Bethel Mills | Bethel, VT

Bethel Mills

40 Marsh Meadow Road
Bethel, VT 05032
Click here for phone number(s) Phone: 800-234-9951   |   Local: 802-234-9951


The Bethel Mills family of hardware, lumber and millwork outlets has grown its reputation by providing high-quality building and hardware supplies at competitive prices.


We are one of few Vermont suppliers to stock the highest grades of framing lumber, finished boards and trim, and specialty hardwoods.

You can visit our Bethel Mills yard or we will ship the lumber directly to your home or job.

For completed construction, our quality paints and stains will add the perfect professional finish.

As the parent company of the Bethel Mills family, our estimators and engineers have been with us for over a decade and provide expert material takeoff, estimations, job accounting, and design assistance.

We are the support system and delivery center of the Bethel Mills family, serving Central Vermont and surrounding areas.