Quimby Country Lodge and Cottages | Averill, VT

Quimby Country Lodge and Cottages

1127 Forest Lake Rd
Averill, VT 05901
Click here for phone number(s) Local: 802-822-5533


Quimby's offers three-season accommodations in our 19 rustic cottages which range in size from one to four bedrooms. Some feature full kitchens, all have wood stoves, and all have porches overlooking Forest Lake.

In summer, all-inclusive vacations include sit down meals in the dining room as well as lakeside barbeque and lobster bake (weather permitting.) Picnic lunches are available and trained camp counselors arrange activities for visiting youngsters. Early morning coffee is available in the Lodge and every afternoon tea and coffee is served. In fall and spring, continental breakfast is served, but guests are on their own for other meals and can stay in one of the cottages with kitchens.

All facilities and recreational equipment is available for the use of guests. There is no television available, but who needs TV when there are galaxies of stars to gaze at nightly given the clear mountain air? WiFi is available in the Lodge.

Quimby’s is Vermont’s oldest “sporting camp,” having been founded in 1894. The horses are gone, but the clear mountain lakes and rolling hiking trails still exist, offering the same exhilarating adventure to the North Country visitor as they did over a hundred years ago.


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