The Works Bakery Cafe | Manchester Center, VT

The Works Bakery Cafe

13 Riverside Heights
Manchester Center, VT 05255
Click here for phone number(s) Local: 802-362-5082


Whether you're looking for the best breakfast, or a great lunch, The Works Bakery Café provides wholesome food that's good for you!


Open Daily 6 am – 5 pm

  • breakfast all day
  • thoughtfully sourced local products
  • casual catering
  • sandwiches, soups, salads
  • house-made, from scratch, delicious

We buy from family farmers whenever possible. We also go out of our way to avoid agribusiness and their pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and highly efficient (but highly stressful) CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations.).

From our flavored cream cheese to the roasted vegetables and spreads in our sandwiches, we only use the freshest ingredients: hand-chopped and blended daily.

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