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These are the words of a sampling of satisfied customers. A common thread from letter to letter is the satisfaction our advertisers feel with the targeted traffic we drive to their sites.

Homestead Flooring Dear Vermont,com,
It has been a long time since I wrote to any business praising their performance, what with quality and service being a rare commodity these days. Being involved in construction my entire life I have dealt with many business, contractors and advertising agents buying or promoting my products. I have had the pleasure of working with Vermont.com and its staff for over 7 years and just wanted to let you know that I have had many direct sales of my product due to your promotional efforts. What I am most impressed with however is your friendly, courteous and professional staff. Your commitment to excellence is displayed throughout your communication when dealing with my concerns and requests. If you could not answer or find solutions to my requests, you found someone quickly who could, and then would complete the process by following up! Rarely does one see such complete performance to a small business owner in today's competitive world. Dealing with Vermont.com has been a pleasant stress-free experience. Working with professional, knowledgeable and friendly people makes all the difference in the world. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all your help,
Richard Ragone, President
Homestead Flooring Company

Manchester Designer Outlets Dear Mark,
Manchester Designer Outlets is thrilled to be on board with Vermont.com. Vermont.com is the perfect venue for MDO to reach our target market. I just recieved this quote in a letter from Abby Bobinski, our Technical Consultant ...

"I would like to compliment the work of Mark Koffman and Vermont.com. I have worked with various organizations and their existing website structures. I can honestly say that the design created for the MDO website has been the most efficient that I have ever seen. The coding created a seemless connectivity throughout the site and the navigation was well thought out. The efforts that were put into your site were great and can be easily noticed."

Judy Wheeler
Manchester Designer Outlets

The Essex Resort Mark,
The web traffic that we have been receiving from Vermont.com has been excellent! In fact your site has increased our total traffic by over 10% each month with corresponding bookings to match! Thanks Vermont.com!

Jim Glanville, General Manager
The Inn at Essex

Stratton Mountain Resort Mark,
We want to thank VERMONT.COM for providing outstanding results that we can track. And thank you for your personalized attention to our VERMONT.COM banners, events listings and news items.

VERMONT.COM consistently drives web visits to STRATTON.COM. This has become a powerful medium for delivering news and exclusive vacation values to those seeking the Vermont experiece.

Myra Foster
Stratton Mountain Resort

Working with Vermont.com was great not just for the results we got (which were really strong) but also because of their level of support.

With Vermont.com we got more than a Website to advertise on, we got a working partnership.

Caleb Brooks
Director of Advertising
Mount Snow

Stowehof Inn & Resort Mark,
I would like to express again how impressed we are by the interaction and personalized service you have provided. It is not often in this technological age that an advertiser will physically meet with a client, even in our small state. Over the last two years we have significantly expanded our web presence in both marketing dollars and exposure. In that time period it became clear the marketing and advertising ability of VERMONT.COM and how it impacted our business. As you know, in our 2003 budget we felt the need to reallocate marketing focus and VERMONT.COM was at the top of a long list. Even with a great track record it is always unnerving to commit substantial financial resources to a single internet marketing and advertising portal. To confess, I was nervous by the proposal. After talking and meeting with you I had no question that this was by far the most effective use of our marketing resources and the support you have provided has distinctly separated you from the competition. We are now aggressively pursuing the many opportunities for impressions that you offer and anticipate continued success and the most referrals from your site.

Christopher S. Grimes
Stowehof Inn & Resort

Dear Mark,
As you know, with only 2 weeks to go before the holiday season, our hotel bookings were lagging. I called you and immediately went on to the Vermont.com site. Our business picked up substantially and I became a believer in Vermont.com. Thanks for the help. I look forward to a long relationship with your site.

Bob Fries
Bolton Valley Resort

Dear Mark,
Thought you'd like to know that my website has a tracking system;and, that I'm receiving more than a truck load of referrals from VERMONT.COM. This is truly magnificent news indeed. It's proof positive that a presence at VERMONT.COM is a powerful tool and force in Vermont. Moreover, I find myself scanning your multiple categories and it really seems as if all you need to know or find in our state is right there waiting for you. The weather reports, radar, and detailed local reporting is the best I've seen anywhere. It keeps the locals absolutely in tune with up to the moment local conditions while providing folks in other areas precise weather conditions that they won't get elsewhere. CRAIG ALTSCHUL'S commentaries are always where I look first. Craig's whit and humor are superb; and, your own unhurried and helpful advice on the phone is always most appreciated. I'm delighted to be an active and continuing participant at VERMONT.COM.

I'll be back tomorrow to see what's new at VERMONT.COM ---Thanks for a most imaginative and helpful website.

John Thade

Thatcher Brook Inn Mark,
With 49% of the referrals from these TOP 25 sites coming from Vermont.com, we see this as the best exposure for our Inn and Restaurant. Consistently, our guests have mentioned...."we saw you on vermont.com!!".

Attached is the actual sheet from my counter with vermont.com entries in bold showing the different origins. These stats are from june 1, 2002 to present. As you can see, Vermont.com is by far the best referring web site for Thatcher Brook Inn no matter how many other sites we list with. With over 1200 click throughs in less than a 60 day period, we know why countless guests say "we found you on Vermont.com".

The site continues to improve!!! And the clicks keep on coming!!

Thanks for all of your advice and counsel ......it is truly appreciated.

John Fischer, Owner
Thatcher Brook Inn

The Vermont Inn HI Mark!
I just want to tell you how much success I have had with my presence on vermont.com.

Since the week that I joined (almost two years ago) yours has been our NUMBER 1 referrer to Vermontinn.com. We have been very impressed at how you have grown the site without us ever "falling through the cracks" and that every time I send a special package to you it gets up on the front page within the week. Thank you so much for sending us all the inquiries and we look forward to a long successful relationship with your organization!

Thanks again!
Megan and Greg Smith
Vermont Inn

Dear Mark:
I felt that I must write a few words of praise and deep thanks for all that you and Jason have done to help promote my tiny company into an international entitiy. At first I was very skeptical about the dollars involved in advertising with Vermont.com, but the proof is in the great number of clients that your company has brought to my business. In fact, in the first week a caller using Vermont.com made a $1,000 booking. Also, due to the high response from your site, I have hired two additional people to answer the phones in my office. I am very satisfied with the results so far. I look forward to many years of successful business together.

Nancy Griffith, President
Distinctive Rental Homes of Stowe, Inc.

Dear Mark:
I want to thank you and your site for all the wonderful referrals. I originally took out a free listing and recently upgraded. The first two days brought me in three bridal referrals!! The ad was paid for in one click! I have since dropped most print advertising, which was bringing me little return for much higher advertising costs. Vermont.com is just the connection a business needs.. especially in a high tourist state. As much as I would like to keep this my secret, I will pass along the good word about Vermont.com.

Tara Pollio
Tara Pollio Floral Design

Trattoria La Festa Dear Mark:
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us with Vermont.com. In fact you made us believers. As I explained to you early this summer we already are a very established restaurant with major national profile: Editorials on Gourmet magazine, Ski Magazine, Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, many travel guides, etc.,etc. I personally did not think we could get much more attention than that, but you proved us wrong. We have had two web sites for three years now, one is for the restaurant and the other one is for the B&B. In three years we received 12,000 visitors to our pages. Our business has been strong and the Internet visibility was good. Then, thanks to your business skills and flexibility, we signed up with Vermont.Com. Whoa, what a rush! Between July and August alone we had over 4,000 visitors to our Web pages. I have never seen anything like it. Visitors coming to Stowe were literally emailing us reservations over the Net after they found our site on Vermon.com. I think you guys have created a monster. I am delighted to be part of it and the bottom line definitely shows it.

God Bless America
Antonio De Vito, Chef/Owner
Trattoria La Festa, Stowe Vermont

Stowe Area Association Dear Mark:
I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the response we have received on Vermont.com. Vermont.com consistently shows up as one of our leading referring domains. You have worked with us to creatively suggest strong areas of banner presence throughout your site and modify placement when necessary. This has allowed Stowe to have a prominent presence on Vermont.com which we greatly appreciate. Keep up the good work and we look forward to maintaining and growing our presence on Vermont.com

Lynn P. Espey, Marketing Director
Stowe Area Association

Waterbury Tourism Council Dear Mark:
Just a quick note to update you on the progress of the site for the Town and Village of Waterbury....

Prior to any work on the site by Vermont.com, the site averaged approximately 12,000 hits per month. There was little effective promotion of the site and navigation on the extensive site was tedious.

Starting with your work in mid-April, we saw immediate traffic improvement with approximately 20,000 hits. Through May and June, traffic rose to 35,000 per month. Then in July the site recorded over 60,000 hits for the month!!!!!

We have received a number of email requests for information on tourism as well as re-location information. The design work and promotion of the site on Vermont.com are the only two compelling reasons for this enormous response.

Thanks for all of your help.
John Fischer
Waterbury Community Development Council

Dear Mark:
I wanted you to know that our relationship with Vermont.com is bearing fruit. Since Vermont Magazine has been listed on Vermont.com, the visits to our web site, vermontmagazine.com, have risen dramatically. Also, ever since we began offering a free issue on our web site beginning May 4, we've had 110 people who have signed up for the offer. Of those, fully 65 percent found us through Vermont.com!

Thank you again for your prompt and efficent service, and for helping to educate an old print journalist like me about the possibilities of the web. Keep up the good work. I look forward to a long and productive working relationship.

Yours truly,
David Sleeper, Publisher
Vermont Magazine
Middlebury, VT

The Snow Goose Inn To Mark at Vermont.com:
We would like to thank you for the fantastic response we have received from your website. Since being included on the Vermont.com Southern Lodging Page we are seeing a continued increase in internet traffic and subsequent bookings. The majority of our internet traffic finds us on the internet through Vermont.com. Your team is always very helpful and amazingly expedient whenever we wish to make any and all changes. Vermont.com has turned our website into an added value for our business!

Thanks once again to you all,
Phillip Waller, Owner
The Snowgoose Inn

Dear Mark,
You had told me that Vermont.com was the top producing website in the state, and at first I was a bit skeptical, but you have certainly made a believer out of me. It has become our third best producer and our top Vermont site.

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how well that Vermont.com is working for Cortina Inn and Resort. As the Internet has evolved over the past few years into our largest provider of new social business, I have had to get on top of where the business is coming from. I have subscribed to WEB TRENDS to help me evaluate the devilish game of tracking the referrals and see where we were investing our money well and where we were missing the mark. You will be happy to know that Vermont.com is truly the STRAW THAT STIRS THE DRINK when it comes to referrals. It is by far our biggest referrer. The name certainly helps, but it is the quality of your site and the work that you have done to position it on the engines that make a difference.

I have enjoyed doing business with you and hope we have a long relationship. Keep up the good work.

Theodore Bridges, General Manager
Cortina Inn and Resort

Frog's Leap Inn Dear Mark,
Thank you for our introduction to Vermont.com as an advertiser. Advertising on Vermont.com is giving us the exposure we need in today's marketplace. As a new business in Southern Vermont, it would have taken years (and $$$$) to elevate our name recognition level through traditional advertising methods, to that which you have helped us reach in months. Along with the strong local (and vocal!) support we receive from the communities and businesses of Londonderry, Weston, Manchester, Ludlow, and Chester (to name a few), Vermont.com has done much to make this a banner year for Frog's Leap Inn.

Many advertisers have already written to you regarding boosts in sales and traffic to their sites. We too, have seen marvelous results, but don't wish to be repetitious. We thank you and your business associates for your personalized service & dedication. All too often the "bottom line" is reduced to terms of numbers, dollars, and cents. Doing business with Vermont.com expands the "bottom line" to numbers, dollars, and SENSE - A sense of caring, concern and community (as well as making sense to spend advertising dollars wisely!) We feel Vermont.com is not just concerned with selling advertising space. Mark Koffman's Vermont.com is concerned with helping businesses in Vermont succeed in today's marketplace. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Kraig & Dorenna Hart, Owner/Innkeepers
Frog's Leap Inn

Landgrove Inn To Mark Koffman and his staff:
This letter is sent to you to express our appreciation for an outstanding job in presenting the Landgrove Inn on your vermont.com web site. This is our first full page exposure on the internet and we have been most impressed with the results. Email inquiries and phone requests for more information have doubled. (See copy of recent fax inquiry attached). We have been able to identify actual bookings through our sourcing at reservation time and find it encouraging. It has only been three months and if these results are any indication of possible future activity (which we believe it to be) we will continue to be most grateful. Thank you all again!

D. Jay Snyder, President
Landgrove Inn

To: Mark Koffman
WOW! You and your associates did a fantastic job on punching up our web page to a more interesting and exciting visual. The orders have increased since we linked to Vermont.com. Our hits have increased by 600%, without the new graphics. So now with the new graphics in place we are looking forward to tremendous increases in hits and sales. Mark, your team has been not only creative, but wonderful to work with. I can only wish that everyone that has the opportunity to be on Vermont.com will have the same exceptional results.

Our online store website, www.uncledaves.com, has been linked with www.vermont.com since May 1998. Since our link, our hits have gone from 287 a month to 2478 in the month of January 1999. In fact, the month of January 1999, we saw our sales increase by six times that of the entire eight months prior. Vermont.com has also offered us additional support by uploading graphics and color. Thus enabling us to better sell our products and better service our customers. We are thoroughly pleased with their work and their integrity. We highly recommend their services to everyone.

David Lyon, CEO
Uncle Dave's Kitchen