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Windsor is a town in Windsor County, of the Southern Windsor County region, and is known as the birthplace of Vermont, where the state constitution was signed.

Before joining the United States as the 14th state, Vermont was an independent republic known as the Vermont Republic. Windsor was the capital of the Vermont Republic from 1777 to 1791, and acted as the first capital place for the State of Vermont until 1805 when Montpelier became the official capital.

Windsor is known in Vermont history as the location of the framing of the constitution of Vermont, which was unique in a number of ways: it was the first to prohibit slavery, the first to establish universal manhood suffrage without requiring ownership of property, and the first to establish a system of public schools.

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Quick Facts About Windsor

Some notable people from the area include: Asher Benjamin, an architect, author, & educator; Carlos Coolidge, a politician; Edward Curtis, a politician; A. E. Douglass, an astronomer; William M. Evarts, an attorney general, secretary of state, & senator; Horace Everett, a congressman; William Laurel Harris, an educator & arts organizer; Valentine B. Horton, a congressman; Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, a fur trader & developer of Chicago; Jonathan Hatch Hubbard, a congressman; William Hunter, a congressman; Bob Keeshan, an actor & television producer; Maxwell Perkins, an editor; Matt Salinger, an actor; Stephen William Shaw, an artist; Zachary Hyde, an American rapper who goes by the stage name "GENOCIDE"; Mark Shepard, a state senator; Nathaniel Simonds, a politician; William H.H. Stowell, a congressman, merchant & industrialist; Henry D. Washburn, a congressman & general; and Maxwell Evarts, Lead Council to the Union Pacific Railway, President of Windsor Savings Bank, & Founder of the State Fair Program in Vermont.


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