Boyden Valley Winery | Cambridge, VT

Boyden Valley Winery

70 Vermont Route 104
Cambridge, VT 05444
Click here for phone number(s) Local: 802-644-8151


Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits is located in an ideal climate for producing high quality red wines, white wines and dessert wines. Our Vermont Mountain Winery is part of a fourth generation farm producing, “Big Barn Red”, a bold red wine, elegant Vermont white wines, and “Vermont Ice”, the premier line of Vermont ice wines and Cream Liqueur. Whether you are looking for a balanced red wine for a casual dinner or an Liqueur for a special occasion, we know you will enjoy our international award-winning wines and spirits.


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January 1 through March 31:
OPEN: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 10AM – 5PM                                          CLOSED: Sunday – Wednesday

April 2019:

May 1 through October 31:
OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM                                                CLOSED: Sunday & Monday

November 1 through December 31
OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5PM                                                  CLOSED: Sunday & Monday

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