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2019 Fall Foliage: 1st Week of Early Reports

By StaffSep. 12, 2019

09/10/19 - West River in Londonderry, VT by Renee-Marie SmithMost of Vermont's forests are still very green and in the earliest stages of color development, but the Vermont Fall Foliage show has begun in the north and at higher elevations. Leaf Peepers are encouraged to visit Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom during these early stages of the foliage season. Keep checking back here as we continue to gather information from our "Leaf Squad" to report foliage conditions throughout the state!

You can find some gorgeous Vermont Fall scenery in our Autumn Photo Gallery, thanks to local photographers and visitors to Vermont. But truly, you've got to be here to fully enjoy the leaves. And remember, it's never too early to plan a fall vacation in Vermont!

Beyond leaf peeping, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Vermont’s mountains, meadows and villages during the fall. Discover Vermont Fall Festivals and other fun things to do in Vermont with our Calendar of Events. Don't see your event? Feel free to suggest an event so we can add it to our Calendar.

This "Current Conditions" map provides an approximate view of the current foliage color in Vermont.

Foliage color generally starts to change in the higher, cooler areas of the Green Mountains, spreading down into the Lake Champlain Valley and Connecticut River Valley, and moving from north to south across the state. The exact timing of the color change varies from year to year.

For more info on current conditions, call Vermont's Seasonal Hotline at (802)828-3239 ... and tell them sent you!

09/11/19 - Corn Maze near Stoweflake - byTera DacekSeptember 11, 2019
"At Stoweflake, we like to call this time of year Vermont's secret season. There are hints of fall everywhere in the air, the night temperatures become the perfect sleeping weather, apples are falling from trees and scattering the ground, and fall events are coming way. If you bike or walk along the Stowe Recreation Path, you will find one of our favorite tips that fall is coming... The Corn Maze! Perfect for families or couples looking for just a little challenge, with beautiful vista views of Mount Mansfield."
-- Tera Dacek, Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, Stowe, VT

09/11/19 - Early Foliage at UVM by Shea LincourtSeptember 11, 2019
"Over the weekend, temperatures started to cool off a little up here in the Burlington area. More color is becoming noticeable in the trees as well - most of the soft maples have begun to turn orange and red at the tips, like out front of the Univeristy of Vermont's Old Mill building. Other trees have also started to slowly fade to yellow in anticipation of the fall season."
-- Shea Lincourt, Burlington, VT

09/09/19 - Foliage near Red Clover Inn by Vicky TebbettsSeptember 9, 2019
"With temps still reaching into the 70s daily and a golden tint to the trees, late summer has reached the Killington Valley. A few early leaves come to rest in the Otter Creek, and the road to the inn is lush with just a bit of contrasting yellow. Spartans and Beasts will be in Killington this weekend for the Vermont Ultra, Beast and Sprint Weekend, and we've got the brews and outdoor hot tub for racers as well as pacers!"
-- Vicky Tebbetts, Red Clover Inn & Restaurant, Mendon, VT

09/09/19 The Village at Stratton Mountain Resort by Luke RobinsSeptember 9, 2019
"Pleasant temperatures, bright days, and colors growing brighter by the day make September the ideal time to hike the Green Mountains. Enjoy a view that inspired both the Long and Appalachian trails, which share a path over the Stratton summit, the tallest in southern Vermont. Scenic gondola rides now offered weekends and daily starting Sept. 28.

This week's events include: A serene mountain top yoga practice, open hours on our recently debuted, handcrafted mountain bike park, scenic gondola rides ideal for those keen to catch a glimpse of the earliest shades of red and golden yellow on the trees, and hiking to your hearts content."
-- Luke Robins, Stratton Mountain Resort, Bondville, VT

09/09/19 - Early Foliage in Peru, VT by Renee-Marie SmithSeptember 9, 2019
"My drive to the office was beautiful today, with bright blue skies and a few puffs of bright white clouds here & there. The air was pretty brisk this morning, which has got me thinking about when we should turn on the furnace at home. The leaves on the trees are starting to change to light green and yellow in my area of Southern Vermont. There are a few light orange leaves here & there, and I expect that the colors should really start to brighten by next week."
-- Renee-Marie Smith,, Manchester, VT

09/08/19 Foliage in Woodford, VT by Linda WarnerSeptember 8, 2019
"The season is already changing here on top of the mountain in Woodford. Won't be long before there will be color in any direction you look."
-- Linda Warner, Woodford, VT

Best Bets: During the earliest part of foliage season, viewing is more about elevation than location. Your best chances for spotting color are to 'get high' or 'get low.' Higher elevations with panoramic views will allow you to spot smatterings of color in the valleys below. Alternatively, you can 'get low' - marshy areas near bodies of water typically offer the first areas of foliage change and also offer a wide variety of tree species which enlarges the palette of early season colors.

The Foliage Reports are provided thanks to the Vermont Dept of Tourism, and by volunteer members of our Leaf Squad from around the state.

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September 9, 2019

By StaffSep. 12, 2019
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