington. Warm, modern, rustic vibes greet you at every turn in this thoughtfully appointed property — from the loaner bikes and local suggestion cards, to coffee and tea bar on every floor and the in-room amenities, to Sunday morning cider and cider doughnuts — someone though of every detail that might make ours stay more pleasant and it was pretty awesome. Well done!”

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

If you’re looking for a cozy Winter getaway, the stunning fireplaces in these Green Mountain rentals are positively lit. When the snow is falling and the wind is howling, there's nothing like cuddling up in front of a roaring fire to help keep yourself toasty warm and relaxed. But whether you’re living it up solo with a book and a podcast, hosting a girl's weekend extravaganza, or throwing a decidedly epic family game night, there’s no question that a crackling fire will turn the cozy dial up to eleven. 

With mammoth three-story field-stone stunners, contemporary concrete stylish masterpieces, and rustic log cabin classics, we’ve hunted down some of the most impressive fireplaces in Vermont to spend the evening in front of.

Baby Barn, Architect Owner Great Room Fireplace

Rustic Elegance at the “Baby Barn”

Londonderry, VT

Sleeps 9 | $550/night

The dramatic 20’ cathedral ceiling great room is only made more visually stunning by the massive stone fireplace. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, if you’re lucky enough to be staying here on a powder day, you’re in for a treat. With three bedrooms and three full baths, you’ll have plenty of room for friends and family. Surrounded by ski mountains, including just five minutes away from local-favorite Magic Mountain, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy and happy. Be sure to visit nearby Honey Pie for some of the best burgers and sandwiches in Southern Vermont.

What guests are saying: “The home, with its picturesque views, peaceful surroundings, and warm rustic charm does not disappoint! We walked into the home and were immediately excited for our stay. The floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, surrounded by the wall of windows, created a perfect backdrop to our Christmas celebration.”

Beautiful Lakeview Log Cabin on 60-Acre Property Fireplace Living Room

Beautiful Lakeview Log Cabin on 60 Acres

Peru, VT

Sleeps 23 | $2283/night

It’s not easy to make a moose look tiny, but this massive fireplace does the job. An incredible luxe-meets-rustic log cabin on 60 acres is an ideal spot for a group getaway. Situated less than half an hour from four ski resorts (the closest being five minutes down the road), this stunning home is the perfect home base for your ski holiday. The 9 bedrooms (including bunkrooms) can accommodate up to 26 people, and the heated pool, hot tub, fire pit, and game room will provide enough space to keep everyone occupied. But I mean, come on…that fireplace!

What guests are saying: “This was our third stay at this property and we had another fantastic time! It is an ideal getaway for our multi-generational family. We skied (Stratton, Okemo and Bromley), walked the trails and warmed up by the fire and in the hot tub. The cabin-like atmosphere and décor really let you know that you are away and relaxing.”

Timber Frame Farm and Silo Interior Fireplace

Custom Timber Frame Barn & Silo

Morristown, VT

Sleeps 10 | $871/night

This home has not one, but two drop-dead gorgeous fireplaces, one inside and the other out. The living room showstopper, accented by custom timber framing and plush leather couches, is the epitome of coziness. And the rest of the property is no slouch either. A secluded 265-acre private estate, there is more than enough room to explore and spread out, and the one-of-a-kind silo housing 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms will leave you the envy of all your vacation-taking friends.

What guests are saying: “What a dreamy location for a family gathering of the generations. This breathtaking structure comfortably housed 14 of us, with a couple of couches to spare! The grand dining area, made fires both inside and out, watching the stars and playing games in the evenings. My grandkids loved the peddle boat on the pond and the magical Forest of the Witches Hat Treehouse. We even got to enjoy a remarkable storm from the great window that we won’t soon forget. Memories were made and will be treasured.”

Dog-friendly, lakeside home w:wood-burning fireplace:private Fireplace Living Room

Dog-Friendly Lakeside Home

Eden, VT

Sleeps 8 | $118/night

This lakefront gem in Eden, VT is the escape you’ve been needing. The living room fireplace is the perfect place to warm up after a long day spent walking around the lake or skiing in the nearby mountains. As an added bonus, this classic cabin is dog-friendly, so your pup can enjoy curling up and dozing fireside as well. A quick drive away be sure to visit the world-famous Hill Farmstead Brewery in nearby Greensboro, VT.

What guests are saying: “Two things you need to know…. Fireplace at night and lake in the morning! Loved the stay.”

Beautiful lodge with furnished deck and views - near skiing Living Room

Beautiful Lodge with Views

Warren, VT

Sleeps 10 | $425/night

The fireplace in this architect-designed ski lodge might only be eclipsed by the views from the windows that surround it. From the mountainside eight-acre perch, you’ll get the feeling of being in a treetop mansion with valley and forest views from all angles. Wonderfully secluded, yet close to all the skiing the Mad River Valley offers, this five bedroom, four-bathroom lodge is ideal for multiple families and groups. A trip (or five) to The Warren Store is an absolute must during your stay - the deli is next-level. 

What guests are saying: “This is a uniquely custom home that is both quirky and whimsical while also being cozy and warm. Wood abounds with many different lighting options and seating and sleeping for ten but bathrooms for less. Only one en suite bathroom (with a steam shower and big Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom.) Lovely views nestled in the woods with a very short trip to Sugarbush. Great visit!”

5BR Modern Luxury in Stowe A+ location Fireplace at Night Cozy

Modern Stowe Luxury

Stowe, VT

Sleeps 12 | $3150/night

If you like to mix your skiing with an extra side of luxury, this is the spot for you. The Stowe Glass House is undeniably luxurious in every possible way, while still feeling downright homey and comfortable. The gorgeous, centrally-located fireplace ties together the kitchen, living, and dining rooms seamlessly, so no matter what room you’re in, you’ll always feel part of the party. Five bedrooms, a game room, sauna, heated pool, hot tub, and wine room - the amenities are too many to list, but suffice it to say, you’ll be living well when you visit.

What guests are saying: “The Stowe Glass House was lovely! The kitchen was well stocked, the instructions were very clear and the stay was great! We loved gathering by the wood fireplace after a day of skiing. The beds were very comfortable. Thanks for a great stay!”

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Fireplace

Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and Amazing Views

Warren, VT

Sleeps 10 | $1200/night

This mid-century modern masterpiece has been recently renovated with complete attention to detail. Enjoy the ease of starting the gorgeous gas fireplace then kick back and relax while taking in the views from the lofted fireplace and decks. A true chef’s kitchen and four bedrooms (check out that bunkroom!) make this an ideal spot for a family trip, and with Sugarbush Resort just down the road, you’ll be coming back every year.

What guests are saying: “This property hits it out of the park. The owner is fantastic and easy to deal with, the house is ideally located for skiing and the house itself is the perfect modern ski house. All details from the boot-drying rack and spacious mud room, hot tub, overall layout (easy for adults and kids to share), kitchen design and appliances (Breville and equivalent throughout), beautiful bathrooms (even the kids mentioned how nice the towels were), huge gas fireplace, sensational views, welcome basket filled with local treats, and stocked drink fridges (not a typo - two drinks fridges) are perfectly executed. By far and away the best rental we've had at Sugarbush. Thank you!!”

Updated 5/2/23

Are you engaged (or planning on getting engaged soon) and planning a wedding in the next year?  Facebook data indicates that 30% of engagements happen in November and December.  Additionally, they note that the average engagement time is 14 months. That means a lot of wedding planning is going on right now!

Kimpton Taconic Wedding Photos Wedding Reception Tent Bright and Airy
Kimpton Taconic

One of the first questions the engaged couple needs to answer is “Where will the wedding take place?” Destination weddings have become very popular in recent years.  One of the greatest benefits to a destination wedding is that the location is neutral – not his or her hometown, not where either set of parents now live, not even where school friends now reside.  In addition, most destination weddings extend the celebration with family and friends from the usual one day or evening to multiple days.  (Many couples agree that the wedding reception was over too quickly, and they wish they’d had more time to spend with their guests.)

If a destination wedding is your choice, Vermont and the Kimpton Taconic Hotel in Manchester Village are excellent choices.  (Located a reasonable driving distance from anywhere in the Northeast, southern Vermont sees thousands of visitors every year.)

Let’s imagine how the perfect Taconic wedding might look.  Taconic was completed in 2015 and, while offering all the modern amenities of the 21st century, it harkens back to Vermont’s grand inns of the late 19th century.  With its inviting front porch and beautifully landscaped grounds, Taconic offers a backdrop for your wedding that has a fairy tale quality.  The fairy tale continues in the magnificent Trillium ballroom which leads to an outdoor terrace and the expansive event lawn…and all of this in a setting that shows off the natural beauty of Vermont, from majestic mountains to crystal clear skies.

Taconic’s event planning professionals make your wedding decisions easy, starting with the room reservations.  Choose your accommodation in a private cottage away from the Main House for a truly enchanted setting.  As a relatively small hotel of 86 rooms, your wedding party could take over the entire hotel for a very exclusive event.  Additional rooms are also available within steps of Kimpton Taconic, at The Reluctant Panther and Inn at Manchester, if needed.

Kimpton Taconic Wedding Photos Dinner Table at Night with Candles
Kimpton Taconic

Trust your reception to the hotel’s catering staff.  Not only do they bring all the experience you could demand, you will discover true Vermont farm-to-table cuisine , unique and apart from typical “banquet” food.   Plan your rehearsal dinner at The Copper Grouse, the hotel’s restaurant, and meet by the outdoor fire-pit for drinks after dinner.  Join your guests for coffee or tea on the expansive front porch prior to a next day brunch.  The hotel also has an arrangement with The Reluctant Panther, a nearby restaurant, for optional dining events.

Destination weddings are not only the kickoff for your honeymoon, but are generally a mini-vacation for your guests.  Manchester, Vermont offers something special at every season.  Choose your backdrop from the magnificent Autumn foliage to the snow-covered mountains to verdant Spring fields and Summer flowers.  The beauty of Vermont is world renowned.  Each season brings a wonderful list of activities for you and your guests.  Choose winter skiing or a sleigh ride.  Summer offers mountaintop picnics and fly fishing on the nearby Battenkill River.  In the Fall, take a scenic drive to view world-famous foliage or spend an afternoon shopping local boutiques and designer outlets in Manchester.

Kimpton Taconic Hotel - Summer Outdoor Wedding Seating
Kimpton Taconic

Planning for your big day can be exciting and sometimes stressful.  If a destination wedding in Vermont is an option you’re considering, you owe it to yourself to contact the event planning staff at the Taconic. Right now (and until April 1, 2017), the Taconic is offering a special promotion to help make your wedding even more personal. Based upon food and beverage minimums, the hotel will give you additional “perks” to make your day perfect.  These special touches include options such as an upgrade to a suite for your wedding night, a 15% discount on a brunch or rehearsal dinner, or hand-passed custom cocktails or champagne.  In all, there are 14 options to choose from. Reserve your date now and the hotel also invites you to visit with one free night to meet with wedding planners and discuss all the details for your magical wedding.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

It’s not a secret that the beer scene in Vermont is positively booming. With more breweries per capita than any other state, folks come to the Green Mountains from far and wide to sample the latest IPAs, find the hottest new releases, and bring home a few pints of the next best thing in brewing. It’s no wonder that a Vermont beer-cation is seen by many aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike as a veritable mecca. 

Now of course, popping open a crisp lager on a hot day is hard to beat, but don’t feel that you need to wait for the dog days of Summer or Vermont Foliage to embark on your brewery odyssey. If you haven’t done aprés ski at a brewery or bierhall, it begs the question - have you really done aprés ski at all? 

Whether you’re grabbing a pint after a deep day of pow, sitting by the lodge fire with a hearty porter, or tipping back a cool DIPA after a bluebird day on the hill, there’s no question that a great beer just makes it that much sweeter. Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite Vermont breweries after a day of skiing and riding.

von Trapp Brewing

Stowe, VT

The von Trapp family is legendary in Vermont and for far more than just their musical and theatrical fame - they brew one heck of a beer. With the desire to brew an American version of the lagers they enjoyed in Austria, the von Trapp family has created one of the best and most beautiful beirhalls in the state. Located just down the road from Stowe Mountain Resort, pop in after a day on the slopes and you’ll start to appreciate the effort and attention to detail that this brewing family puts forth.

Beer of choice: BOHEMIAN PILSNER | 5.4% ABV 42 IBU | “Our award-winning interpretation of a Bohemian Style Pilsner. Spicy, citrus peel botanicals combine with a dry, peppery finish to create a truly thirst-quenching lager. A beer that demands you take more than one sip.”

Lawson's Finest Liquids

Lawson's Finest Liquids

Waitsfield, VT

With soaring ceilings, impressive timber framing, and relaxing fireplaces the taproom at Lawson’s Finest Liquid is a veritable oasis. We love to post up at one of the community-style tables, put in an order of pretzels and chili, and bring on the beer flights. After hitting up nearby Mad River or Sugarbush, there’s a palpable buzz in the air at the taproom, and it just feels like you belong.

Beer of choice: Double Sunshine Ruby Red Grapefruit Double IPA | 8% ABV | “This special edition of our American Double IPA is made with ruby red grapefruit, adding an extra layer of mouth-watering, juicy, lush fruit character along with dank tropical aromas.”

Long Trail Brewing Co.

Long Trail Brewing Company

Bridgewater, VT

Killington is called the Beast of the East, and after a particularly gnarly session of ripping bump runs on Outer Limits, there’s nothing like heading to Long Trail Brewing for a little R&R. The riverside taproom was modeled after the Hofbräu House in Munich, Germany, and is an absolute stunner. Of course, Long Trail is a Vermont classic, but what we love is that they keep pushing the envelope and moving forward with great new beers all the time and keeping us on our toes and on the lookout for new releases.

Beer of choice: Hibernator | 6% ABV | “A Vermont classic, built to take the bite from a cold winter night with the rich malt base highlighted by warming notes of caramel and toffee.”

Hill Farmstead Brewery Winter Exterior
Hill Farmstead Brewery

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Greensboro Bend, VT

Now it’s a bit of a stretch since Hill Farmstead is a solid 45-minute drive from it’s closest skiing neighbor Burke Mountain. But let’s be honest, many people have driven significantly farther distances to try the beer from Hill Farmstead (ourselves included). Hill Farmstead has won more beer-cult-connoisseur love and accolades than seemingly any other beer in the state, and with their consistent production of mind-blowingly excellent beers, we echo those sentiments. Make the pilgrimage and come up to the Farmstead.

Beer of choice: Edward | 5.2% ABV | “Edward (1917-2002) is our grandfather; Hill Farmstead Brewery rests upon the land that was once home to him and his five children. In his honor, this American Pale Ale is dutifully crafted from American malted barley, a plethora of American hops, our ale yeast and water from Edward’s well. It is unfiltered and dry hopped.”

Outer Limits Brewing

Outer Limits Brewing

Proctorsville, VT

Outer Limits Brewing is housed in a brightly renovated brick farmhouse and in addition to a great pint of beer, they also sling a mean pizza pie. Perfect for stopping in for a spell on the way home from riding at Okemo, Outer Limits often has great live music and is just a great all-around hang. 

Beer of choice: Atmosbeer (Dark Mild) | 3.6% ABV | “The OG of session beers, our dark mild will leave you wanting more. This style lies between brown ale and porter. We have brewed our dark mild using maple sugar.”

Lost Nation Brewing

Morrisville, VT

While some of the other brewery bierhalls can feel like stunning architectural feats, the taproom at Lost Nation feels more like a clubhouse, and we love it. Set towards the back of their brewing facility, you’ll find a simple long wooden bar and four or five low-top tables, and some damn fine beers. Serving up a great pub menu of tons of favorites, Lost Nation is the perfect spot to grab some brews and a meal after a day crushing the runs at Smugglers’ Notch.

Beer of choice: Lost Nation Mosaic IPA | 5.5% ABV |“Our single hop IPA is brewed and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Clean and crisp with an incredible balance between juicy fruit flavors and hop bitterness.”

Prohibition Pig

Prohibition Pig

Waterbury, VT

What do you get when you cross one of the area's best restaurants with some of the best local beers? Prohibition Pig, of course! Conveniently located just a few miles down the road from a similar local’s favorite, Bolton Valley, Prohibition Pig’s brewery is found behind the restaurant itself and is deliciously chill and relaxed. Excellent food, outstanding beers, and a great vibe? Count us in.

Beer of choice: Winter IPA | 6.7% ABV | “West Coast Style IPA w/Cascade, Centennial & Chinook Hop”

The Alchemist Brewery

Stowe, VT

So close to Stowe Resort, it’s practically slopeside, The Alchemist Brewery is similarly legendary. Practically revolutionizing the double IPA that is now so ubiquitous, The Alchemist has repeatedly demonstrated why they’re one of the best in the game. Their taproom is just as excellent an experience as drinking their creations, with a fun open space, epic artwork, and of course, ice-cold brews. Word on the street it’s getting even better this Summer with the addition of additional seating and event space options. We’re pumped.

Beer of choice: Heady Topper | 8% ABV | “Heady Topper is an American double IPA. This beer is not intended to be the biggest or most bitter. It is meant to give you wave after wave of hoppy goodness on your palate. Tremendous amounts of American hops will creep up on you, and leave you with a dense hoppy finish in your mouth. So drinkable, it's scary. Sometimes I wish I could crawl right into the can.”

Drop-In Brewing Company

Middlebury, VT

We’ve been massive fans of Drop-In Brewing ever since Brewmaster & Founder Steve Parkes opened in 2012. With their taproom in the perfect location to grab a growler on our way back from the Middlebury Snowbowl, we’re happy to have another excuse to stop in and chat. The beers here are fresh and classy and are the perfect bookend for a great day of skiing and riding.

Beer of choice: Red Dwarf | American Amber Ale | 5.2% ABV | “Red Dwarf has a well-balanced caramel malt flavor and complex hop profile, lending a citrusy, floral flavor and aroma. The finish is clean and dry. This beer is a perfect companion to virtually every meal.”


With ski season in full swing, there’s no better time to book your Green Mountain getaway and imbibe with a growler or two. Be sure to check out of full Skiing and Riding Guide for a deeper dive into the season. And as always, stay up to date on the latest Deals and Packages for your next Vermont adventure.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Hitting the slopes in the Winter months in Vermont isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. If you're someone who doesn't plan on doing any skiing or riding any time soon, don’t let that stop you from still planning an epic Vermont Winter getaway. There are always a ton of options to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors this Winter - with the added bonus of never having to worry about lugging skis to the mountain or finding parking. Whether you’re dog sledding in Warren, tubing on Stratton, Ice skating in Manchester, or hot-tubbing in the Kingdom, just because skis and boards aren’t on your feet doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast. Check out some of our favorite “ski-free” outdoor Winter activities and get out there and have some fun!

Ziggy and Lynn at Taylor Farm

Sleigh Rides

Picture gliding across snowy fields and country lanes, with the crisp night air filled with snowflakes. Jingle bells ringing and a cup of warm hot chocolate in your hands. A quick stop at a warming cabin and back again into the moonlit night. Equal parts romantic and exhilarating, but also a perfect outing for a group or family. Many inns and farms offer traditional horse-drawn sleigh rides, but two of our favorites are at Taylor Farm in Londonderry, and Gentle Giants in Stowe.


If you've never tried it, snowmobiling is easy, comfortable, and absolutely addictive. The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) maintain over 5,000 miles of well-marked trails. Some winter resorts offer guided rides to get you started, including Stratton Mountain Resort in Southern Vermont and Sterling Ridge Resort in the North.

Dog Sledding

The sight (and sound) of 16-dog teams racing over a frozen lake or through the woods is hard to match. If you’re looking for an epic adventure of the canine variety, look no further than a dog sled tour. Umiak Outdoor Outfitters runs several great routes, including ones in Warren and Waterbury, but our favorite way to hit the dog trail is at the Stowe Evening sled rides.

Snow Cardio

If you’re looking for a killer workout that is also a ton of fun, you’re in luck. Vermont's cross-country skiing centers offer a wide range of peaceful escapes from groomed trails over open meadows to sheltered tracks through whispering pines. Or if you prefer, you can leave it all behind on a pair of lightweight snowshoes and head out into the backcountry. And while these activities might sound downright transcendental (they are), you’re also burning a boatload of calories! That’s a win-win in our book. Three classic spots are Viking Nordic Center in Londonderry, Woodstock Nordic Center, and the trails at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe.

Snow Tubing

“You mean, sledding?” Well sure, sledding is great and there are a ton of famous sledding hills throughout the state, but we’re talking about Snow Tubing and it's not just for kids anymore. Snow Tubing is sledding’s big brother, but it’s the perfect activity for families and friends of all ages. Flying down a hill on a snow tube with the wind whipping through your hair, racing your friends down, then taking a lift back to the top to do it all over again. For a great setup, be sure to look into what they're doing at Stratton Mountain Resort. At the base of the Sun Bowl, with four massive lanes, you're going to have an absolute blast. We also love how the folks at Smugglers’ Notch do tubing with two separate courses, as well as Glow Tubing where at night they set up a ton of brightly colored LEDs to really get the tubing party started!

Ice Skating

It’s a classic for a reason, ice skating is still a blast! Whether you’re hockey-stopping, setting new speed records, or dialing in the triple axle - time seems to fade away when you’re out on the ice. Be sure to check out the complimentary ice skating setup at Stowe at the base of the Spruce Peak Village.

Ice Climbing

If you’re looking for a next-level thrill, or to really drop some jaws on your next Instagram reel, Ice Climbing is the way to go. While it may look hardcore and extreme, ice climbing can actually be a great sport to get into as a beginner, especially when you take a clinic or tour with a great instructor. We love setting a route to the ice in Smugglers’ Notch and Lake Willoughby, and the folks at Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center are some of the best folks imaginable to show you the ropes.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing in Vermont can be rugged, or meditative, or even downright luxurious. And often times it can be all three. So whether your setup is a bucket and a hole, or a shanty with a flatscreen and WiFi - your day out on the ice is bound to be a catch. If you want to increase your odds of bringing home a trophy-sized keeper, join up with the ice fishing tours with our friends at 3rd Alarm Charters.

Fat Biking

One of our favorite outdoor activities each Winter is to hit the trails on a fat bike. Fat biking refers to the larger width of the tire than that of a standard bike, which helps you float on some snow, as well as power through other snowpacks. Pretty much all the places that we love to trail ride or mountain bike in the warmer months also have fat biking, so there’s a ton of great variety and terrain to choose from. Be sure to check out Cady Hill in Stowe, as well as Stratton Mountain Resort for some great options.

Hot Tubs + Spas

After a day or two of checking off all of the activities listed above, you’ve definitely earned a little rest and relaxation. What better way to lean into it than an afternoon at an outdoor hot tub? Perhaps a pint of local IPA or glass of bubbly at your side, and the stress and efforts of the day just seem to melt right away. Some of our favorite hot tub locales are at The Top Notch in Stowe, as well as the Pump House at Jay Peak. Ahhhh…we could get used to this.

Calendar of Events

As always, be sure to stay up to date on all the latest events and activities here in the Green Mountains, and check out our Calendar of Events.

All listings featured on are independently selected by our editors. If you book or purchase something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission - which in turn helps support our work - so, thank you!

Updated 9/14/2023

There’s no question, a visit to Vermont during Fall Foliage is downright magical. The crisp, fresh mountain air, resplendent bursts of color on every tree, delicious cider donuts, plus that glorious crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. No matter if the weather is moody and dramatic, or shining bright and radiant - everything is just…a vibe. 

If you’re looking to escape to the trailside mountains of the Northeast Kingdom or take in a sunset overlooking Lake Champlain, there are options aplenty. You can luxuriate with world-class spas or immerse yourself in rugged nature, and everything in between. Wherever you choose to stay, when you come to Vermont during foliage, you’re in for a treat. 

That being said, there are a few places that go above and beyond in terms of amenities, or service, or location that will help make your trip even more memorable. Each of the properties below have something entirely special in store for you. Without further ado, here are thirteen of the best places to stay in Vermont during Fall Foliage.

Stratton Mountain Resort Fall Foliage
Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton, VT

2+ Guests | $145/night

Southern Vermont’s highest peak is the perfect vantage point for dramatic Fall foliage vistas. With concerts and harvest festivals happening nearly every weekend at Stratton during Foliage, your Autumn itinerary here will be jam-packed with peepin’.

On a clear day, a hike out to the fire tower will be rewarded with views clear across the state and the Gondola ride up or down can make it a breeze (that view!). Be sure to make it up for Brewfest when local breweries from around the Green Mountains come to pour their latest pints.

Also, don’t forget to hit up some of the best lift-serve mountain biking in the state with terrain for all skill levels. If shopping is more your speed, strolling the village shops is a must - and the country-chic town of Manchester is just a few minutes down the road.

The lodging options up here are just as varied and epic as the activities, with trailside townhouses, luxury suites, and mountain lodges all acting as the perfect home base for your VT experience. From top to bottom, Stratton is your one-stop destination for all that is Foliage.

What guests are saying: “This place is incredible - it is an entire town wrapped around a ski mountain. Ate an amazing dinner at mulligans, followed by a relaxing stay at the Black Bear Lodge, which included pool and free breakfast. The mountain was top notch and was lucky to see maybe half of it during a full 8-hour day, that's how much terrain they have. Overall, amazing place to make memories with friends and family.”

Basin Harbor Lake View
Basin Harbor Club

Basin Harbor Resort

Vergennes, VT

2+ Guests | $370/night

Set on 700 acres on the shores of Lake Champlain, it is hard to imagine a more stunning getaway than Basin Harbor. Open from early Summer through late Fall for more than 130 years, Basin Harbor is the lakefront, luxury Summer Camp of your dreams. And trust us, it’s even more drop-dead gorgeous in Fall.

Get in a round or two on their lakefront 18-hole championship golf course in the morning, and follow it up with waterskiing, paddle boarding, and boat rentals in the afternoon. Don’t forget the tennis courts, biking trails, and sailing!

With lush lakefront cabins, you’ll have front-row seats for romantic sunsets, and be able to fall asleep to the gentle lapping of the waves each night. **Swoon**

What guests are saying: “Super great place. Bring the kids, the boat, and the golf clubs. Stay a weekend or a week. The staff is awesome and the amenities are amazing. Pool is warm. The Red Mill is a great place to catch up with friends. There is a grass runway if you prefer to fly. Come check it out even it's only a day. You won't regret it.”

Grafton Inn

Grafton Inn

Grafton, VT

2+ Guests | $189/night

Everything about the Grafton Inn is downright delightful. From the bucolic village thoroughfare to the front porch with rocking chairs, you will instantly feel at peace and at home.

The forty-two individually decorated rooms, suites, and guest houses are spread out across the inn’s property and help provide a quaint sense of community and belonging. Be sure to stop in for a drink and dinner at the hand-hewn 200-year-old wooden barn-turned-pub, and also explore the hamlet of Grafton itself.

Nearby you’ll find Grafton Village Cheese (some of the best cheese in the state!) and also don’t miss the Grafton Trail Network to fully immerse yourself in the fall beauty. With plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore, you’ll be able to find your next adventure in no time.

What guests are saying: “​​We love the Grafton Inn! And it's never looked more beautiful with its lovely property and wonderful dining venues from the Phelps Barn to the Garden Room to the formal dining room. Every room is different with charming antiques and super comfy bedding. The town is adorable and a wonderful get away destination for refreshment and the beautiful Vermont location. Plus the staff is exceptional!”

The Summit House - A Dreamy Stowe A-Frame

Stowe, VT

Sleeps 6 | $471/night

Nestled less than a mile from the heart of Stowe, The Summit House promises an unforgettable retreat into Vermont’s picturesque landscapes. This renovated A-frame cabin combines the warmth of a home with the luxury of a 5-star resort, offering guests an experience that goes beyond a typical rental.

The cabin comfortably houses up to six guests with three tastefully decorated bedrooms and a spa-style rainfall shower to unwind in after a day of adventure. The modern amenities like a wood-burning fireplace, 50" TV, and glass-wall bedroom that lets morning light gently filter through the forest set the tone for a cozy and tranquil getaway.

Whether it's sipping your morning coffee with views of the woods or enjoying a movie night by the fireplace, The Summit House ensures a stay that is as relaxing as it is captivating. And with downtown Stowe just a stroll away, you're never too far from vibrant restaurants and recreational opportunities.

What guests are saying: “We had a great time at the Summit House! Just as pictured in the photos. Unique style with cool decorative touches. Waking up with the view of the trees was absolute bliss. The beds and linens couldn’t be more comfortable, awesome shower. Easy location with close proximity to Stowe town for easy access to loads of activities!”

Timber Frame Farm and Silo Exterior in Summer

Timber Frame Barn and Silo on 265 Acres

Morristown, VT

Sleeps 10 | $900/night

Like something out of a fairytale, this majestic timber frame barn is jawdropping. Massive fieldstone fireplaces (both inside and out) make for the ideal gathering space for group getaways.

The 4-story attached silo houses a domed bunkroom, two bedrooms, and a bathroom, and is a showstopper. If you’re looking for your own private Foliage estate, the nearly 300 acres of mountain views, country fields, ponds, and treehouses are just what you need.

All of that, but just 15 minutes from the shopping and dining options of downtown Stowe. The ideal location for family get-togethers and holidays, this Vermont classic checks all the boxes.

What guests are saying: “What a dreamy location for a family gathering of the generations. This breathtaking structure comfortably housed 14 of us, with a couple of couches to spare! We enjoyed breakfasts and dinners I. The grand dining area, made fires both inside and out, watching the stars and playing games in the evenings. My grandkids loved the paddle boat on the pond and the magical Forest of the Witches Hat Treehouse. We even got to enjoy a remarkable storm from the great window that we won’t soon forget. Memories were made and will be treasured.”

Wildflower Inn - Summer Aerial Property View

Wildflower Inn

Lyndonville, VT

2+ Guests | $144/night

The sweeping mountain and valley views from the Wildflower Inn are dramatic and beautiful. Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the Wildflower Inn is a favorite of many visitors, but the proximity to Kingdom Trails, makes it an especially beloved establishment for those looking to mountain bike during their Foliage adventure.

Rest assured though, just because you might be getting after it on the single-track doesn’t mean your accommodations need to be similarly rugged. Just the opposite, the suites and cottages at the Wildflower are cushy and welcoming and the on-site restaurant and pub are delicious.

Don’t miss out on hiking nearby Mt. Pisgah as the views over Lake Willoughby below will be something you’ll never forget. Keep in mind, Foliage comes early to this Northernmost part of the state, so be sure to plan your leaf-peeping itinerary accordingly.

What guests are saying: “This place is Vermont turned up to 11. The gardens are perfectly taken care of, the service is wonderful, the views are a postcard, and the attention to detail is outstanding. They address so many little touches that add up to a terrific overall experience. Things like fresh cookies and hot cider in the afternoon (GF available by request!), or a basket of warm blankets to grab when sitting outside, or catering to the terrific mountain biking scene in the area (Kingdom Trails). It's actually more like a mini resort than an inn. The rooms are clean and comfy and have everything you would want. Be aware - no TV in the rooms, on purpose, but WiFi is strong. Good place to bring kids as well with a nice pool, playground, games, and tons of grounds to run around on. Love, love, love it here.”

Beautiful Teeny Tiny Cottage On Lake Eden Exterior Foliage

Teeny Tiny Cottage on Lake Eden

Eden, VT

Sleeps 2 | $65/night

If peaceful, tranquil, and serene are what you’re after, here it is. This tiny lakefront cottage might only be 240 sq. ft, but the charm factor is huge. Enjoy your morning coffee with unbeatable mountain and lake views on the front deck. Relax with a good book at the counter inside or in the king-sized bed up in the loft.

A full kitchen and bathroom are on hand, along with two tv’s, but the main reason to come up to Lake Eden is to unplug and relax. There’s great hiking all over (Devil’s Gulch is a favorite), and you’re directly in between Stowe and Jay Peak if you’re looking for a little excitement. Our top recommendation? Take a breath of fresh air, unwind from life’s craziness, and enjoy.

What guests are saying: “It is as close to waterfront as possible, it’s amazing! The deck is suspended over the water and that’s where I spent most of the time: eating my meals, reading, doing yoga. The inside space is clean and more than sufficient for 1-2 people. I loved being able to go for a swim so easily. The sun sets directly across from the cottage and the lake is so peaceful. There’s very light boat traffic. I truly hope to return again and again to get away and recharge. I’m definitely planning to rent the main house with my family too!”

5BR Modern Luxury in Stowe A+ location Glass Living Room

Modern Luxury in Stowe

Stowe, VT

Sleeps 12 | $3150/night

Similarly tranquil, but significantly more luxe, the Stowe Glass House is an architectural masterpiece. With walls of glass windows facing Mt. Mansfield, your foliage view from every direction is nothing short of spectacular.

Five bedrooms, including a spa-like master suite, allow for group and family getaways, and the 13-foot vaulted ceilings and stunning fieldstone fireplace of the living room are the perfect setting for one heck of a game night. There’s a large game room with pool table and tv, as well as an unreal cedar sauna (with wine rack!).

For us, however, the pièce de résistance is the private heated swimming pool. Just turn down the lights and gaze up at the clear Autumn night sky full of stars and take a dip. Now that’s living. 

What guests are saying: “We had a great time both with family and with friends. The house is well-appointed and we had everything we needed! The view is breathtaking and it was a joy to get up early and have the house to myself for a little while! There were many good suggestions for hikes in the owner's guide - and we chose to do one each morning, all followed by the afternoons in the pool! Well-needed break for us all!!!!”

Wilburton Arial Foliage Valley View
The Wilburton

The Wilburton

Manchester, VT

2+ Guests | $311/night

One of Vermont’s great estates, The Wilburton was built in 1902 as a Gatsby-esque mansion and it is just as dazzling today. Perched high on a hill The Wilburton has some of the best foliage views in Southern Vermont, with long sightlines into the valley below.

The 15-room main estate is joined by numerous cottages, bungalows, and mansions offering accommodation for every size of gathering. The grounds are filled with beautiful, thoughtful artwork and a stroll through the property’s acreage is downright unforgettable.

Located in historic Manchester, there is no shortage of shopping and dining to choose from, but one of our favorite Fall gatherings happens every Sunday at The Wilburton’s sister property Earth Sky Time’s concert series. Everything Wilburton is magical and top-notch, and this exquisite family-run establishment is high atop our must-visit list.

What guests are saying: “What a spectacular place to get away. Something out of a great novel. Gilded age mansion - but complete with all the modern conveniences. The property is just gorgeous - green mountains surrounding the beautiful lawn and refreshing evening breezes at night. My room was lavishly appointed and enormous. And what a view to wake up to - mists over the hills. Had me thinking of the musical Brigadoon. Made great use of the pool and tennis court. My hosts were gracious accommodating and generous. I'm definitely coming back.”

Red Rooster at the Woodstock Inn - Exterior Entrance

The Woodstock Inn & Resort

Woodstock, VT

2+ Guests | $289/night

Bucolic Woodstock is often called the most beautiful town in America, and at the heart of it sits the Woodstock Inn & Resort. New England charm and elegant accommodations set the stage for this 142-room resort, where you’ll find multiple on-site dining options, a LEED-certified world-class Spa, and luxurious golf, tennis, biking, and fishing facilities.

To give a taste of the next-level-’ness’ of the Woodstock Inn, you’ll even find a Falconry Center on-premise where you can learn and have hands-on encounters with the Sport of Kings. Mic drop.

For Fall fun, it doesn’t get much more quintessential than a stroll through the downtown, finding historic architecture, shops that have been open for more than 130 years, and excellent restaurants. Woodstock is pure Fall perfection.

What guests are saying: “This resort is the most elegant inn my wife and I have ever been to! It is incredible and the grounds are manicured to perfection…the staff is wonderful with a sense of pride in where they work. Our Tavern room was impressive with all the amenities you could ask for…if you want to be treated like royalty, then The Woodstock Inn has to be your only stop!”

Brand New Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub and amazing views Kitchen Living Room Fireplace

Mid-century Luxury Retreat with Hot Tub

Warren, VT

Sleeps 10 | $1257/night

This brand-new, mid-century inspired vacation rental is set to impress. An open-concept cathedral-ceilinged great room and professional-grade chef’s kitchen are just a few of the amenities that make this home special.

With four bedrooms, including a bunk room, you and nine friends are able to live it up in style. Located just a few minutes from Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, this Mad River Valley house is ideally suited for prime leaf peeping.

Gorgeous mountain views from every room will get you excited to get out into the mountains for the day. When you come back home in the evening, you’ll be able to relax by the fire and then jump in the 8-person saltwater hot tub. An oasis in the mountains.

What guests are saying: “This home is simply immaculate, artfully and intelligibly designed, and a pure pleasure to stay in. My brother and I both grew up cooking and baking, the kitchen is what sold us initially; it certainly did not disappoint. From the well-stocked pantry, amazing cutlery, china, cooking supplies, utensils, and appliances, it felt like cooking at home. The home is modern and welcoming, the owner supplied an obscene amount of complimentary local products, including beverages, snacks, and bath/body care products. Beyond that, he was quick to respond to every question and was more than helpful in fulfilling any and every request. I cannot say a single bad thing about this property, beyond a doubt one of the best vacation experiences I have ever had. Cannot wait to stay here during ski season.”

Brand New Luxury “Tiny” House, Immersed In Nature Exteriror Tree View

Luxury Tiny House Immersed in Nature

Windham, VT

Sleeps 3 | $281/night

Just because you’ll be sleeping amongst the trees, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be roughing it. Case in point, this luxury tiny house. Set in a beautiful pine, birch, and maple grove you’ll wake up in the perfect spot to experience all that a Vermont Autumn has to offer.

Minutes away you’ll find national forests with ideal Fall foliage hiking, as well as quaint country stores, local farmer’s markets, and mouthwatering restaurants. Back at the cabin your stay is cozy, luxe, and soon to be the envy of all your Instagram friends.

With a full kitchen, drop-down movie projector, queen-sized loft, and one of the most tranquil soaking tubs we’ve ever seen, you’ll be fully immersed in nature, and completely pampered. Take a deep dive into Fall this year and experience big living in tiny luxury.

Green Mountain Inn - Summer Exterior Family Fun Bonfire Marshmallows
The Green Mountain Inn

The Green Mountain Inn

Stowe, VT

2+ Guests | $169/night

A stay at the Green Mountain Inn is as Vermont as it gets. Historic charm and character supported by quality modern comfort and a seemingly endless variety of amenities.

A gorgeous year-round outdoor pool, fire pits, fitness center, and one of our favorite ski-town taverns, the Whip Bar & Grill. Ideally located right in the heart of downtown Stowe, you’ll find country stores, shopping boutiques, art galleries, and museums all within one block of your room.

Stowe itself seems something from a postcard with white steeple churches, towering mountains with bright foliage, covered bridges, and hiking trails and biking paths everywhere you turn. Stowe knows how to do Fall foliage right, and your time at the Green Mountain Inn is bound to be just as spectacular.

What guests are saying: “I can’t say enough good things about The Green Mountain Inn! We had the most romantic little weekend getaway here. Location was perfect- we were able to walk pretty much everywhere. The room was absolutely perfect (fireplace, jacuzzi tub, nice shower, comfortable bed) and the amenities were spectacular (bar/restaurant, pool/hot tub, fire pit.) Everyone was so incredibly nice and accommodating from check-in to check out, we really didn’t want to leave. This place is straight out of a Hallmark movie and we already can’t wait to come back!”

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Stratton in the Summer is a complete stunner. The tallest peak in Southern Vermont is mutiple captivating shades of brilliant green, and any heat or humidity you may have been feeling at home is quickly forgotten about amongst the cool mountain breezes. Outdoor adventures and rugged mountain experiences by day - refined dining and lush accommodations by night. This is what a Vermont-weekend getaway is supposed to be.

If you're looking to make the most of your time in the hills of Southern Vermont, our guide below is absolutely packed with heart-pumping adventures and tucked-away gems. Ready to elevate your getaway game? Stratton will absolutely show you how epic a weekend in Vermont can be. Let's dive in!

Friday Night:

After a long work week, the scenic drive up into the Green Mountains is relaxing and almost meditative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to party hearty upon arrival. We prefer taking things nice and easy and having a low-key first night. First up, checking in.

Stratton Mountain Resort Hearthstone Lodge

With nearly a dozen varieties available (from inns to hotels, townhouses to villas), there’s a lodging option for every size group or family. One of our faves is found in the rugged luxuriousness of the Hearthstone Lodge. Centrally located for all Stratton-based activities, the Hearthstone is a towering stone and timber beauty reminiscent of grand Western lodges. With two and three-bedroom units (all fully outfitted with cozy fireplaces, kitchens, and picturesque balconies) there is plenty of room to spread out over the weekend and deeply relax. More on this later.

Fire Tower Restaurant and Tavern

After dropping off your bags, you’re going to want to make your way across the street to the Fire Tower Restaurant and Tavern. A Stratton Village staple for years, the Fire Tower is one of our favorite spots for a great cocktail and meal. There are several gas firepits on the front patio, and starting off with a pre-dinner drink is always recommended. Fire Tower does cocktails right with fun and creative offerings that change with the season, but we’ve always been partial to their Bacon Old Fashioned (House Infused Bacon Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Muddled Cherry & Orange, Bitters). You’ll want to move inside for dinner - both the tavern and main dining room are warm, welcoming, and comfortable - where you again can’t go wrong with any of the selections. Offering a continually evolving menu, punctuated with eclectic specials and equally delicious favorites, this is the exact welcome meal you needed.

Making your way back to the lodge, you’ll continue to relax and unwind as you find yourself out on Hearthstone’s heated patio enjoying their year-round heated outdoor pool, hot tub, and sauna. The summer stars and warm waters sure go a long way in melting away any remaining city stress. Life is good.

Saturday Morning:

Following a great night’s sleep filled with that fresh mountain air, our suggestion is to again head out into the Stratton Village and grab breakfast at the Stratton Mountain Deli. Located about halfway down the pedestrian-only shopping and dining thoroughfare on your right-hand side, the Mountain Deli serves up the perfect breakfast to fuel your upcoming adventures. We’re fans of the Sloppy Jose breakfast bowl (chorizo, avocado smash, pepper, onion, and cheddar), but there are a host of veggie, vegan, and sandwich options to choose from as well.

Following a leisurely breakfast and coffee out on the deli’s patio, you can stroll through the village and over to the Gondola. Running all Summer long, the Gondola affords unbelievably stunning views of the entire surrounding mountains and valleys below, but for now, we’re suggesting a ride as a means to attend a high-altitude yoga class!

Stratton Mountain Resort

That’s right, your next Stratton activity is Mountain Top Yoga, a 90-minute relaxing yoga class where you can recharge with a sun salutation atop Southern Vermont’s highest peak. This mid-morning yoga class is held every Saturday and Sunday on a massive wooden deck where cool mountain breezes and sweeping Green Mountain vistas help bring you to a place of Zen. Namaste indeed.

Saturday Afternoon:

Stratton Mountain Resort Mountain Friends and Freedom Golf Course
Stratton Mountain Resort

For the afternoon, we suggest one of three different paths to choose from, starting with a round of golf on the 27-hole championship course. Featuring three distinctive 9-hole settings, Mountain, Lake, and Forest, the Stratton Golf Course has played host to six LPGA tournaments, and takes you on a tour of undoubtedly one of the most picturesque courses imaginable. Golf almost always has dramatic views and scenery, but Stratton takes it to the next level.

And speaking of taking it to the next level, you could also find yourself ripping berms and boosting kickers at Stratton’s Bike Park. First opened in 2019 and expanded each year, Stratton now offers up over 10 miles of lift-service downhill mountain biking excellence. Crafted by the premier trail makers at Sinuosity, there are trails and options for every level rider and age group. We’re talking big hits, flowy singletrack, and technical rock gardens. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of tearing down the mountain, through the trees and meadows, and just having a blast!

Stratton Mountain Resort

Alternatively, if you’re feeling like a little retail therapy might better suit your needs, Stratton has you covered there as well. The Village Shops are an excellent way to spend a few hours, perusing shops like Burton and The North Face, and one of our favorites; First Run. You’ll have no problem finding a mountain memento or two to bring home.

No matter which option you choose to pursue, you should 100% plan on wrapping up the afternoon with a massage at the Sports Center. With a traditional Swedish massage option, as well as Deep Tissue or Sports massage varieties, any knots or bumps from the day's activities will be skillfully eased away. Be sure to call in advance to reserve your session.

Saturday Night:

Stratton Mountain Resort

There’s no better way to finish a great day than with a high-end culinary experience and for this, we recommend a reservation at Verde. Whether you’re inside at a table or booth, or out under the stars on the fire-lit patio, Verde impresses. An extensive wine selection pairs perfectly with their seasonal offerings, and the ambiance is spot-on. Go on, have another glass of wine with dessert, you’re on vacation.

Sunday Morning:

Stratton Mountain Resort

Sunday mornings are meant for Brunch and subsequently, we advise finding a table at Benedict's. A menu filled with breakfast and brunch classics and twists on classics, we like to dive into one of their Skillet plates, the Three Piggies (kielbasa, North Country Smokehouse bacon, ham, and VT cheddar, served with a three-egg scramble with house potatoes). Alternatively, the Cali Benedict (sautéed spinach, tomato, avocado, hollandaise sauce, and local microgreens) or Brioche French Toast are similarly delicious. No matter what you decide, you’re going to leave satisfied - and full!

Stratton Mountain Resort

Which leads us to our next calorie-burning adventure, the Fire Tower hike. Now depending on how vigorous you’re feeling (or how many benedicts you ate), you can either hike up from the base lodge (see trail maps for route options), or you can take the gondola up to the summit and begin your hike from there. From the summit, follow the trail signs for the Fire Tower where a 1.5mi. out-and-back trail through the woods awaits. A beginner and family-friendly pathway, you’ll encounter a tight tree-lined forest path, with log platforms, impressive rock formations, and excellent views. However, the true payoff of this hike is the Fire Tower at the end. Climb the tower on a clear day and you’ll be able to see a stunning 360-degree view.

Sunday Afternoon:

You’ll most likely be looking to cool down after your summit hike and we’ve got just the right spot. Get changed into your swim trunks again and just a short drive past the Sun Bowl you’ll find a cascading 20-foot waterfall and a local’s swimming hole called Pike’s Falls. The walk down is through a path in the woods with large boulders and tree roots making for a striking natural staircase. Once down to the river below, enjoy swimming in the brisk mountain water, gliding down the natural rock water slide, or jumping off the varying heights of the falls itself - no matter which way you get in, you’re going to emerge feeling cooled down and completely refreshed. 


It’s about time to check out and head back home, but we have one more bonus recommendation for your trip back. Located in Rawsonville in the foothills of the mountain, you’ll come across a remodeled gas station-turned-eatery called Honeypie. Hang a right, grab a spot, and fuel up your body for the trip home. Honeypie is something special. The Vermont As Funk Burger (double burger with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, fried egg with melted Woodcock Farm Timberdoodle) is mind-blowing (as is most of the menu), and the Salted Caramel milkshake is a lesson in decadent perfection. Also, no matter how full you might feel, grab a slice of the eponymous honeypie…unreal.

Now that’s one heck of a way to spend a weekend, but one of the things we love most about our time at Stratton is that there’s always something new happening and somewhere exciting to explore, and that leaves us always pumped for our next adventure.

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One of the best ways to appreciate autumn in Vermont is to fully immerse yourself in nature-- or, in other words, take a hike! As the fall foliage season approaches, we’ve decided to compile a list of ten of the best hikes in southern Vermont so that you and your family can make the most of your trip together.

1. Equinox Mountain, Manchester, VT -- All levels of difficulty
Equinox Mountain (or Mount Equinox) is the second highest mountain in southern Vermont, and is the highest peak of the Taconic Range at 3,840+ ft. in elevation. Manchester sits in the valley on the east side, and there are plentiful hikes to do both around the base of the mountain as well as up it. Trips to and around Equinox Pond at the base of the mountain are excellent for beginners and hikers of all levels, and offer stunning views of the mountain from its base. Further up are Robin’s Lookout, an intermediate hike that goes part way up the mountain, as well as a more difficult hike up to the mountain’s summit-- about 5.4 miles round trip. Both offer gorgeous views of Manchester and the valley below.

Equinox Pond loop in Manchester, VT

2. Lye Brook Falls, Manchester, VT -- Beginner
This easy hike of about 4.6 miles round trip ends at a cascading 125 ft. waterfall-- one of the highest in Vermont. The trail is built upon old logging roads and railroad grades, and follows a steady incline. One may have to cross the occasional stream on the way up, so the appropriate footwear is highly recommended.

3. Prospect Rock, Manchester, VT -- Intermediate
Although steep at points, this 3.6 mile round trip hike is definitely worth the view. At the top, where the “Prospect Rock” is located, one can look out onto the town of Manchester in the valley as well as Equinox Mountain to the west, making this a beautiful spot for a sunset hike. One can also drive up to the top (4 wheel drive recommended!) In the winter, this hike is a popular spot for snowmobiling as well.

Prospect Rock in Manchester, Vermont
Prospect Rock in Manchester, Vermont

4. Bromley Mountain, Peru, VT-- Intermediate
In the summer and fall, when it is not an active ski resort, this 5.2 mile round trip hike offers gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains in all directions. To the north, one can see Killington and Okemo; to the south, Stratton; to the east, Magic and on a clear day, even New Hampshire; and to the west, Equinox and Mount Aeolus.

5. Stratton Mountain, Bondville, VT -- Intermediate
Like Bromley Mountain to the north, Stratton Mountain doubles as a ski resort in the winter. Parts of the hike are steep, although worth it to see the views from the summit and the firetower. The hike itself is 7.6 miles round trip, although one can also stop by Stratton Pond on the way back down for a bit of added mileage.

6. Baker Peak, Mt. Tabor, VT -- Beginner/Intermediate
This 5.6 mile round trip hike follows a gentle incline to its peak. At the summit, one can see Dorset Peak in close proximity to the southwest. A word of caution: if raining, be careful at the peak, for the rock becomes rather slippery. For a bit of extra scenery and mileage, Griffith Lake is also accessible from the trail.

7. Little Rock Pond, Mt. Tabor, VT -- Beginner
An easy hike, being only about 4.0 miles round trip, this trail leads to a small pond with beautiful views. One of the most hiked trails in southern Vermont, this trail is perfect for a walk with the family

8. Haystack Mountain, Pawlet, VT -- Intermediate
Although steep towards the top, the view at the summit of Haystack Mountain is completely worth the extra bit of effort. Most of the trail follows a steady incline upwards through the forest to stunning views of picturesque Pawlet and the Taconic Range. Only about 3.0 miles roundtrip, this hike is perfect for families who want a bit more of a challenge.

Haystack Mountain in Pawlet, Vermont
Haystack Mountain in Pawlet, Vermont

9. Merck Forest and Antone Mountain, Rupert, VT -- Beginner and Intermediate
Merck Forest is the perfect place to take a walk with little kids! This lovely spot is home to a little farm in the hills of Rupert as well as plentiful trails for walking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. For a more scenic look at the Adirondacks, as well as a longer hike of about 5.0 miles round trip, head up to Mount Antone. Access to this hike from the farm is easy, as it follows old roads out across the preserve. Maps and more trail information are available at the nature center at the front gate.

10. Bald Mountain “White Rocks”, Bennington and Woodford, VT -- Intermediate
This hike is accessible from two sides-- one from Bennington and the other from Woodford. From the Bennington side, this hike is about 8.0 miles round trip, which is longer than the Woodford counterpart of about 4.0 miles round trip. Just before the top are the “white rocks” the mountain earns its nickname from, at at the top are sweeping views of the town of Bennington, Mount Anthony, and New York.

Whatever path you choose for your next Vermont adventure, we wish you luck and hope you enjoy the fall foliage while it lasts!

Take a hike recently? We'd love to see! Send your photos to [email protected], tag us on Instagram @wearevermont, or message us on Facebook. Be sure to include your name and the photographer's, the date, and the location!

Ok, we may be a bit biased, but we think the best place to be during the winter months, is Vermont! Soon we’ll be covered in a blanket of white stuff and visitors from all over the world will come to enjoy our winter wonderland. One of the best things about a winter vacation in the Green Mountain State, is the variety of places to stay – from slopeside condominiums and lodges, to luxurious hotels, economic motels, intimate bed and breakfasts, and delightful old Vermont inns. In an effort to help you experience one of the most popular seasons in Vermont, here is a list of some of our favorite places to stay during winter. Enjoy this year’s ski season in Vermont!

Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton Mountain Resort – Bondville, VT – 800.STRATTON – Website – Facebook
Located in beautiful southern Vermont, Stratton Mountain Resort is a four-season destination known for its first-class skiing and snowboarding. It’s a great winter vacation destination for all ages and offers a wide selection of lodging choices throughout the resort. Enjoy home-away-from-home style accommodations with their many Stratton hotels and condo rentals, hide away in a private and secluded location, or live it up right in the heart of the village. Choose from a variety of floor plans and Stratton lodging options suitable for a romantic weekend, family vacation, or a getaway to Stratton Mountain with friends. With so many options available, we’re sure your winter vacation in Vermont will be one to remember!


Smugglers’ Notch Resort – Jeffersonville, VT – 866.628.1770 – Website – Facebook
Smugglers’ Notch Resort, also known as America’s Family Resort, has been redefining the family vacation for over 50 years! Located in northern Vermont, you can choose from condominium options within an easy walk or on-demand Resort Shuttle ride to all Village amenities. Stay in one of their convenient, cozy, family-style, condominium homes, each with fully equipped kitchen facilities and more. From their award-winning children’s programs for ages 6 weeks to 17 years, to entertainment designed for families and just for adults, Smugglers’ Notch Resort is a destination your entire family will enjoy!

Northeast Kingdom

Northeast Kingdom – East Burke, VT – 800.884.8001 – Website – Facebook
Located in the northeastern region of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom offers breath-taking scenery, outstanding lodging and dini